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Flying Mode of Love 爱的飞行模式 Episode 1 Recap

He Xiaoxiao is a flight attendant. Years of conscientiousness have given her a certain status in the eyes of colleagues, and she is also a representative of the company’s image. Because of her excellence, even when the company took a group photo of the image, she would be selected by the leader to stand in the C position. On this day, after the photo was taken, the leader told them that it was time for the spring recruitment training and the aviation school was understaffed, so they were arranged to go to the school to substitute for a period of time, and He Xiaoxiao was the instructor group leader who was responsible for everything during the substitute course.

The matter is determined. He Xiaoxiao found the leader Feng in private, and said that he was very busy in the group recently and didn’t want to go to this substitute class. Brother Feng thought she was trying to hide from Mengzhu, and that she wanted to be younger and high-spirited, which was normal. He Xiaoxiao had no choice but to say that she was not for this reason, but that she was in this state and was not suitable for working together.

Soon He Xiaoxiao began to work again. On this day, two passengers, a man and a woman, came on the plane. The male passenger seemed a little afraid of heights, but he was still pulled in by the female passengers who were travelling with him. After the plane took off, the male passenger was a bit airsick. He told the girl that he was going to the toilet. The fear of flying brought stronger and stronger reaction, and he finally fainted on the plane. When he woke up, he saw He Xiaoxiao gently fastening his seat belt, and said that the plane was about to land. At that moment, his heartbeat seemed to stop.

After the plane landed, He Xiaoxiao’s colleagues asked her to go out for dinner. On the way, everyone was discussing that there was a handsome man on the plane today, and regretted not asking him for WeChat ID. As soon as the conversation changed, the topic got to He Xiaoxiao, and everyone asked her if she was approached by many people when she was young. Faced with this question, He Xiaoxiao seemed a little embarrassed. She didn’t want to answer and had to find an excuse to go home first. She came home alone, facing a bowl of instant noodles, in a daze.

After the male passenger got off the plane, he and the girl came to her home to live in. It turned out that the boy was named Li Qianyun and he applied for the aviation school and came here to study. After everything was set up, Li Qianyun quietly took out his mobile phone and checked He Xiaoxiao’s information on the Internet. Early the next morning, Li Qianyun got up early and said that he was going to the school to report today and asked Fang Yi to send him there.

He Xiaoxiao organized his colleagues to hold a summary meeting, but he didn’t want colleagues to talk about her behind her back, saying that she was too old-fashioned and afraid of her if she was a man. He Xiaoxiao felt very uncomfortable after hearing this. In order to prove that although he was a little older, but still lively in his heart, He Xiaoxiao once again agreed to go to the bar for drinks with his young colleagues. On occasions he was not familiar with, He Xiaoxiao seemed a little uncomfortable. He didn’t expect to meet Li Qianyun in the bar. He saw He Xiaoxiao being drunk and took the initiative to send her home. After He Xiaoxiao arrived home, he talked to her cat, saying that everyone said she was old.

After speaking, he smiled and asked Li Qianyun, did he look good. Of course Li Qianyun said it was good-looking, without hesitation at all. He Xiaoxiao said to himself that he is the flight attendant and the image spokesperson of the company. Li Qianyun knew that she was talking drunk and said that she would go back first, but He Xiaoxiao refused to let him go, so she pulled out her box and gave him a drill. Li Qianyun finally stayed at He Xiaoxiao’s house all night, and when He Xiaoxiao woke up in the morning, he was naturally shocked. Li Qianyun deliberately made his words vague, making He Xiaoxiao mistakenly think that something shouldn’t happen between the two people, so angry that He Xiaoxiao asked him to leave immediately. After returning to school, Li Qianyun quickly changed into a flight attendant suit and hurried to class. He didn’t expect that the teacher who walked in was He Xiaoxiao.

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