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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 10 Recap

Suddenly, Li Yifan was called to the company by his father, saying that he was going to discuss the sponsorship of the orphanage. Li Yifan felt that he was well responsible. He was talking about buying coffee when he suddenly saw Fang Yi sitting in front of the coffee shop . He got out of the car and walked over, turned off Fang Yi’s live broadcast and told her to stop broadcasting, knowing that she was not feeling well. Fang Yi was afraid that she would lose her powder, saying that she didn’t care about him first, and went to the bathroom first. He fainted on the ground as soon as he got up. He quickly picked up Fang Yi and took her to the hospital.

Li Qianyun saidto He Xiaoxiao on the plane, let her not get me wrong, she was here to pick her up this morning. The two were talking, and Zhang Jin appeared again, but he said that he had really important things this time. He chose the economy class specially this time, and it seemed that he was on the bar with Li Qianyun. Li Qianyun felt uncomfortable. He wanted to entrust a colleague to bring him a glass of water, but after thinking about it, he bit his head. Unexpectedly, Zhang Jin suddenly changed his mind and said that he didn’t want water, but wanted Coke. Li Qianyun was a little sullen. He said that there was no Coke anymore.

Because it was out of date and waiting, Zhang Jin had to ask his colleague for a Coke. Li Qianyun was angry, turned around and prepared to return to the workroom, but accidentally touched a passenger’s mobile phone. The passenger took the opportunity to show off. Seeing that the matter was about to become a big issue, He Xiaoxiao could not solve it. Zhang Jin had no choice but to stand up and gave the other party a business card, and the other party planned to calm down the situation. Li Qianyun felt ashamed.

When Li Yifan returned to the company, everyone decided to withdraw the sponsorship of the orphanage. He was a little angry, saying that the company has never been stingy with star sponsorship, and why is it reluctant to pay such a small amount of money. The shareholders had no choice but to say that it was President Li who made the decision. He was a little dissatisfied, saying that since they have all been decided, what kind of meeting would he ask for himself.

After the plane landed, Li Qianyun found He Xiaoxiao and said that what happened just now was not intentional. He Xiaoxiao didn’t pay much attention to him, only said that he should hurry up to prepare the materials needed for the next flight. Li Yifan returned to the hospital soon and saw that Fang Yi had woke up and was eating junk food, and severely accused her of eating something nutritious. Later, he took out a box with a new mobile phone in it, as compensation for breaking her mobile phone last time. He said that he didn’t like her to broadcast live like this, but he missed her when she participated in the Big Appetizer game at that time.

What is the purpose of live broadcasts every day now. Fang Yi seemed to want to start suddenly, feeling that Li Yifan was right, those who really like themselves would not let themselves do dangerous things. Li Yifan is very happy that she thinks this way, so that she can recover from her illness and take her to a fun place by herself tomorrow.

Li Qianyun wanted to meet He Xiaoxiao for dinner, and apologized to her, but Zhang Jin did not expect Zhang Jin to appear outside again waiting for her, and asked her to leave, Li Qianyun was suddenly a little bit lost. He drove home, but he met Jiang Tian at the bar that day at the gas station. He insisted on asking him to invite himself to dinner, and said that he listened to him very much and didn’t let He Xiaoxiao send him home.

This sentence seemed to wake up Li Qianyun, he hurried to Li Qianyun’s house and explained to her that it was really a misunderstanding that night. He also said that because He Xiaoxiao ignored him, he was a little uneasy, so these things happened. He Xiaoxiao said to let him rest assured that he would not be with one person because of money, but this does not mean that he forgave him, he still has to reflect on it. Li Qianyun quickly returned the car to Li Yifan, saying that he didn’t plan to have rich people anymore. It was too exhausting to live like this, especially for feelings.

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