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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 3 Recap

Li Qianyun woke up early in the morning and was teased by his roommate in a good mood. He took the initiative to say that he had found a girlfriend, which was the most beautiful in it. As soon as the roommate heard about it, he was also happy for him, and told him that he must hurry up.

Fang Yi accepted the appointment of Master Li. She came to the restaurant on time and met Master Li Li Yifan. Li Yifan looked at Fang Yi carefully and asked if she still remembered herself. Fang Yi thought about it for a long time, only then did he remember that he was the rich second generation he bumped into that day, and he kept complaining that he had already apologized to him. Li Yifan said that he simply thought this restaurant was delicious, but wanted her to taste it. Fang Yi explained that she is not a rich second-generation, just a part-time worker, and hoped that she would not be biased against herself.

But Fang Yi thought that she had encountered a liar, so she quickly sent a message to Li Qianyun and asked him to save herself. Li Qianyun received the news and rushed out regardless of whether there was a class for a while. He Xiaoxiao discovered that Li Qianyun was absent when the class arrived. Seeing that Li Qianyun did not have any fake slips, she was very angry, but there was still no way to continue the class.

Li Qianyun rushed to the restaurant quickly, Fang Yi hurriedly let him sit down and eat, Li Yifan only then knew that Fang Yi had regarded himself as a black fan. At this time, Li Qianyun received He Xiaoxiao’s WeChat and asked him why he didn’t go to class. Li Qianyun saw that Fang Yi was in no personal danger, and hurried back to class. After class, my colleagues all gathered to discuss whether there were particularly outstanding students in the class. They also mentioned that Li Qianyun has good conditions and outstanding grades.

He Xiaoxiao originally wanted to give Li Qianyun an absenteeism, but because of his excellent performance, he dispelled the idea and invited him to eat together. He Xiaoxiao said to him, it seems that your excellence is not only because of your excellent grades, no wonder these teachers like you so much. Li Qianyun hurriedly asked if Teacher He was included among these people. He Xiaoxiao didn’t answer, only said that the slide lessons in the morning these two days, and asked Li Qianyun if he could overcome it.

Zhao Shuo specially asked Mengzhu to go out for a walk. He wanted to have a good chat with her, but couldn’t say anything, so he took out a bracelet to give it to her, but Mengzhu didn’t accept it. At this moment, he happened to see Li Qianyun and went to warn him that he had never taken his own slide class again. If he didn’t take it again, he would not be able to pass this class. At night, He Xiaoxiao was putting on a facial mask at home, and suddenly received a WeChat message from Li Qianyun that he asked her to go out for a barbecue, but He Xiaoxiao refused. It turned out that he was having dinner with Fang Yi and Li Yifan, and did not make an appointment with He Xiaoxiao. Li Qianyun also found that Li Yifan had some special feelings for Fang Yi, and he kept persuading him to work hard.

Brother Feng suddenly came to everyone’s office, found He Xiaoxiao, and said that his visit this time was a surprise inspection. After reading He Xiaoxiao’s course, he praised the high quality of the students in this class. But at this moment, he saw Li Qianyun who was standing on the slide not daring to step forward, and he seemed a little disappointed in his heart. Seeing how difficult he was, He Xiaoxiao walked forward silently. Other teachers somehow knew the fact that Li Qianyun had a fear of heights, and they all praised him for being too courageous.

Li Qianyun kept reminiscing about some previous things, saying that experience is a wealth, but only his own experience makes him feel impoverished. He Xiaoxiao rushed to the boys’ dormitory early in the morning and asked Li Qianyun why he didn’t go to the slide class. Didn’t he tell herself that it was all right before, she forced Li Qianyun out the door. Said that he would take him to the doctor.

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