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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 18 Recap

Jin Yuxiang cleaned the three of them and left. When Qi Mingyue went downstairs to see her off, she told her that the TV station was going to send two reporters to Beijing. Jin Yuxiang disagreed when she heard it. She directly said that Beijing was so far away and she was worried about going there alone, and that Qi Mingyue was 25 years old, and she would be 27 if she went to Beijing for two more years. Marriage would become a problem again. Ling Heping received a call from Chen Ting when he was at work.

Chen Ting first asked about Ling Heping and finally Ling Xiao. Ling Heping understood that Ling Xiao hadn’t told her about returning to look for a job. Ling Heping and Li Haichao talked about it after get off work. Ling Heping said that he didn’t know how to ask Li Haichao to help him ask, but Li Haichao insisted that only Ling Heping could talk about it. Because of yesterday’s incident, Li Jianjian’s follow-up consultation with Ling Xiao asked Feng Xixi to go.

Feng Xixi asked Li Jianjian to inquire about Ling Xiao’s situation during the follow-up consultation, but Li Jianjian did not want to talk to her. After the teeth were set, Li Jianjian took a peek at Ling Xiao’s office window. Ling Xiao saw her but did not respond. Li Jianjian had to go back to the studio. Li Jianjian told Zheng Shuran about his two elder brothers. Du Juan heard that Li Jianjian had two elder brothers and kept asking Li Jianjian. Li Jianjian quickly turned off on a new topic.

In the evening Li Jianjian went home and saw Ling Xiao dragging his suitcase. Ling Xiao went out without speaking. Li Jianjian chased him out and apologized as he said that what he said yesterday was indeed excessive. But he cannot move out to live or return to Singapore just because he is angry.

At this time, Ling Xiao walked to the trash can, then opened the suitcase and said that he was here to throw out the trash. Li Jianjian was very embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. Qi Mingyue also came back at this time. Li Jianjian quickly took what she was holding and went upstairs. As soon as he went upstairs, Li Jianjian saw He Ziqiu at his door and hung up a bag. Li Jianjian hurriedly hid on the side.

At this time, He Ziqiu suddenly called. It turned out that He Ziqiu asked Zhuang Bei to help him investigate where Chen Ting got on and where he got off. Zhuang Bei was curious why He Ziqiu didn’t ask his father Ling to investigate? At this time Ling Xiao came back, and He Ziqiu hung up the phone. Tang Can’s father asked Tang Can for dinner. He moved out because of a conflict between Tang Can and her mother. Soon Tang Can’s mother’s birthday was approaching and wanted Tang Can to go back to celebrate her mother’s birthday. Tang Can hesitated for a long time and finally agreed.

Li Jianjian was taking the bus to work, and suddenly received a call and learned that He Ziqiu had a car accident, but he had to get off at the next stop, so he quickly called Tang Can and asked her to take her bank card to the hospital. Li Jianjian rushed to the hospital to ask how Tang Can and He Ziqiu were doing.

Tang Can pretended to be very painful and told her that there was blood everywhere when He Ziqiu sent him, and the doctor had done his best. Li Jianjian burst into tears suddenly, Tang Can had to tell the truth, but Li Jianjian kept crying and finally Ling Xiao came to comfort him and stopped crying. The doctor told He Ziqiu that he suddenly lost energy because he took the stabilizer, and He Ziqiu realized that Ling Xiao had been taking the stabilizer.

Ling Heping said a few words about Ling Xiao and then asked him to face Chen Ting, and finally asked Ling Xiao to tell himself if he had anything to do. When Ling Xiao returned to the ward, he told Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu that he could only put the tranquilizer in the vitamin bottle in Singapore because he could not get sick. When Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu heard what Ling Xiao said, they felt very distressed about Ling Xiao’s experience, and asked him to tell everyone what he had in the future.

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