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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 19 Recap

Huo Yuanjia was in pain again, and kept asking everyone to find him the doctor who gave him the injection in the prison and refused to let Doctor Fei see him, saying that he was a fake doctor. Doctor Fei saw his symptoms and pulled Nong Jinsun and Huang Dafa to the door to tell him that Huo Yuanjia did not look like he had some kind of disease, but was poisoned. It should be someone who gave him a large dose of morphine. It is similar to opium. Sister-in-law took the child to hear their conversation, and Huo Yuanjia really became a big smoker. The doctor who came to see him last time also said that his symptoms were very similar to opium.

Huang Dafa slapped himself and blamed himself for failing to protect his master. Nong Jinsun said that when it is not about this, he must find the translator immediately to find out whether Huo Yuanjia has caught morphine.

In the evening, Nong Jinsun went to the tavern to find an interpreter and asked him about Huo Yuanjia. The interpreter relied on that he was currently in the concession and did not answer. Nong Jinsun thought about it after he left the tavern and sent someone to take him there. In the Huo family house, the apprentices who brought Huo Yuanjia with him pressed him.

The translator is greedy for life and fear of death. Seeing their fierce and wicked looks, he confessed everything, saying that Fearless had offended Ying Si , and he had no choice but to kill him. Everything was done by Ying Si. After hearing this, Gao Qi was furious, and was about to kill him on the spot, and was stopped by Liu Zhensheng . Now is not the time to kill him, let them quickly cover his head and take him out. Takasaki took the initiative to take on the job. Liu Zhensheng was afraid that he would kill the translator on impulse and asked Sha Yan to follow him. As a result, Gao Qi took advantage of Sha Yan’s carelessness to kill the translator with a dart, saying that he was trying to protect her. If the translator knew he was in this place, he would definitely tell the Eagle Four to send officers and soldiers to catch them.

Huo Mu and Wang Yunying learned that Huo Yuanjia had become addicted to cigarettes. Huo mother was very distressed and asked Wang Yunying to buy opium back. She didn’t want to see her son suffer such pain. Wang Yunying refused. Huo Yuanjia hated filming the most in her life. If he knew he was addicted to cigarettes, he would not be able to bear it.

Nong Jinsun asked Dr. Fei, is there really no way? Doctor Fei said that only Fearless could overcome drug addiction by relying on his own strong will. In addition to Fearless, there is another very important thing, that is, the apprentices they recruit need to quickly find someone to lead these new apprentices.

Nong Jinsun asked Huo Yuanjia’s apprentice to discuss the matter with them, but Gao Qi refused to accept his discipline, saying that he was arrogant. Liu Zhensheng spoke to stop him, and Sha Yan also said that he had said these words too much.

Nong Jinsun said that he was not thinking well that day, but he did not expect Huo Yuanjia to become like this. Isn’t Gao Qi stepping forward to teach his disciples? The other two juniors who started late, he also taught boxing skills. They were allowed to play on the first day. As a result, Gao Qi was very strict and had already practiced seven or eight disciples in the morning. Huo Yuanjia woke up and heard the sound of martial arts training outside, knowing that Gao Qi was teaching his disciples to let Liu Zhensheng in and let him teach. Gao Qi knew about this and thought it was Liu Zhensheng who was afraid that he would steal the limelight from him.

Then Huo Yuanjia’s addiction to cigarettes was committed again. Huo’s mother really couldn’t bear to suffer such pain for her son, and went to the smokehouse to buy opium. Ying Si’s people discovered that Huo’s mother had gone to the smoke pipe and said that his plan was successful. It happened that the court sent him on a business trip for one month. After one month, Huo Yuanjia became a veritable smoker.

Huo Yuanjia couldn’t believe it when he saw these compressed tablets, and asked Huo mother why he let him smoke opium. Huo mother told him the truth. Huo Yuanjia ran out of the door and questioned everyone. Everyone said that it was really bad how to tell him. Then Doctor Fei rushed to give him calmness, and Huo Yuanjia decided to give up his addiction forcibly.

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