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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 5 Recap

He Xiaoxiao sent the drunk Li Qianyun back to Fang Yi’s house. Li Qianyun returned home and ran back to the room and took out a bunch of letters he wrote to his mother. He said that he seemed to have failed again. These are all he wanted to be right. What my mother said, but I couldn’t find a place to post it. He Xiaoxiao felt in his heart and asked him if he could show himself these letters, but Li Qianyun did not speak any more. He Xiaoxiao read his letter and helped Li Qianyun to sleep on the bed, and was about to leave, but Li Qianyun took He Xiaoxiao with his drink to tell her not to leave her. Early the next morning, Li Qianyun woke up to see He Xiaoxiao sleeping next to him, and received a call from his roommate, asking him whether he wanted to skip class now.

With his head bowed, he walked out of the room and met Fang Yi who was about to participate in the Big Appetizer competition. He also asked him to cheer for himself and act as a photographer. Li Qianyun looked serious and said that he couldn’t do it today. She had something to do. She also thanked her for taking care of herself during this period. After speaking, she left the house in a hurry. At this time, He Xiaoxiao also woke up, she walked out of the room and happened to ran into Fang Yi. Although He Xiaoxiao tried his best to explain, Fang Yi still misunderstood.

After Li Qianyun went out, he went directly to the principal’s office and said that he wanted to apply for withdrawal. The principal asked him to fill out a form, and Li Qianyun didn’t hesitate to sign the form soon. Li Qianyun didn’t go to Zhao Shuo’s last escape slide final exam. He was very angry and asked the students to organize training in place and rushed directly to the principal’s office. Knowing that Li Qianyun was here to drop out of school, he was so angry that he patted the table directly, and said that he had to take his exam, and dragged him out of the principal’s office. When they walked out of the principal’s office, they ran into He Xiaoxiao. He Xiaoxiao said that he wanted to talk to Li Qianyun. He Xiaoxiao asked him, do you think dropping out can really solve the problem. Li Qianyun disagrees, saying that he can’t do it anyway, so why go on. He Xiaoxiao wanted to wake him up and asked if he could live up to everyone’s expectations of him.

Li Qianyun was a little anxious, he asked He Xiaoxiao endlessly, every time she said that she wanted to help herself, but every time she made herself foolish in front of her, was it interesting? He Xiaoxiao apologized to him, saying that she was too impatient. She advised Li Qianyun not to use herself as a substitute for her mother. But Li Qianyun felt that her mother had left herself alone. Every time she stood on a high place, she would remember that she had left herself. He Xiaoxiao told him that it was because his mother was sick, and it was not her intention to leave him, but she must believe that her son could make the right choice.

Fang Yi once again ran into Li Yifan, who appeared on purpose at the competition. Seeing her come alone, Li Yifan also offered to be her photographer. Not surprisingly, Fang Yi quickly finished the competition and won the first place. Li Yifan looked at such a hardworking and kind-hearted girl and felt very good. He said to Fang Yi that he thought she was very good and allowed her to like herself. With He Xiaoxiao’s insistence, Li Qianyun finally took his first step and took the escape slide exam. After successfully graduating, He Xiaoxiao and Li Qianyun celebrated together. He Xiaoxiao said that from tomorrow on, he would no longer be his teacher, but after reading the list of internships, he still managed him. Li Qianyun first thanked He Xiaoxiao, and mentioned the question he asked her last time, asking her if she was just a student in her heart. He Xiaoxiao didn’t answer him directly, only that he should prepare for the next flight mission, and asked him if he felt nervous.

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