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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 29 Recap

Feng Chengjun said that Yu Lexuan is an unfilial son who does not go home all the year round. Everyone agrees, but when the conversation changes, what caused him to be like this? You are us because we always emphasize our identity and status. Let Yu Lexuan care so much. Han Shengzhi said that we were wrong? This was a trial according to Yunguo’s regulations. Feng Chengjun asked everyone to think about it, has he made you feel uncomfortable after spending so long with Yu Lexuan? This person shouldn’t ruin his career because of his background. Wen Xi also stood up at this time and said that his origin was the lowest among the students.

At the beginning, he was very inferior and hesitated, but the school accepted him, and then he saw hope and courage in the students. He hoped The students can also give Yu Lexuan a chance. Yu Lexuan was very moved to see how his friends maintained him. Everyone thought that Yu Lexuan was a good person in the past, and now they are willing to accept his life experience frankly. They all left Han Shengzhi’s team, and finally Yu Lexuan voted and stayed.

One wave after another, Lei Zexin stood up and reported to Master Wang that Han Shengzhi instigated them to beat the same door, and there was an uproar. Han Shengzhi asked Lei Zexin not to slander him. He was also injured. Lei Zexin asked him to show the injury to everyone. At this time, Lin Bingshen came out and said that all things were done by him, including the previous injury to Wen Xi and Feng Chengjun. Master Wang asked Wen Xi what they should do with Lin Bingshen. Wen Xi asked Yu Lexuan to solve it. Yu Lexuan said that since everyone gave him a chance, he hoped to give Lin Bingshen another chance. Seeing this, Lin Bingshen communicated something.

After the debate, Han Shengzhi threw a bag of money to Lin Bingshen, but Lin Bingshen respectfully returned Han Shengzhi, thanking him for his help for so long. In the future, he wanted to live like a person and left. Han Shengzhi was very angry and wanted to catch up. He was dragged by Han Shengxiong, but found that he was really not injured. Han Shengzhi said that he hadn’t, so what happened, Shengxiong said that he looked down on him, and Ziming bowed and left.

Master Wang was about to leave the school, and Mu Xiaoman immediately wanted to deliver a letter to Master Wang, but was stopped by Lei Qiying and asked her not to waste her thoughts. Lin Bingshen and Han Shengxiong came to apologize to Yu Lexuan and Wen Xi. Lin Bingshen gave Yu Lexuan an umbrella with the words “Yu Husband”, hoping to protect him from the wind and rain in the future. Han Shengxiong also said that he was sorry for Wen Xi and asked him to beat him. After a meal, Wen Xi raised her hand high and dropped it gently, forgiving them. Yu Lexuan’s small vault is useless, he originally planned to buy a permanent noble status. Wen Xi said that in the future, he would learn from Yu Lexuan to make money, and then help poor people so that Yu Lexuan could give the money to his parents. Yu Lexuan decided to go home and have a look, and Lei Zexin went back with him.

The students all came to help Yu Lexuan move. Feng Chengjun returned to the dormitory and saw Wen Xi falling asleep holding the pillar. He was stupefied and saw his dress look like a dress. He hugged her back to the bed. It happened that Wen Xi woke up. Feng Chengjun left quickly. Here Lei Zexin came back and saw Mo Xiaohuan and Wei Zhaohui chatting. It turned out that Wei Zhaohui saw a woman he liked, but when he went up, he gave someone a charm. Others thought he was cursing him and beat him up. Mo Xiaohuan said that gifts should be given to girls, such as hairpins.

Lei Zexin came to the shop and wanted to buy hairpins. After the selection, the shopkeeper said that several others were more suitable for women. Lei Zexin said he wanted this. Mu Xiaoman came to Qin Beichuan and asked who he was. Qin Beichuan explained everything and told Mu Xiaoman not to act rashly. Because Master Wang didn’t know if it was one of the instigators. Han Shengzhi stayed at home to read. Han Zhengliang said that he had been doing well recently, and Han Mu said that it was time for him to do the marriage. Han Shengzhi came to Mu Xiaoman tonight, drunk and said that he was betrayed, Mu Xiaoman told him not to be such a coward, Han Shengzhi said he was not a coward.

In class, Mr. Ding asked Feng Chengjun to answer questions, but Feng Chengjun was wrong. Mr. Ding asked him to punish him, and Wen Xi also struggled with Feng Chengjun. Yu Lexuan asked Feng Chengjun what happened recently. Feng Chengjun said that he is very Yi Wenxi. Yu Lexuan asked him to communicate with girls more and not to confuse love and friendship. The Han family is choosing a wife for Han Shengzhi. Han Shumin said to find a confidant, and the mother of Han asked if she had a sweetheart. At night, Feng Chengjun received a mysterious letter and left alone. Wen Xi also followed. It turned out that Han Shumin invited Feng Chengjun to solve the lantern riddles. Feng Chengjun remembered Yu Lexuan’s suggestion and promised to stay in touch with her more.

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