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CrossFire 穿越火线 Episode 20 Recap

Nezha asked Su Jiayi to help him start a live broadcast to make money, but Nezha was dumb and couldn’t use it. Su Jiayi asked Nezha if she was short of money recently, but Nezha didn’t tell her. Cheng Hao saw Nezha transfer money to a girl on WeChat every day, and Cheng Hao told him that this was mostly a liar, who scammed money. Nezha didn’t believe that this was his girlfriend.

Xiao Feng and his teammates met a strong Tiger team on the playing field. Xiao Feng and the captain of the Tiger team talked harshly to each other. Xiaobei and his teammates played against the main team, but because of machine problems, they always lost to the main team. Xiaobei said that he wanted to learn to start the fast break and look for videos of many powerful teams.

Xiao Feng and his teammates cooked hot pot together in the hotel, which caused the circuit to trip. The lady boss came up to check the room to see who was using the heat quickly. Xiao Feng carried the pot and went to the bathroom to hide, and the captain of Tiger Team also carried the pot to the bathroom. When the two met, the lady boss went to the bathroom and saw Xiao Feng and Captain Tiger taking a bath together, and then said something to save them some water and left. Tiger team and Xiao Feng eat hot pot together, the two introduce each other, and they drink and eat together.

Xiaobei celebrated Su Jiayi’s birthday, and Su Jiayi’s ex-boyfriend came to her with roses and cakes. The ex-boyfriend wants to spend more time with her, so he apologizes to her that his previous behavior was wrong. Kneeling down on one knee wanted to ask for reconciliation. The teammates joked about Wang Kai , saying that Su Jiayi would be out of play when he picked up Kao Kai. Xiaobei and Cheng Hao bet that Su Jiayi will not pick up the flowers. Su Jiayi picks up the flowers and invites his ex-boyfriend to the place where they eat. Wang Kai cos the actor in the movie “This Killer Is Not So Cold” because of the heroine of Su Jiayi’s cos. Su Jiayi watched Wang Kai compete with her ex-boyfriend, so she told her ex-boyfriend that she had been doing the Su Jiayi he liked, but she realized that she was no longer the original self. She didn’t want to lie to him anymore, so she let her ex-boyfriend go. Su Jiayi told Xiaobei that the team she went to either didn’t want her or wanted her, only they really regarded her as a teammate.

In the evening, Su Jia intends to broadcast live in the room. While removing her makeup, she said to her heart that she has always been very inferior and dare not show her true self to others. She is very grateful for meeting Xiaobei and them, and for making her want to be herself again. Su Jiayi returned to her own appearance. They played against the main force again, and this time they won. The main force suspected that they were using external plug-ins, but if they couldn’t lose, they lost.

The captain met the police while washing up, and the captain thought he was here to catch him. Xiao Feng apologized to the police, and the captain was very scared when he recalled the accident at that time. Xiao Feng and the others came to the competition venue to compete. The captain was out of shape because of something in his heart, which caused them to lose several games. Xiao Feng didn’t think this would work, so he decided to change into a monkey.

The monkey and Xiao Feng cooperated very well and finally won the game. The Tigers want them to play hard and let them win the national championship. Xiao Feng asked the captain what was going on. Xiao Feng saw that there was something in his heart and thought it was because he liked An Lan . Xiao Feng told the lieutenant that he also liked Anlan, but he had to ask for Anlan’s consent, hoping to compete fairly.

The main force said that Xiaobei had voted for his wallet, and the boss had no choice but to let him search it. The main man found his wallet on Nezha’s bed, and started an argument with Nezha. The other party threw Nezha’s phone out, and Nezha looked for the phone on the balcony. Xiaobei told Nezha not to think about it. Nezha saw that they didn’t believe him, so they jumped off the balcony.

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