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CrossFire 穿越火线 Episode 21 Recap

Xiaobei and the others sent Nezha to the hospital for treatment. The main players all came to see Nezha. Xiaobei was very angry because of the incident and had a fight with the main players. The doctor told Xiaobei that there was nothing serious about them, just some soft tissue bruises and bone cracks in the right leg. Xiaobei and the others looked at Nezha in the ward and found that Nezha kept saying some inexplicable things. Su Jiayi guessed whether Nezha broke his head, while Xiaobei felt that Nezha’s head broke.

Xiao Feng and the others came to the Shenzhen National Challenge, and the competition committee arranged a hotel for them. When they saw the banner of their team in the hotel lobby, they all knelt on the ground and hugged each other gratefully, An Lan left them a picture. When Xiao Feng and his teammates came to the arranged room, they found it particularly novel, and Chang Sha excitedly flushed the toilet to wash his face. Xiao Feng gave the captain a watch and two electronic watches of 399. The captain thought it was gold and told him not to spend any money. Xiao Feng asked his teammates to go swimming in the pool, and An Lan also came to the pool in a swimsuit. Everyone present stared at An Lan intently, Xiao Feng immediately covered An Lan with a bath towel and asked her to go back to the room to take a bath.

Xiaobei brought Nezha back, and Xiaobei asked Liu Xu to tell the truth about the matter and asked Liu Xu to apologize to Nezha. Nezha slapped Liu Xu and forgave him. Xiao Feng and Xiaobei connected again. Xiao Feng asked An Lan what exactly he did. After listening to Xiaobei’s talk, Xiao Feng said that he would treat An Lan better in the future. Xiaobei also told him that the captain had become the boss of the largest e-sports club in the country. Xiao Feng was surprised that the captain was so powerful. Xiao Bei still couldn’t find Xiao Feng. Just as Xiao Feng wanted to tell Xiao Bei how to find his way, the two suddenly disconnected.

An Lan and the captain bought audio discs at the record store, and An Lan bought Xiao Feng an audio disc to help sleep. I also asked Captain Xiao Feng about his ex-girlfriend, and said he wanted to know what kind of girl Xiao Feng liked. Chu Ge also came to Shenzhen to attend university with his luggage. Chu Ge was waiting for the bus by the side of the road. Cheng Hao pretended to be a bad guy and robbed Chu Ge into the car. Only then did Chu Ge discover that it was Xiaobei and the others who came to pick her up. Cheng Hao deliberately told Chu Ge to find a boyfriend in college. Xiaobei became anxious when he heard that, saying that he should not listen to Cheng Hao’s nonsense. Xiaobei sent Chu Ge to the dormitory, Xiaobei asked Chu Ge to treat him to dinner, and Chu Ge said he would invite him to the cafeteria in the future.

The Xiaobei team and the main force came to the scene of the game and met the Freelander. Xiaobei told King that they are now a substitute for the Southern Monsters. So King decided to temporarily change his tactics and take a quick break to solve them. Freelander easily won the game and satirized Xiaobei as a substitute for this kind of team. Xiao Feng and the others came to the game and took a group photo together at the door. When they entered, they were asked to check their belongings, and the security personnel went around checking their belongings.

Seeing that the game was about to start, Anlan called the competition committee and said that not letting them in would cause a game accident, so the security staff let them in. The mouse and keyboard were damaged when they fell on the ground. When they entered, the whole audience told them cheating and cheating. They started the first game under pressure. They lost the first game. Xiao Feng comforted them to relax.

Xiaobei talked to the boss and asked him to change them to the game. The boss said that he didn’t like to change players in battle, Xiao Bei advised him to think about it, and suddenly heard the sound of Liu Xu fighting with his teammates outside. Xiao Feng and his teammates won a game and were scolded for cheating by the audience. Qilin was very angry. An Lan also complained to the competition committee, but it was useless. Xiao Feng and his teammates discussed tactics in the toilet, so they won the game with clever tactics. Everyone happily said that we did not cheat, and Xiao Feng looked at the championship trophy thoughtfully.

Xiaobei discussed with his teammates about tomorrow’s game. Xiaobei told them that they could play all players tomorrow, and everyone was super happy. Xiao Feng and the others went back to the hotel and found a girl who had been following them. The girl said her name was Qiqi and she was a fan of Changsha. She saw that Chang Sha’s voice listener was broken today, and she bought a new one and gave it to him. Xiao Feng and his teammates are joking about Changsha and are happy for him. An Lan came to the room to find Xiao Feng, and gave him the audio disc he bought last time. Xiao Feng saw that it was an English song and asked An Lan to listen to it with him. An Lan and Xiao Feng were sitting by the bed listening to the song. Xiao Feng fell asleep listening to it, and fell asleep with his mouth open. An Lan looked funny and happy watching Xiao Feng sleeping.

Xiaobei’s father was investigating the place where the car accident occurred. He went to a nearby car repair shop and asked if he had repaired the white hatchback with the broken left door recently. The boss told him that he had not. Xiaobei’s father noticed a mechanic and asked him if he had seen it, but he said he hadn’t. Xiaobei’s father had to let them inform him in time if they had any news. At night the mechanic drove to the outskirts and took a broken left door out of the trunk.

Xiao Feng and his teammates ate in the hotel, and Chang Sha went on a date with the female fan. Xiao Feng could see that Qilin had a slight move towards the female fan. The captain received a call from the mechanic and asked him to deal with it for another 3,000. The captain agreed in order to clear the evidence. The mechanic bumped the car door into the river in the suburbs.

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