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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 22 Recap

He Ziqiu told Zhuang Bei that Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao would accompany him, and Zhuang Bei directly said that he had solved the case. And asked if He Ziqiu was thinking of her all the time? He also said that if He Ziqiu chased Li Jianjian and got married, he could put it on a household register. He Ziqiu was a little embarrassed and joked with Zhuang Bei.

Although He Ziqiu didn’t believe Zhuang Bei’s words on the surface, he still remembered what Zhuang Bei had said after returning home and wondered if he liked Li Jianjian. When He Ziqiu just opened the door and entered the house, Li Jianjian came out and asked him if Ling Xiao had contacted him. He Ziqiu looked a little flustered and said that Ling Xiao might have broken his phone and quickly went back to the room. At this time, Ling Xiao’s mother was still angering him not to eat. Ling Xiao told her mother not to frustrate herself to eat,but Qin Meiyangsaid that when Chen Ting died, she would go to her grandmother.

Ling Xiao reprimanded Qin Meiyang so that she could no longer anger her mother. Then Ling Xiao asked her mother to return the ID to him and said that she only wanted to live at home. Li Jianjian came home and found that Qi Mingyue was making dumplings, but Ling Xiao’s phone could not be reached. Li Jianjian was very uncomfortable. He Ziqiu comforted her. After all, tomorrow is the 21st year anniversary of Li Jianjian’s mother, so Li Jian Jian asked He Ziqiu to go back to bed early and put incense on his mother tomorrow.

The next day, Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu took turns to give Li Jianjian’s mother incense. Li Haichao told them that relatives in their hometown would come to let them play in the noodle shop for a while and then set a place to eat. Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu went to accompany their relatives.

Li Jianjian’s second aunt wanted to introduce the girl to He Ziqiu, and then Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu ran to the rooftop to breathe. After the meal, He Ziqiu said that there was still something in the cafe, and then threw the task of taking relatives and children to the amusement park to Li Jianjian. In the evening, Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu burned paper for Mother Li by the river, and Li Jianjian took out white wine to drink with He Ziqiu.

In the end, Li Jianjian drank too much, and He Ziqiu went home carrying Li Jianjian on his back, and Li Jianjian drank and told He Ziqiu not to leave. He Ziqiu promised not to leave, even if Ling Xiao did not return, he would always be with Li Jianjian. After returning home, He Ziqiu wanted to wash Li Jianjian’s face. Qi Mingyue came in and said that Li Jianjian was not a child anymore and he still had to take care of him. He Ziqiu had to leave for Qi Mingyue to take care of.

Ling Heping came home from get off work and saw that Li Haichao was drinking alone, so he sat down to drink with him, and the two of them drank and talked about Ling Xiao. Ling Heping said that he shouldn’t have let Ling Xiao go to Singapore to study. He wanted to call and ask Chen Ting if he didn’t want a child before and now he tied the child to her.

The two were talking and someone knocked on the door, but when they opened the door, they realized that Ling Xiao was back. Ling Xiao first gave Mama Li incense and then chatted with the two fathers. Ling Heping remembered that he forgot to tell Li Jianjian that Ling Xiao was back today. When Ling Xiao heard that Ling Heping hadn’t told Li Jianjian about this, he was anxious to leave. Li Haichao and Ling Heping told Ling Xiao not to rush to pay attention to safety.

When Ling Xiao got home, he secretly went to Li Jianjian’s room, touched Li Jianjian’s hair and kissed Li Jianjian’s forehead. At this time, Qi Mingyue got up and found that Li Jianjian’s door was open, and then went forward to check, so he saw the picture of Ling Xiao’s kiss Li Jianjian. When Ling Xiao wanted to kiss Li’s pointed mouth, Li Jianjian opened and closed his eyes. Ling Xiao felt a little embarrassed and left. Li Jianjian woke up the next day and thought of what happened last night, still feeling very unbelievable.

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