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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 17 Recap

Zhuang Bei scolded the blind man and finally drove him away. Tang Can was very grateful to Zhuang Bei and returned his pen that he had picked up in the elevator last time. Zhuang Bei said that there were already many pens of that type. Now that Tang Can picked it up, give it to her. Finally, after Zhuang Bei heard about Tang Can’s work, he wanted Tang Can to do him a favor. On the other side, Li Jianjian had an appointment with the netizen Ran, and learned that Ran’s real name was Zheng Shuran. At this time, Qi Mingyue was watching Li Jianjian and Ran’s Weibo and saw that they were meeting, and Qi Mingyue found that Ran’s recent Weibo was very strange.

Qi Mingyue was worried about Li Jianjian’s safety and hurriedly called Li Jianjian, but Li Jianjian’s phone was never answered, Qi Mingyue had to contact Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu immediately . Knowing that Li Jianjian might be in danger, both He Ziqiu and Lingxiao were very worried. They searched for Li Jianjian’s whereabouts and went directly to the police station to find Ling Heping to call the police. Ling Heping told the two of them not to worry about calling and asking first. Finally, Ling Heping called Li Haichao and learned that Li Jianjian and Zheng Shuran were in the noodle restaurant. Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu hurried back to the noodle restaurant.

When Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu returned to the noodle restaurant, they saw Ran and Li Jianjian, who kept staring at Ran. Li Jianjian introduced his two older brothers to Zheng Shuran, and told him that his work was based on them. Zheng Shuran was excited when he learned that the prototype of the sculpture was in front of him.

Finally, Li Jianjian and Zheng Shuran talked about the creation of the sculpture. Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu were unable to intervene without understanding. He Ziqiu interrupted Li Jianjian’s conversation and asked Zheng Shuran if he had secretly seen Li Jianjian before deciding to date. Zheng Shuran also generously admitted. At the dinner table in the evening, Ling Xiao pointed out that Zheng Shuran was an uprising person, and asked Li Jianjian to break up with him. He Ziqiu, who was on the side, also agreed.

At this time, Li Jianjian was very angry and pointed out that they should not impose any interference in their lives. Ling Xiao is just a Peking opera and He Ziqiu is just a foster care. They are not a brother at all and have no legal obligation. . Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu were very uncomfortable hearing these words, but Ling Xiao left directly. Li Haichao also said at this time that Li Jianjian shouldn’t say such things in front of the two younger brothers. After all, they have the affection for growing up, don’t they deny it? Then Li Haichao was also a little angry, and let Li Jianjian think about it.

On the way back, Ling Xiao remembered how Ling Xiao had rescued her from the trafficker who trafficked children, and finally she recognized her father as a godfather. After the meal, He Ziqiu apologized like Li Jianjian. It must be unfair to her to leave suddenly. Li Jianjian said that she didn’t need any compensation, and that when everyone grew up, she couldn’t always pester her two brothers like she did when she was little. He Ziqiu was up and down and asked if Li Jianjian did not recognize himself?

Li Haichao and Ling Heping talked about today’s affairs, and Ling Heping said that they couldn’t manage the affairs of their juniors and needed them to solve them by themselves. The next morning, He Ziqiu made breakfast for Li Jianjian and left. Li Jianjian, Tang Can and Qi Mingyue were having breakfast while discussing Zheng Shuran. Qi Mingyue told Li Jianjian that she didn’t like Zheng Shuran at all, and that she would go to see the parents for the first time. Li Jianjian didn’t think so much, she just thought that this might inspire her creation. Suddenly the doorbell rang and opened the door and found that Jin Yuxiang was coming, and Jin Yuxiang brought them a lot of snacks.

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