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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 18 Recap

Huo Yuanjia’s drug addiction was getting worse. Huang Dafa took Xu Dayou to the master to ask clearly what happened to Xiaolian. Xiaolian said that he liked Xu Dayou, thank you Huang Dafa for showing her love. Huang Dafa knew that he had gotten an oolong and stayed with Xu Xu every day, but he didn’t realize that he and Xiao Lian were in love.

Everyone’s misunderstanding has been resolved, but Wang Yunying disagrees with Xiaolian marrying Dayou Xu, because she feels that Dayou Xu is not responsible, but Dayou Xu stands up at this time and says that it is not that he is not responsible, but that Wang Yunying did something wrong this time. Knowing that he likes Xiaolian, he will definitely not beat the mandarin ducks, so there is no need to elope with his master. When Wang Yunying heard this, she laughed and said that Xu Dayou couldn’t speak the least. He didn’t expect that he was also a human being. Huo Yuanjia also saw that the two of them were in love and agreed to their marriage.

In the evening, when Xiao Lian and Xu Dayou were preparing a meal, they overheard a conversation between Wang Yunying and his sister-in-law. The sister-in-law knew that the Huo family was going to marry a wife for Xu Dayou, so she was very unwilling to pay the money. Right now, in order to save Huo Yuanjia, the only two shops have been mortgaged. If Xu Dayou is married again at this time, will their family drink Northwest Wind? When the two heard this, they retired in embarrassment, and then told Wang Yunying that they were not in a hurry to get married. After a few years, they had savings to discuss marriage. Wang Yunying was very grateful to them for understanding their current situation.

Huo Yuanjia and Huo Mu were discussing that Huang Dafa had sold 40 gold bars in order to save him. Huo Mu told him that Huang Dafa had sold a rubber field in Nanyang, and only then collected these 40 gold bars. It is said that these 40 gold bars must be returned, and the only valuable thing they have is this old house. And Huo Mu said that she had invited people to come and watch without telling them, but the buyer was only willing to pay ten gold bars. If he wants to pay back the money, Fearless, he needs to make another idea.

Huo Yuanjia returned to the study, Wang Yunying researched ink for him. At this time, Huo Yuanjia’s drug addiction broke out again. She took out the bottle of medicine and ate a lot of pills. Wang Yingyunying persuaded him to take less of this medicine, Huo Yuanjia Let her leave her alone, and then took the ink and wrote the four characters of Howe Escort.

Huo Yuanjia decided to play the dart board, slowly earning the money by walking the dart, and then returning Huang Dafa. Wang Yunying produced the pennant of Howie Escort overnight. On the second day, Huo Yuanjia opened the door and told everyone that he had set up the Howe Escort, but the people who came to see the excitement did not take it seriously. There was no business for several days. The crowd even went to Huo Yuanjia to kill themselves. My father couldn’t repay his grievances, so who would dare to go to his thick dart board and let him escort the dart.

In the evening, Fearless’s apprentices gathered to discuss why there was no business. Sha Yan said , he also heard the doubts about them in the market. Sha Yan realized that he had a way to increase his prestige, so the next day he asked Liu Zhenshan, Huang Dafa, Xu Dayu, and Gao Qi to find two lions in front of the gate. The majestic lion dance, and then let them show martial arts in front of everyone. Gao Qi also talked about Huo Yuanjia’s delivery of opium in Dongguang County and then burning it, and also took out a plaque of the hero. Huo Yuanjia’s prestige was unprecedentedly high, and everyone wanted to worship him as a teacher.

At this time, Huo Yuanjia had a drug addiction in the room and forced it out, but the drug addiction was too strong to support it. Nong Jinsun rushed to help Huo Yuanjia in and explained to everyone that Huo Yuanjia entered the French Concession some time ago and was severely injured. He believed that it would take some time to heal. He is the master first, as long as he intends to apprentice a teacher, he doesn’t need to pay any money, he can take care of the rough tea and rice, and then Nong Jinsun took Doctor Fei in to check Huo Yuanjia’s situation.

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