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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 6 Recap

He Xiaoxiao took Li Qianyun to prepare for the official flight mission, and she kept paying attention to Li Qianyun’s state. But Li Qianyun’s focus was on the passengers in the first class, and he felt very mysterious. After all the passengers arrived, He Xiaoxiao received the roster and completed all the preparations before the plane took off. He Xiaoxiao came to the first-class cabin and asked the passengers if they could help. He didn’t expect that the other party took off the mask and said to He Xiaoxiao, long time no see, how are the past few years going well? He Xiaoxiao was a little surprised, she repeated it again, if there was any help, the other party asked her to bring herself a glass of water. After taking the cup out, He Xiaoxiao seemed a little absent-minded.

But she quickly adjusted her condition, ready to pour him water. When I picked up the wine glass, I saw something inside. It was a can ring used by the other party to propose to myself. He Xiaoxiao quickly poured the water and returned to the first class cabin again. The gentleman said to her that the ring he had promised was valid for life. He Xiaoxiao said coldly, Mr. Zhang, after so many years, he still has the money to buy himself a ring. Mr. Zhang asked her if she knew why he always met her in this way, because only in this way, she would not ignore herself. He Xiaoxiao said it was nothing more than a relationship, and he was not such a small-hearted person. Mr. Zhang took the opportunity to say, in this case, let’s have a meal together after get off work, it’s time to reminisce about the past.

A passenger in the economy class called for the service, and Li Qianyun quickly walked over and poured orange juice on the other party. Unexpectedly, the front passenger accidentally spilled orange juice, and the two passengers immediately quarreled. Li Qianyun kindly ran over to persuade him to fight, but also set fire to his body, and was told by passengers to complain to him. Seeing that they were arguing, He Xiaoxiao walked over to them and told them that the plane was descending and asked them to sit and fasten their seat belts. After returning to the workplace, He Xiaoxiao did not blame Li Qianyun, only that everything is difficult at the beginning, let him learn more and learn more with his old colleagues. At this time, the first-class passenger was calling He Xiaoxiao to pass. Although she didn’t want to face it, she insisted that she couldn’t hide her from coming, and went away.

After the plane landed, Li Qianyun wanted to meet He Xiaoxiao for dinner, but He Xiaoxiao refused, saying that he had something tonight. Before taking a few steps, Mr. Zhang was already waiting outside. Li Qianyun looked at the two people leaving and asked Mengzhu inexplicably, who was that man, and only then did he learn that the man was her ex-boyfriend. After returning home, Li Qianyun was a little depressed and didn’t even think about eating dinner. Zhang Jin wanted to reminisce with He Xiaoxiao and took her to the old place where the two of them had dated before.

Why did Xiaoxiao carefully prepare a red wine steak candlelight dinner? He said that he did make a lot of promises in front of her when he was young, and now he will realize all those promises, including the ring. He Xiaoxiao said that his current thinking is different from before, and his taste has also changed. Li Qianyun was worried. He picked up the phone and called He Xiaoxiao. When Zhang Jin received it, he immediately hung up the phone. Zhang Jin then said to He Xiaoxiao that he knew that ten years ago because of her cowardice, she had suffered a lot, but now he wants to make up for her, hoping to have this opportunity.

He Xiaoxiao said that no one would have been waiting for someone on the spot, not to mention that ten years have passed and everyone can’t go back. Li Qianyun was still worried, and went downstairs to He Xiaoxiao’s house, waiting for her to return home. When He Xiaoxiao left, Zhang Jinfei wanted to follow her back. Seeing the two figures, Li Qianyun felt jealous.

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