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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 9 Recap

Faced with Li Qianyun ‘s movie invitation, He Xiaoxiao said that you should watch the movie with young people. Li Qianyun asked her if she had called her last night. He didn’t know if she said something that shouldn’t be said, He Xiaoxiao ignored him at all. Li Qianyun couldn’t find anyone to watch the movie, and didn’t want to waste movie tickets, but didn’t find anyone after an appointment.

Zhao Shuo bought a first-class ticket for Mengzhu and wanted to give Mengzhu a surprise. Mengzhu didn’t like that he paid too much for himself, but he couldn’t change his wishful thinking. Zhang Jin was having a meeting in the company. The secretary went in and told him that the guest had arrived. He quickly got up and went out. It turned out that the person here was Yao Qi, He Xiaoxiao’s best friend. Zhang Jin said that everyone had not seen each other for many years, and he was going to retell the past. However, Yao Qi said that she was not a microphone between him and He Xiaoxiao. Zhang Jin took out two tickets and wanted her to ask He Xiaoxiao out for herself.

Yao Qi made an appointment with He Xiaoxiao, but temporarily said that her mother-in-law was sick, so she didn’t blame herself. He Xiaoxiao didn’t take a few steps and saw Zhang Jin who was waiting for her. She turned around and wanted to leave, but Zhang Jin said that she should watch a movie as an old friend. He Xiaoxiao recalled that when she was with Zhang Jin, she had made an appointment to watch a movie, but she accidentally missed it. They finally walked into the screening hall. Zhang Jin said that in fact, he was very lucky that the two of them didn’t see it as a movie, otherwise everyone would not be sitting here today. He Xiaoxiao said that not all regrets can be made up with opportunities.

Li Qianyun and Zhao Shuo had an appointment to eat hot pot together, and he asked Zhao Shuo how it was like sitting on stage. Zhao Shuo took a sip of wine and said that he found it quite boring. This time it was estimated that it was really cold. After watching the movie, Zhang Jin invited He Xiaoxiao to dinner. He said he didn’t expect to make her so happy today. He also said that He Xiaoxiao should learn to relax herself, not to collapse herself too tight, she just wanted to give her a support. He Xiaoxiao got up and prepared to leave, but suddenly the fireworks Zhang Jin prepared for her appeared in the sky. Seeing the fireworks in the sky, Li Qianyun was suddenly confused, not knowing where he was in He Xiaoxiao’s heart.

Fang Yi saw a self-service group set meal, three people in a row, one free of charge, she asked Li Qianyun to eat together, and also encouraged him to ask He Xiaoxiao to go with him. Li Qianyun sent a message to He Xiaoxiao, but He Xiaoxiao never responded to him. Fang Yi asked Li Yifan with him, and the three of them went to the restaurant. When Li Qianyun was at the dinner table, Fang Yi said he was abused. Li Yifan fights injustice for the rich second generation, saying that rich people are still kind. The three of them had a meal, and the bosses were all frightened by their battle, and asked the clerk to cancel the event quickly. After eating, Li Qianyun saw Li Yifan driving in a luxury car, and didn’t want him to let Li Qianyun take it and drive casually. He asked Fang Yi to go for a walk.

Fang Yi said that she had misunderstood her boss. In fact, the boss is a very good person, and rich people have their own troubles. There is no sincere person around. Close to yourself with purpose. He said that in the process of growing up, he lacked the company of his parents, and he became a person whose parents were seriously ignorant. Fang Yi said, in this case, why don’t you do some results to show your parents. After separation, Li Yifan was very happy and planned to take the opportunity to celebrate his birthday with his assistant.

Early the next morning, Li Qianyun found that Fang Yi was sick and wanted to take her to the hospital, but Fang Yi insisted that he could do it, so he had to go to work and asked her to call Li Yifan if she had something to do. Li Qianyun drove to He Xiaoxiao’s house and was about to pick her up to work, but He Xiaoxiao said that he still had a comfortable car and drove away by himself.

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