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CrossFire 穿越火线 Episode 22 Recap

Xiaobei and his teammates discussed the tactics of playing against the Spike League in the lounge. Liu Xu saw Xiaobei and the others let them out in the lounge. Cheng Hao said that they were playing this game. Liu Xu asked Xiaobei to call Mr. Guo. Mr. Guo didn’t answer the phone. So Liu Xu and the others played the game. Xiaobei saw Mr. Guo asking him why he had to change his mind. Mr. Guo said that he thought after thinking that Liu Xu had better experience in the competition, so he decided to let them play. Chu Ge came to watch the game, but did not see Xiaobei and the others.

At the start of the game, the Southern Monster kept losing the game. Xiaobei and the others also came to the scene. Xiaobei found that Liu Xu’s condition was faulty and seemed to be deliberately leaking defense. Xiaobei saw that Mr. Guo proposed to let them go, Mr. Guo felt that Liu Xu and the others could pull it back, and said he knew it well. Liu Xu met with the captain of the Spike Alliance in the bathroom. The captain asked Liu Xu to do a bit more. Liu Xu said that he wouldn’t stay anyway.

Xiao Feng and the others came to the scene of the game, and this time the security did not check their things. Xiao Feng cooperated well and won the game. Qiqi watched their game on the spot, Qilin took the initiative to talk to Qiqi and offered Qiqi water to drink. The captain received a call from the mechanic, and the other party used the captain’s handle to ask him to lend him money, and the captain angrily said that he had given it to him. When Xiao Feng saw him answering the phone, the captain quickly said that the agent was selling the house.

The southern monster keeps losing points, and Mr. Guo sees that this situation is not working. So the main force was replaced and Xiaobei’s team played. Liu Xu satirized Xiaobei and said that they could not bring the game back. The Xiaobei team finally won the game and became an official team. The captain watched Xiaobei’s game and felt thoughtful. Xiaobei and the others moved to the main room, and Su Jiayi and Wang Kai ‘s relationship quickly heated up. Xiaobei left other people except Liu Xu, let them play games with them and go further.

Chu Ge’s classmates wanted to eat and chat with Chu Ge, but Chu Ge didn’t seem to be comfortable with it, so they refused. Chu Ge sang in the playground alone, Xiao Bei came to Chu Ge, and Xiao Bei asked Chu Ge to try to make friends. Xiaobei also said that Chu Ge sang very well. Chu Ge was seeing the registration for the campus singer contest, and the head of the art troupe Gao Bosong saw Chu Ge and paid special attention to Chu Ge asking her to sign up for the competition. Chu Ge sang alone in the corridor. Gao Bosong happened to see it so he took Chu Ge to the rehearsal place of their art troupe. Sing with Chu Ge accompaniment.

Chang Sha and Qiqi returned to the hotel after eating. Chang Sha and Qiqi were very embarrassed to shake hands. Chang Sha bowed to Qiqi and watched Qiqi leave. Teammates asked Chang Sha and Qiqi how far they had progressed. Chang Sha said they were just simple friends. Chang Sha also liked Qiqi very much, and told his teammates how he felt about Qiqi. Chang Sha went to find Xiao Feng and left her mobile phone in the room. Qilin took the opportunity to memorize Qiqi’s phone number and asked Qiqi to come out together to teach her to play games. Qiqi came to the restaurant and found that Chang Sha was not there. Qilin lied to her that she was arrested by the captain for additional training.

Xiao Feng and his teammates discussed tactics and went to the training room to train together. Xiao Feng called the computer repairer and asked them to fix it faster. An Lan saw that his computer was broken and said he would buy him a new one when the game was over. Xiao Feng said he was reluctant to change. The monkey secretly called Changsha out and told the monkey that Qilin had an appointment to go out for dinner. The monkey immediately asked where they were. Qilin kept filling Qiqi with wine, but Qiqi refused to refuse and finally fell on the table drunk. Chang Sha saw that Qilin had touched Qiqi, so the two had a dispute and moved their hands, accidentally hurting Xiao Feng during the fight.

Everyone returned to the hotel, An Lan treated Chang Sha’s wounds. Xiao Feng and Qilin also quarreled about this incident, and An Lan asked Qilin to apologize to Chang Sha. Qilin said that there was no need for her to intervene in the matter between their brothers. An Lan said that she was the team leader and would not be able to play tomorrow without an apology. The captain also persuaded Qilin to apologize to Chang Sha. Qilin felt that everyone was targeting him, so he decided to quit the team and not play against them. An Lan was a little panicked seeing that the unicorn really stopped fighting, so he immediately chased the unicorn.

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