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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 12 End Recap

Li Qianyun was called to the office again by Brother Feng. He pretended to scare Li Qianyun this time. The matter was very serious. Li Qianyun was so scared. He quickly said with a smile that he should come back to work tomorrow. He also said that he should be grateful for finding a good one. master. He Xiaoxiao came to Zhang Jin’s company by appointment, but accidentally saw a very familiar person in the office area, who turned out to be the person who took the video on the plane.

She didn’t pay much attention, came to Zhang Jin’s office and saw him put roses all over the floor. Zhang Jin saw her come in and formally proposed to her. He Xiaoxiao asked him if he arranged the video incident alone. Zhang Jin didn’t intend to admit it at first, but he couldn’t agree to admit that he did it himself. He Xiaoxiao was disappointed, saying that both of them had changed, and the Zhang Jin he knew would never do such a thing.

After He Xiaoxiao left Zhang Jin’s company, he immediately called Li Qianyun and asked him to come out to see himself immediately. When Li Qianyun saw her, he said to her tremblingly that the video issue was resolved, and he could go back to work tomorrow. He Xiaoxiao felt very guilty about what Zhang Jin did. She told Li Qianyun that a lot of things had happened recently. Li Qianyun took her words and said that after these things, her own thoughts have also changed, so it’s better to be friends in the future. After hearing this, He Xiaoxiao didn’t say anything more, and turned away. Li Qianyun looked at the figure of her leaving, thinking in his heart that if you love someone, you should give him freedom, although he feels uncomfortable.

The three-month internship period passed quickly. Everyone officially became a regular employee. He Xiaoxiao officially gave Li Qianyun his own employee badge. He Xiaoxiao suggested that everyone has worked hard for these three months, and everyone has a dinner together in the evening. Zhao Shuo heard that the minister had been looking for himself, he went to the minister’s office, and the minister told him that he should continue to take the exam and could not continue to be decadent. Zhao Shuo said that he needs to think about it.

He Xiaoxiao told Yao Qi about Li Qianyun, and both felt that Li Qianyun was wronged. He Xiaoxiao said that Zhang Jin may be trying to complete a knot of his own heart, maybe he always feels that he owes He Xiaoxiao. Yao Qi advised her not to think too much and let her get along with Li Qianyun. He Xiaoxiao said that Li Qianyun said he wanted to be friends with herself. Yao Qi gave her an idea and asked her to put on a wedding ring to stimulate him.

Li Qianyun and Zhao Shuo played together. Li Qianyun learned from his mouth that when Zhao Shuo rushed to the principal’s office to persuade him not to quit school, He Xiaoxiao informed him of this and made him thank He Xiaoxiao. Fang Yi looked at Li Yifan’s photo, thinking that a young man dressed like a real estate agent all day, preparing to choose some clothes for him online. At this time, Li Yifan also came to pick her up to the orphanage, and thoughtfully prepared a large pack of snacks for her. Zhao Shuo drove to Mengzhu’s noodle shop and was about to pick Mengzhu to the party. But Mengzhu said that he had something to do.

A few days ago, someone introduced him to a boyfriend, and both of them were quite satisfied. Zhao Shuo’s heart fell to the bottom, and he hurriedly said that she should hurry up and do her own affairs. Mengzhu took a taxi and came to a restaurant. It didn’t take long for the man to arrive. He introduced that his name was He Jingming, and when he saw Mengzhu talking about the language, he casually said that he could take her there in the future. But judging from his speech and behavior, he doesn’t seem to take Mengzhu in his eyes, maybe just as an ordinary friend.

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