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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 20 Recap

Li Jianjian hugged He Ziqiu Lingxiao’s shoulders, and the three of them felt like they were children. At this time, He Ziqiu said that he was going to the bathroom, Ling Xiao had to help him to the bathroom. As soon as Ling Xiao left, his cell phone rang. Li Jianjian received the call and found that it was Qin Meiyang who was calling . Qin Meiyang asked Ling Xiao when Back to Singapore? Didn’t you say that you will come back after a month of playing? Li Jianjian didn’t know how to answer, so Qin Meiyang asked Li Jianjian to tell Ling Xiao to call herself back and then hung up. When Li Jianjian learned that Ling Xiao was going back to Singapore, she was a little sad. Qi Mingyue asked her to sing, but she fell directly on the sofa to sleep.

After Ling Xiao came out of the toilet, he found Li Jianjian sleeping on the sofa and took her back to the room. Seeing that everyone was gone, Zhuang Bei would like to say goodbye to everyone. Tang Can was very happy to take Zhuang Bei to the elevator door. When the elevator door was about to close, he also photographed Qi Mingyue and Tang Can and then intercepted Qi Mingyue. Qi Mingyue didn’t understand why Zhuang Bei took pictures. Tang Can felt that he was taking pictures of himself, but in fact Zhuang Bei was interested in Qi Mingyue.

The next morning Ling Xiao asked if Li Jianjian had received a call from Qin Meiyang, and what did he say? Li Jianjian did not tell the truth but said Qin Meiyang asked him to call back. Li Jianjian then quietly told He Ziqiu what he had heard about Ling Xiao sneaking back, and then Ling Xiao asked them what they were talking about. The two looked at Ling Xiao and didn’t know how to help him, so they had to make excuses. Aunt Qian came to the noodle restaurant to look for Li Haichao. It turned out that Aunt Qian introduced him to someone but he ran away.

Aunt Qian complained in front of Ling Heping and asked Ling Heping to persuade Li Haichao. Ling Heping felt that he could not do such a thing. At this time, Li Haichao came to He Ziqiu’s coffee shop. He Ziqiu saw him at a glance and then called him to the second floor. Li Haichao brought He Ziqiu his own fried dumplings. Li Haichao asked He Ziqiu if he wanted to go to Anna Mae for so many years? He Ziqiu said that she hasn’t come back for so many years, and now only Li Haichao is her family, and the others are outsiders.

Li Haichao couldn’t help it, but He Ziqiu still learned from Zhuangbeikou where he got on and off, and where he ran to squat. In the evening, Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao were running together. Li Jianjian told Ling Xiao that her mother’s 21st anniversary was coming soon, but Ling Xiao said that he would return to Singapore tomorrow, but would be back in front of Li Jianjian’s mother Zhou. Ling Xiao said that Li Jianjian had been her heart medicine since childhood, but Li Jianjian felt very nauseous.

The next day Li Jianjian and Qi Mingyue came to the hospital to get teeth together. When they were getting Li Jianjian’s teeth, Ling Xiao told her about returning to Singapore, but promised to come back as soon as possible. Li Jianjian told Ling Xiao not to be so aggressive towards Zheng Shuran, after all, he was his boyfriend.

Ling Xiao said that he hated him because he could only tell her after returning from Singapore. Qi Mingyue mistakenly thought from Feng Xixi that Ling Xiao liked herself, and Li Jianjian also jokingly called her sister-in-law. Qi Mingyue was called to dinner by Jin Yuxiang, only to find out that it was a blind date. Qi Mingyue got acquainted with the blind man very impatiently, and then wanted to leave halfway through the dinner, and finally promised to take her boyfriend home with Jin Yuxiang.

Jin Yuxiang told her not to go to Beijing and prepare to take the civil service examination. Zheng Shuran painted others in the coffee shop, and He Ziqiu was angry when he saw him. Finally Li Jianjian came to He Ziqiu to let her see how close Zheng Shuran and other girls were, and finally Li Jianjian and Zheng Shuran went outside to sketch together. Tang Can and Zhuangbei’s mother played mahjong deliberately, and Zhuangbei’s mother was very happy to make an appointment again when she had time.

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