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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 19 Recap

Li Jianjian chatted with Ling Xiao and asked if he had a girlfriend? Ling Xiao replied that she had no girlfriend but was already someone I liked, and then Li Jianjian was very confused and asked Ling Xiao how the scar on his shoulder came from? Ling Xiao told Li Jianjian that he was cooking porridge at the time, and then fell on his shoulder accidentally without holding it firmly. At the beginning, he didn’t feel much pain, until he finally realized that the skin was connected to the clothes.

Li Jianjian watched Ling Xiao say it frankly, and knew in his heart that Ling Xiao who had been in Singapore for so many years was not very happy. Qi Mingyue took Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao’s clothes to change clothes because of an interview and left, and also handed over the flowers Tang Cantuo brought to Li Jianjian. Because of the last incident, Tang Can was embarrassed to see He Ziqiu, but He Ziqiu felt that there was nothing of herself but should thank Tang Can, because she let herself know that Li Jianjian did not hate herself.

In the evening, Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao helped He Ziqiu to breathe outside. He Ziqiu wanted to eat when he saw Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao eating. Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao deliberately teased him not to eat him because they were afraid of him getting angry. Finally, Ling Xiao talked to Zheng Shuran and asked if Li Jianjian really liked him? Li Jianjian replied that at least he was very happy. Then Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao teased He Ziqiu and helped him back to the hospital.

The nurse came to take his temperature and found that He Ziqiu was a little feverish. Ling Xiao and Jianjian gave him medicine and water, and then fed him medicine to make him pay attention. After Li Jianjian settled He Ziqiu, he turned his head and found Ling Xiao sitting there reading a book, so he went to ask. Ling Xiao told him that he would read this book when he couldn’t sleep. This illustration is about two lonely children trying to escape from the evil city.

Then Li Jianjian took the book and read it. When she looked at this illustration, she found that these two lonely children were like Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu Li Jianjian’s heart was full of flavours, but at this moment, Ling Xiao fell asleep on her shoulder. The next day Zheng Shuran brought flowers to see He Ziqiu and told Li Jianjian that her elder brother was his own. He Ziqiu also had no good expressions on Zheng Shuran.

Soon the nurse came to take the temperature, Zheng Shuran kept staring at the nurse’s buttocks until the nurse went out. He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao on the side noticed them, and when the nurse left, Zheng Shuran quickly took out the painting book and started painting. After that, Ling Xiao took Zheng Shuran to dinner with him and asked him if he liked Li Jianjian? Ling Xiao advised Zheng Shuran not to give up his long-standing friendship because of a loveless love.

He Ziqiu finally left the hospital and went home. As soon as he got home, he clamored for Ling Xiao to bathe himself. Qi Mingyue came over and asked them to eat hot pot at home. As soon as he entered Zhuangbei, he was fascinated by Qi Mingyue and asked to add WeChat. Li Jianjian went to the room to find Tang Can accidentally touched her nose, and finally Tang Can and Li Jianjian made up, Qi Mingyue also came in and told Tang Can that her male god had come. Tang Can was very excited to let the two of them go out to make up for themselves. After Tang Can came out, he was very active with Zhuang Bei but Zhuang Bei was a bit embarrassed.

After eating, Zhuang Bei and Tang Can also want Qi Mingyue to sing. Zhuang Bei asks if Qi Mingyue has a boyfriend? He also analyzed for Qi Mingyue that the three of He Ziqiu would digest them internally. Qi Mingyue thinks that being so good to her sister should also be particularly good to her girlfriend. At this time, Li Jianjian hugged He Ziqiu and said that if He Ziqiu had an accident, he would regret his death, and said that he sincerely welcomed the two brothers home.

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