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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 21 Recap

Li Jianjian and Zheng Shuran talked about Ling Xiao’s return to Singapore, but Zheng Shuran told Li Jianjian that he didn’t want to talk about He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao all the time on a date. Then Zheng Shuran wanted to kiss Li Jianjian but was avoided by Li Jianjian. Up. After Tang Can went home, Qi Mingyue asked her if she won any money playing mahjong today?

Tang Canque said that he lost 300 and that those people who played mahjong didn’t go to the bathroom for a few hours, and then Qi Mingyue asked her to be careful not to cheat the money away like the boyfriend last time and use the money to post the man. Tang Can heard this and didn’t know what to say for a while, but she saw Qi Mingyue packing the gift box and asked Qi Mingyue. Qi Mingyue told her that this was the snack her mother had brought her to eat, so she planned to let Ling Xiao take it back to Singapore as a gift.

Later Tang Can also laughed at Qi Mingyue for subsidizing her mother-in-law’s things so early. At this time, Li Jianjian came back and Tang Can told her about the gift box. Li Jianjian was listless because of Ling Xiao’s going to leave, so he took the gift box prepared by Qi Mingyue to Ling Xiao, and Qi Mingyue originally planned to personally Give it to Ling Xiao. When Li Jianjian went to Ling Xiao’s room and saw that he was loading the clothes into the suitcase, he was a little lost. Ling Xiao also saw Li Jianjian’s thoughts, so he said that he only carried a small bag and let Li Jianjian read the ticket information. Li Jianjian was relieved now.

The next morning when Ling Xiao went out, he saw Qi Mingyue preparing to send him to the airport. When he finally sent Ling Xiao to the airport, Qi Mingyue kissed Ling Xiao and told him that he didn’t want to test each other with Ling Xiao anymore. This was his own. answer. Ling Xiao was startled by Qi Mingyue’s sudden behavior. Qi Mingyue was shy and excited at this time to make Ling Xiao go quickly, and waited for him to come back to give her own answer.

He Ziqiu’s second aunt came to the cafe in the city to find He Ziqiu. He Ziqiu and his aunt went upstairs and said that it was not easy for He Ziqiu to open a shop when he grew up, and told He Ziqiu to be filial to Li Haichao. After a while, He Ziqiu returned home with her second aunt. Li Haichao said that Li Jianjian took more things and asked He Ziqiu to pick her up at the door. The second aunt chatted with Li Haichao and said that at that time He Ting asked He Ziqiu to recognize Zhao Huaguang and worried that Li Haichao was angry. Li Haichao said that after all, he was He Ziqiu’s father and he was very happy to let the second aunt not worry about him.

Then the second aunt was a little sad when she talked about it. It turned out that her husband had stomach cancer and was going to the hospital for chemotherapy next week. Originally, this time she came to He Ziqiu to borrow money but she was embarrassed to speak up. Li Haichao said that it was not easy for He Ziqiu to start a business. Don’t tell him that he still has some spare money to lend to his second aunt.

He Ziqiu entered the door and directly stated that he had money to lend to the second aunt, and then went to the bank to withdraw 40,000 yuan to the second aunt and sent her away. After Ling Xiao returned to Singapore, Chen Ting realized that Ling Xiao hadn’t brought any luggage, and then had an argument with Ling Xiao and broke Ling Xiao’s mobile phone. Qi Mingyue told Li Jianjian and Tang Can that they had confessed to Ling Xiao, but Li Jianjian had no reaction.

Qi Mingyue thought she was angry. In the end, Li Jianjian told Qi Mingyue that he hadn’t been able to contact him since Ling Xiao returned, so he was a little unhappy. He Ziqiu was chatting with Zhuang Bei when Zheng Shuran came in and told He Ziqiu that he had an appointment with a friend. He Ziqiu hates Zheng Shuran, but Zhuang Bei thinks Zheng Shuran is fine. Then Zhuang Bei asked what kind of boyfriend Li Jianjian needed? He Ziqiu casually said that Li Jianjian does not need a boyfriend.

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