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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 24 Recap

Anna Mae was surprised to see Li Haichao, and then Anna Mae took the child to the restaurant. Li Haichao took the initiative to talk about He Ziqiu’s now returning from studying abroad and opening a shop, but He Mei didn’t seem to behave anything. In the end, Li Haichao hoped that Anna Mae could meet He Ziqiu to untie He Ziqiu’s heart, but Anna Mae said that Li Haichao was used to being a good person, but he should not come to drag him down. He ignored the meeting with He Ziqiu and asked Li Haichao not to come in the future.

Find yourself and meet yourself. When Anna Mae left, he recalled the incident of He Ziqiu chasing her car not long ago, and the incident that she went to his coffee shop to be chased, but when she left, Anna Mae had been ruthlessly persuading herself not to look back. Li Jianjian and Zheng Shuran came to He Ziqiu Café. Li Jianjian saw that He Ziqiu had a very good attitude towards Zheng Shuran and asked what was going on. Zheng Shuran told Li Jianjian that he had told the little brother about their breakup, and of course he was kind to himself now. Li Jianjian felt very embarrassed. After all, the first love broke up less than a month ago. I wanted to find a chance to tell them again, but I didn’t expect to be leaked by Zheng Shuran.

When Li Jianjian came to the back kitchen and saw that He Ziqiu was making a cake, he wanted to make it too. He Ziqiu held her hand to teach her. While doing it, Li Jianjian had a good relationship with Ling Xiao since she was a child. Li Jianjian didn’t admit it but said that his bowl of water was the same. He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian were very close. He Ziqiu’s heart was also distracted and thought about the future with Li Jianjian, and finally he accidentally took the cake. It was smashed yesterday, and Li Jianjian was a little guilty to propose to bring the cake home tonight.

He Ziqiu said that he would also go back to talk to Li Haichao, so he took the cake with him. In the evening, Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu ate noodles. Aunt Qian joked to Li Haichao to let He Ziqiu be the son-in-law. Li Haichao could only say that the two of us were anxious and didn’t know whether the children would like it. Li Jianjian finished eating first and then went to the rooftop to lie down. Soon Ling Xiao came up. Li Jianjian thought it was He Ziqiu who asked him to come and lie down.

Ling Xiao asked Li Jianjian if he went home to avoid him? Li Jianjian said that he just wanted to come back to see her father, and then Ling Xiao said that when he was a child, Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu would eat spicy strips and do bad things. Li Jianjian said he was innocent. One was because Ling Xiao lived upstairs. The second is because Ling Xiao will not do these bad things. Li Jianjian said that the palms of the palms and the backs of the hands are all fleshy, but Ling Xiao said that when a danger occurs, people will hold the palms of the hands to protect them instead of the backs of the hands.

He Ziqiu waited at the entrance of the noodle shop until there was no one and returned to the noodle shop. He Ziqiu directly told Li Haichao that he liked Li Jianjian’s things and expressed his willingness to join the family as a family. Li Haichao was a little flustered for a while, but in the end he agreed. He asked He Ziqiu to agree to be Li Jianjian’s elder brother no matter whether he could go forward or not. At home, Ling Xiao told Li Jianjian not to treat him as an older brother as a man, and to take off Li Jianjian’s shoes and apply medicine. Li Jianjian felt very embarrassed and had no choice but to promise that he would try to start this identity again. .

After a while, He Ziqiu came back. Li Jianjian asked He Ziqiu to apply medicine to herself. Who knows that while talking about He Ziqiu, he also said that he was going to marry Li Jianjian, so that he could take care of Li Jianjian and Li Haichao for the rest of his life. Can feel like running back to the room. At dinner the next morning, Li Haichao told He Ziqiu that he had looked for Anna Mae, but Anna Mae did not want to see He Ziqiu, and He Ziqiu was very sad. Ling Xiao comforted him that he had come without a mother when he was a child, and now he can live the life he wants on his own.

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