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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 4 Recap

He Xiaoxiao told Li Qianyun that he had arranged an appointment with a psychiatrist for him, and if he had a problem in front of the teacher next time, he was likely to be dropped out of school. Li Qianyun was unwilling to go, he said to He Xiaoxiao, the escape slide class is not your class, why do you care about me. He Xiaoxiao seemed a little excited, she blurted out, I don’t care who cares about you? Hearing what she said, Li Qianyun was stunned for an instant, but He Xiaoxiao explained that he was only responsible for taking care of him because he was his student.

But Li Qianyun still insisted not to go to the doctor, so angry that He Xiaoxiao parked the car on the side of the road, got out of the car and left. Soon, Li Qianyun called her and asked if she was already disappointed in herself in her heart. He Xiaoxiao said that she didn’t know, she asked Li Qianyun if she planned to escape forever. Li Qianyun plucked up the courage. He said that he wanted to make a change. He said that he had never dared to walk over the bridge before. Today he wants to try it out, so He Xiaoxiao must help himself. He Xiaoxiao helped him to the bridge. After Li Qianyun took off his blindfold, he just glanced at the scene in front of him, and immediately fainted to the ground.

Mengzhu heard Zhao Shuo say that Li Qianyun was handed over to He Xiaoxiao, and he was still teasing He Xiaoxiao for other ideas. Li Qianyun was taken to the hospital by He Xiaoxiao. The doctor told her that Li Qianyun’s stress reaction was too strong and he did not recommend exposure treatment. When Li Qianyun heard the doctor’s words, he wanted to avoid treatment, but he said plausibly that avoiding is shameful, but very useful. He Xiaoxiao said that although he didn’t know the reason for his fear of heights, he really didn’t want him to be dropped out of school.

Fang Yi saw an advertisement for the Big Appetizer competition in his live broadcast room. After it was broadcasted, he hurried to sign up. It was also known as a public welfare undertaking. Zhao Shuo came to the office and asked his colleagues what kind of fruit Mengzhu likes to eat, and asked his colleagues not to tell Mengzhu about this. Li Qianyun took He Xiaoxiao to Fang Yi’s house and said that he would temporarily live here during the weekend. He Xiaoxiao asked him if he only had Fang Yi as a friend in Chongqing, and asked if his parents didn’t want him. Li Qianyun hesitated and told He Xiaoxiao his true purpose of applying for the aviation school. He said that he was because of his mother, and that being a flight attendant had always been her ideal, but she passed away when he was very young, and he couldn’t remember her appearance.

In order to marry her father, she gave up the opportunity to be a flight attendant. After her father’s business went bankrupt, she quarreled with her all day long. Later, her mother suffered from severe depression. The root crux of his fear of heights was that he watched his mother jump from the stairs. He said that his mother had told him since he was a child that if it weren’t for him, he would have become a flight attendant. Li Qianyun felt a hurdle in her heart, thinking that she was hindering her mother from pursuing her dream.

Li Yifan had been waiting for the game early. It turned out that this game was specially organized for Fang Yi. Fang Yi was also a little surprised to see him on the scene. Zhao Shuo again sent a lot of fruit to Mengzhu. Mengzhu didn’t want him to spend any more money on himself, so he took the fruit and found Zhao Shuo and told him straightforwardly that he and him are really inappropriate. If he does this again If he does, he will be misunderstood by others to sap his appetite. Li Qianyun asked He Xiaoxiao to drink downstairs in the community. He said that his fear of heights was not terrible at all. It was a heart disease, but people’s potential was endless. He said to He Xiaoxiao, if he really did it, let her kiss himself. After speaking, he went to the children’s slide in the park and practiced again and again.

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