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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 11 Recap

He Xiaoxiao took Li Qianyun to the company to find Brother Feng. When he arrived, he released a video of Li Qianyun arguing with passengers on the plane. Li Qianyun quickly explained that the matter had been resolved yesterday, and the video itself was somewhat out of context. But after all, the video has now appeared in front of a large number of netizens. The company attaches great importance to it, and has no reason to explain, and decided to temporarily suspend the flight of Li Qianyun. Li Qianyun said that the punishment was too serious, and he did nothing wrong. Brother Feng said that now the entire company has been discredited because of Li Qianyun’s affairs, and the loss is very serious. He Xiaoxiao had to hold Li Qianyun and said that he believed that the company would investigate the matter clearly, so he took Li Qianyun out of the office.

He Xiaoxiao blamed Li Qianyun for acting like a child on the plane, but now she still felt that she had done nothing wrong. She asked Li Qianyun to think about it. Afterwards, He Xiaoxiao returned to her parents’ house, and Mother He took the opportunity to ask what happened to her and Zhang Jin. He Xiaoxiao insisted that he and him were just friends, but he didn’t expect his mother to go uncharacteristically, saying that as long as she is happy, be friends. He Xiaoxiao was a little surprised. Why did his mother suddenly change her mind? After asking her father, she knew that Zhang Jin had come to talk to her and told them not to put pressure on He Xiaoxiao.

Father He also said that Zhang Jin is a good guy, and she is no longer young, and she should think about her own affairs. When He Xiaoxiao returned to her home, she saw Zhang Jin waiting for herself holding a rose downstairs. Zhang Jin said that he originally planned to propose to her at the airport, but he knew her temper and found out the exchange voucher He Xiaoxiao gave him back then. He Xiaoxiao said that he didn’t think he really needed to do these things anymore. Zhang Jin said that he said he would definitely chase her back, and said that the reason why he helped Li Qianyun was for her, because he knew she would be worried. He handed the flowers to He Xiaoxiao and said that he would propose to her again in three days.

Fang Yi watched Li Qianyun’s video, teasing that he is now hot, and asked him to follow him to do food and broadcast. Seeing that Li Qianyun couldn’t lift the energy, she offered to take him to a place. The two followed Li Yifan to an art center and brought the children from the orphanage here to class. Fang Yi saw that Li Yifan was a frequent visitor to the orphanage, and asked him if he liked children very much, and asked him to bring himself with him next time he came to him. When the children were eating snacks, Fang Yi actually got into a bargain with a kid and started a live broadcast to compete with him.

He Xiaoxiao approached Yao Qi and asked him how things are going on with Li Qianyun. The other party said that there should be no major problems, and said that she would help her pay attention, but she also persuaded He Xiaoxiao, now that he is not young, he must think carefully. After the activities of the orphanage ended, Fang Yi asked Li Qianyun and Li Yifan to accompany him to a wedding tomorrow. Later, Li Qianyun also approached Yao Qi and asked her if she had caused a major disaster this time. Yao Qi advised him not to be too nervous and relax.

Li Qianyun took the opportunity to ask He Xiaoxiao how he was doing recently, but Yao Qi changed his tone to make him understand the difficulties and retreat. Li Qianyun was actually not afraid of losing his job, but that he would never be able to work with He Xiaoxiao, so he was even more melancholy, but he couldn’t find a clue. After attending a friend’s wedding with Fang Yi, he seemed to have some idea, and said that he would speak up tomorrow. He Xiaoxiao learned that Li Qianyun might be fired, and when he was in a state of exhaustion, Zhang Jin suddenly called and said that he had found the person who posted the video, and the other party also clarified.

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