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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 7 Recap

Fang Yi was eating snacks at home, and suddenly realized that all the fans who had been following her had been closed. She instantly felt a little disappointed. Fang Yi decided to make some changes. She broadcasted a live broadcast of a haunted house, preparing to increase the popularity of her account. When Li Yifan learned that Fang Yi was in the haunted house, he immediately followed him. Unexpectedly, after entering the haunted house, he was frightened first. When he was tense with fright, Fang Yi suddenly appeared on his back and patted him, and Li Yifan yelled and escaped. But even so, it still didn’t change Fang Yi’s fan drop status.

Li Qianyun was always depressed, and his colleagues were very curious about when He Xiaoxiao had a boyfriend. He decided to take the initiative to attack, so he took the fruits to He Xiaoxiao’s good friend Yao Qi, asked her if she knew about He Xiaoxiao’s ex-boyfriend, and took the initiative to pack her fruit for this month. Yao Qi only agreed to tell him that He Xiaoxiao and Zhang Jin almost got married ten years ago, but her mother didn’t agree with them at that time.

As for why they broke up, this might have to ask the client. Li Qianyun had secretly guessed in his heart, and He Xiaoxiao had actually asked for leave and did not come to work, so he was even more worried. On the plane, he sent a message to He Xiaoxiao that although he didn’t know why she asked for leave, he was willing to stay with her no matter what happened to her, just like he was with himself.

He Xiaoxiao hurried back home. Her mother called her and said she had fainted, but only when she returned home did she see Zhang Jin at his house. He Xiaoxiao immediately understood what was going on. Seeing that her mother was fine, she said that she was going to go back to work first. She asked Zhang Jin why he ran to her parents suddenly, and what else she wanted to say. Zhang Jin said that she was afraid of being rejected by her, and now she really wanted to marry her, and she didn’t understand why she would reject herself now.

He Xiaoxiao directly told him that no matter whether he has money or not, he would never marry him. Mother He was anxious when she heard this. She pulled her daughter into the room and persuaded her to seize the opportunity. Besides, Zhang Jin’s successful career can also save her from fighting for many years. Does she want to let herself die? . When He Xiaoxiao went out, Zhang Jin asked her whether it was because of Li Qianyun that she resisted this incident. He Xiaoxiao was a little angry, and asked if he had peeked at his mobile phone, and said that even if it was, it had nothing to do with him.

After arriving in the parking lot, He Xiaoxiao received news from Li Qianyun, she hurriedly called him and asked him if he landed. The two had just met in the park when He Xiaoxiao received a call from her father again and asked her to go home, but He Xiaoxiao directly refused. Li Qianyun accompanied He Xiaoxiao to the shopping mall and had a meal. Both of them were very full. Li Qianyun took He Xiaoxiao into a home appliance play city and wanted her to digest. After walking out of the video game city, the two saw a piano in the mall.

He Xiaoxiao walked over and started to play. He Xiaoxiao told Li Qianyun that her piano was taught by her father. She never violated her mother’s wishes since she was a child. Today is the second time. The first time it was also because of Zhang Jin. Although his mother opposed it at the time, she was fighting for reasons, but Zhang Jin gave up. Now he came back to find himself again and wanted to marry himself, she asked Li Qianyun what he should do. Li Qianyun doesn’t want to say much, just tell her to do what she wants to do, don’t leave regrets for herself.

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