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Psychic Princess S2 通灵妃 第二季 Episode 2

Thousands of clouds dancing in the square dance night and voyeur was found

Qingyouge, Miss Qian Yunxi walked out of the room, and the maid Queer hurried forward and asked what she was doing so late when she came back yesterday? The eldest lied that she went to punish the evil and promote the good last night and find a trotter to move her body. Queer proposed to change the way of activities. Qian Yunxi had promised to teach her to do morning exercises before. Qian Yunxi was a little apologetic and immediately agreed to start now.

Ye Youming received a letter from her grandma, knowing that Ye Youming was forced to marry another woman. Grandma felt sorry for Ye Youming. It was a pity that the relationship between him and Nan Qingwan was not ill. Grandma hoped to hear Ye Youming’s true voice. I want to know who he really likes in his heart.

Looking at the letter, Ye Youming unexpectedly came to Qingyou Pavilion and heard the sound of music inside. Through the crack of the door, Ye Youming saw Qian Yunxi and her servants and servants all dancing in the square, which made Ye Nether was very pleased and praised again and again. At this moment, Ye Youming’s good brother suddenly came and found that Ye Youming was peeking at Qian Yunxi, and couldn’t help but laugh.

At this moment, Qian Yunxi, who was busy teaching everyone to dance the square in the yard, found someone at the door, shouting a bold thief who dared to peek at them, Ye Nether was found embarrassed, and immediately swaggered out, claiming the whole thing. The palace belonged to him, and there was no peeping at all grandly.

I originally praised the dance for a good dance when I took a peek, but when Zhenger Bajing was caught, Ye Youming said that he didn’t admit that he danced well, thinking that it was just a simple mess. Ye Youming showed dissatisfaction and smiled at Qian Yunxi. Qian Yunxi screamed that Ye Youming would also come out to challenge dance when he got angry. He thought that Ye Youming was ignorant and didn’t know the charm of square dance. Ye Youming was unwilling to be laughed at, and simply took a good brother to fight with him, and followed to learn to dance square dance.

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