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CrossFire 穿越火线 Episode 23 Recap

Qilin took his luggage and was about to leave, An Lan chased him up and told him not to leave, and he was about to play the game. Asking him to apologize just hopes that this incident will not affect the normal performance of the game during the game. Qilin said that all of this has nothing to do with An Lan, because her appearance caused a bad relationship between them. An Lan apologized to Qilin, hoping that he could stay. But because the person who came down to persuade him was An Lan and not Xiao Feng and the others, Qilin felt that their relationship was broken, so he left with his luggage. An Lan went back and told them that she could not stop the unicorn, Xiao Feng let the monkey take the place of the unicorn, let the monkey let go.

When they lost the game the next day, Xiao Feng and his teammates blamed each other. Xiao Feng found An Lan who was crying secretly. An Lan said that it was because of her that they lost the game. Xiao Feng persuaded An Lan that they would win the king. An Lan was amused by Xiao Feng’s cheeky. The lieutenant was not happy watching this scene.

Xiaobei asked Mr. Guo if he knew Xiao Feng when he crossed the line of fire. Mr. Guo told him that the team was disbanded when Xiao Feng won the national championship, and he has never been in contact. Xiaobei connects with Xiao Feng, and Xiao Feng asks him to find the captain to know where he is. Xiaobei asked how Xiao Feng’s recent internal relations were, and Xiao Feng told him that Qilin would not fight now. Xiao Feng also said that he had known about not asking An Lan a long time ago, and felt that he had no hope. The captain talked to Xiao Feng and said that he hoped that Xiao Feng and An Lan could be together and their relationship would not change. Xiao Feng said that the future is uncertain.

Chu Ge was practicing singing in the piano room. Gao Bosong knew that Chu Ge had a cold, so he brought a bottle of lemon honey water to Chu Ge. Gao Bosong saw that Chu Ge was still a bit serious, so he decided to buy medicine for Chu Ge outside the school. When Chu Ge returned to the dormitory, the roommates asked about the relationship between Chu Ge and Gao Bosong and found that Gao Bosong was very romantic. Chu Ge posted the first Moments in the evening, the song she was preparing for the competition. Cheng Hao told Xiaobei that Chuge must be in love, and let Xiaobei seize the opportunity. Xiaobei was always reluctant to admit that he liked Chu Ge, and Cheng Hao deliberately said that he would suffer. Xiaobei looked at Chu Ge’s Moments and felt a little worried.

Xiao Feng discussed the game with his teammates. An Lan told Xiao Feng that Qilin’s combat value was the highest in the team, while monkeys were the lowest. Xiao Feng found the problem, they ignored the monkey’s advantage, so the next game decided to let the monkey be a hidden weapon and poke a few holes out of the opponent. An Lan told them that the king is really terrifying, so that they should not be blindly confident.

On the second day, Xiao Feng’s team played against the king and lost the first game. Xiao Feng asked them to stick to their previous play styles and tactics, but let them not make some minor problems again. In the end Xiao Feng won the game. Qilin was also very happy to watch them win the game in the audience, but when he thought he had left the team, he was sad and left. Qilin kicked something and accidentally kicked someone, only to find the other’s old friend Gao Peng, so Gao Peng took the unicorn to the bar to drink, and also took him to know the underworld boss Zhongge in Shenzhen. Qilin was drunk in the bar.

Xiaobei and his teammates came to school to cheer for Chu Ge. After seeing them, Chu Ge suddenly decided to change the song temporarily. But because there was no accompaniment, I decided to sing a cappella. After Chu Ge sang a few sentences, senior Gao Bosong used a guitar to accompany Chu Ge, so the two performed together on the stage. Cheng Hao has been deliberately angry with Xiaobei by his side, and Xiaobei’s family is jealous watching this scene. Xiaobei gave Chu Ge a bunch of flowers, and Xiaobei and Gao Bosong secretly competed with each other. The three also decided to go to the movies together. The teammates didn’t believe in Xiaobei, thinking that Xiaobei would lose to the senior.

Xiaobei bought a drink for Chu Ge, but Gao Bosong said that Chu Ge had a cold, so he should drink more hot water, so he gave the hot water he prepared to Chu Ge. Gao Bosong also specially prepared a piece of clothing for Chu Ge, saying that the theater’s air-conditioning was turned on very low to prevent colds. Xiaobei didn’t believe it. He was really sneezing because of the air condition while watching the movie. Gao Bosong said that his car could only take two people, so Chu Ge said that she ran back and ran away. Gao Bosong found that the two were quite able to talk while sending Xiaobei, so he added WeChat. Cheng Hao was jealous of watching this scene, and his teammates were very puzzled about Xiaobei’s chat with his rival.

Anlan wants them to use the rules of the game to avoid some powerful teams and increase their chances of winning as much as possible. Xiao Feng disagreed with this approach, thinking it was disrespect for the game, so he denied this approach. Xiao Feng took out all his money and asked the captain to buy some good equipment for his teammates. The captain went out shopping, and the mechanic went to Shenzhen to find him. The mechanic took Xiao Feng’s money and the watch Xiao Feng gave him. The captain went back and lied to Xiao Feng that he had a fight with a drunk man, he was also robbed of the money and lost his watch. Xiao Feng said that he was fine, and went out to help the captain buy medicine.

An Lan found Xiao Feng. An Lan asked Xiao Feng why he avoided her. Xiao Feng told An Lan that there would be no results between them. Hope they could be friends, An Lan hugged Xiao Feng from behind and confessed to Xiao Feng that they were together. Ten years later, An Lan had dinner with the captain, and the captain confessed to An Lan that they should be together.

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