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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 8 Recap

Li Qianyun decided not to wait any longer and wanted toconfessto He Xiaoxiao immediately. He started practicing at home alone, and finally decided to find someone to practice. He ran over to find Fang Yi , confessed to her, and asked her to give himself some advice. Fang Yi only said that love needs to be said aloud and let him think about it. When Li Qianyun returned to the room, he still felt it best to confess in person.

He Xiaoxiao was walking on the way home, listening to the voice sent to her by Fang Yi, and asked her to take care of Li Qianyun, saying that he was talking about him all day. Zhang Jin suddenly appeared and took a picture of He Xiaoxiao, shocking He Xiaoxiao. He Xiaoxiao asked why he appeared here, and said that ten years have passed and there will be no more possibility between the two. Zhang Jin once again told her that he had always had her in his heart, and since he really couldn’t go back, he was willing to pursue her again. Li Qianyun rode an electric car to the community, ready to find He Xiaoxiao. It happened to hit Zhang Jin who was frustrated, and Li Qianyun watched him secretly, and followed him on a bicycle for a long way.

Fang Yi came to the amusement park for live broadcast again, and Li Yifan also followed her to the amusement park again.

Li Qianyun was irritated and depressed, and came to the bar alone to drink. Suddenly a strange woman walked in, pretending to have taken his wine accidentally, and said that she was just like him. She had just come over to celebrate being single. She asked him to have a good drink with herself and introduced herself as Jiang Tian. Li Qianyun was drunk and called He Xiaoxiao and said that he wanted to take her home. Not only can they take her home, they can also go home with her, they can cook together, and they can do more. He Xiaoxiao was anxious and asked where he was, and immediately picked him up.

Li Qianyun didn’t want to tell her where she was, and was about to hang up the phone, when Jiang Tian suddenly called Brother Qianyun. After hearing this, He Xiaoxiao felt very surprised, but quickly rushed to the bar to pick him up. Unexpectedly, Jiang Tian helped Li Qianyun out, and did not hand him over to He Xiaoxiao, but sent him home by himself.

Fang Yi felt very puzzled when he saw Li Qianyun bringing a strange woman back, but he didn’t say much, only that he might be crazy. Li Qianyun took Jiang Tian to her room and said that she would introduce her mother to her. He took out the photo of his mother and introduced it to her in a serious manner. Jiang Tian learned that his mother had been dead for many years, and was a little frightened. He thought that this person had a problem with his brain, so he immediately left with the excuse. Li Yifan called Fang Yi in the middle of the night, saying that he had come to feed him, but he also made the excuse that he came to help the boss buy food. He said that her live broadcast in the amusement park today is too dangerous, and he hopes that she will not do such things again in the future.

Mengzhu returned to his mother’s noodle restaurant with luggage on vacation, and saw Zhao Shuo here as well. Zhao Shuo only said that he was on vacation today, so he came to help aunt. Mengzhu felt a little burdened in her heart, but she still cooked him a bowl of noodles and watched him eat the noodles. She said that it looked too much like her father. Zhao Shuo didn’t know it, so he had to ask her if it was a compliment, Mengzhu shook his head. After eating the noodles, Mengzhu said that she wanted to take him home. On the way, she told Zhao Shuo not to come to help anymore.

After all, he had few holidays. She talked about her family to Zhao Shuo. Because of the influence of family factors, she has always been full of inferiority complex, but Zhao Shuo did not let him give up himself within the scope of her own consideration. Fang Yi hated iron for not making steel, saying that Li Qianyun had fallen, and gave him two movie tickets so that he could take He Xiaoxiao to see it. Li Qianyun called He Xiaoxiao, but He Xiaoxiao was still angry about what happened last night and didn’t give him a good look.

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