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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 30 Recap

Three anagrams, three words, connected together: I miss you very much today. Feng Chengjun thought about it after solving it, and whispered the answer to Han Shumin. Han Shumin was very happy and said that she said it herself. Wen Xi turned and left angrily. On the way Feng Chengjun sent Han Shumin back, he praised her for not seeing a lot of changes in a few days. Han Shumin said that he recently invited a husband to teach, and he is still in Du Liji. Feng Chengjun asked him if he didn’t feel boring. Han Shumin said that after studying, he realized that his responsibilities are heavy. Unfortunately, the woman couldn’t make use of her talents.

He also asked Feng Chengjun if he had any books to recommend. You can take her to the Expo House on the open day of her relatives and friends. Wen Xi was very disappointed and walked back. Mr. Ding found him and asked Feng Chengjun if he was doing this recently. Wen Xi said yes. Mr. Ding said that Feng Chengjun is a noble child. Even if he agrees with him, the person behind him The Feng Family would not agree, Wen Xi said she still wanted to strive for her own happiness. When Feng Chengjun came back, Wen Xi brought the prepared meal, but Feng Chengjun said that he had eaten it with Ms. Han Shumin. When Yu Lexuan and Lei Zexin came back, they saw that there was dinner.

The two unceremoniously divided it up. They also said that Wen Xi was partial. They never had supper when they came back late, and Lei Zexin said that they should treat them equally. At night, Feng Chengjun asked Lei Zexin who was in the middle. Wen Xi disagreed, and Feng Chengjun had to go out. When Yu Lexuan met him and asked what was the situation, Feng Chengjun said that he was upset, Yu Lexuan said that there are ghosts in Puershe, Lei Zexin went out to practice martial arts, and Feng Chengjun said that he should go to practice martial arts, Yu Lexuan. Let him go back and read the book sober.

On the school’s open day, Lin Bingshen’s sister came to visit him. Lin Bingshen gave her a bag of money, saying that Yu Lexuan had found her a writer job. In the future, he would work hard to make money and let her parents rest assured. Also be a writer. Mr. Ding asked Li Hu if he had no family to come to see him. Li Hu said he had no family and followed his grandmother when he was a child. When Han Shumin arrived at Puershe, Feng Chengjun asked Wen Xi to pour tea for them, saying that he would take Miss Han to the Expo House for a visit. Mu Xiaoman came to see Wen Xi with food. During dinner at night, Han Shumin and Feng Chengjun said they could eat together if they had no place.

Mu Xiaoman agreed. During the dinner, Wen Xi gave Mu Xiaoman food, and Feng Chengjun also gave Han Shumin food. Wen Xi satirized Feng Chengjun’s original intention to learn, so now he is intoxicated with the gentle and gentle countryside. Han Shumin asked herself this. Wen Xi said that Feng Chengjun valued sex over friends, and Feng Chengjun said Wen Xi had a bad temper. Wen Xi did not raise their glasses when they clinked together. Feng Chengjun said that they had retired first, and then Mu Xiaoman got up and prepared to leave. Wen Xi said that he was very happy to come, not because of her, and Mu Xiaoman left. Wen Xi drank the wine alone, and Lei Zexin came over and grabbed it. Wen Xi was drunk and Lei Zexin carried him back to the dormitory.

Wen Xi called out Feng Chengjun’s name in her sleep, but the hairpin Lei Zexin had originally intended to give him did not go out. Han Shengzhi saw Feng Chengjun sending his sister home, and asked when his sister and Feng Chengjun met, Xiao Qin interrupted and said that Feng Chengjun was the younger brother-in-law soon. Han Shumin said that she and Feng Chengjun were in love. Han Shengzhi told Han Zhengliang about this. Han Zhengliang decided to talk to Feng Jichang about the marriage tomorrow. When Feng Chengjun came back and saw Lei Zexin drinking, let him not get drunk. Lei Zexin said that the junior is the most drunk person. He will leave for a few days and let Feng Chengjun take good care of Wen Xi. Feng Chengjun returned to the dormitory and saw Wen Xi asleep, so he was determined to leave.

Han Zhengliang came to give Feng Jichang a gift and told Feng Jichang that Feng Chengjun was in a relationship with Han Shumin. Feng Jichang said he didn’t know and asked Feng Chengjun back. After Feng Chengjun returned home, Feng Jichang asked him if he was dating Han Shumin recently. Feng Chengjun said that he thought Han Shumin was good, and Feng Jichang asked Feng Chengjun to think about it, and Feng Chengjun said that he had considered it. Wen Xi overheard Mr. Ding looking for Feng Chengjun from the corner and asked him if he was thinking about it.

Feng Chengjun said that since everyone is interested, he wanted to marry Han Shumin and went home to continue his studies. Wen Xi was sad that Yu Lexuan told him that if he couldn’t tell why Feng Chengjun’s attitude toward her changed, and why his attitude toward Han Shumin changed, then they were normal at this point. Wen Xi said it was because of her own reasons. Yu Lexuan told him that Feng Chengjun would leave immediately, and the servants were already packing things up.

Wen Xi rushed back to ask Feng Chengjun when he would be back. Feng Chengjun said he would be back after the wedding. Wen Xi was about to tell him his true identity, but was stopped by Mr. Ding. Wen Xi said that Feng Chengjun would keep it secret, Mr. Ding. To say that this matter is less dangerous if one person knows it. Wen Xi watched Feng Chengjun leave at the gate of the school, while Lei Zexin was worshiping his brother at the Three Gods Temple.

He said that she would definitely make the affairs of those people public. It turned out that he secretly copied a piece of Wenxi’s account book at night. Lei Zexin distributed leaflets in the city, saying that Feng Jichang had taken bribes. Qin Beichuan found Mu Xiaoman and asked if it was her. Mu Xiaoman said no, he just collected flyers. At night, Master Gu was leading troops to catch the man in black again, Lei Zexin took off his night clothes and went out, but was stopped by Master Gu.

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