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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 9 Recap

Komatsulan still embroiders the purse all day and night, and she wants to embroider the purse before Daddy and Chu Zhimo leave. Seeing that she didn’t care about her body so much, Luluo had to stop her, but Komatsu Lan was too persistent, Luluo couldn’t persuade her, so she could only let her go.

On the second day, the city lord sent Qing Yun and Chu Zhimo off, and asked them to return safely. Qing Yun said that their Jiang family’s duty was to protect the Chu family and he would take care of Chu Zhimo. Chu Zhimo looked around and found that Xiao Songlan hadn’t come, thinking that he must have broken her heart.

Xiao Ya also came and said that she would pray for Chu Zhimo and let him protect herself. Chu Zhimo said that if she prays for herself, it is better to pray for the people of Daxing City.

Dad Qing Yun and Chu Zhimo ordered good soldiers and horses and set off, and was stopped by Xiao Songlan on the way. Komatsulan took out the purse that she had embroidered overnight to Qing Yun’s father and told him to take it with him. He took another one to Chu Zhimo. Chu Zhimo was unwilling to accept it. He wanted to completely cut off Xiao Songlan’s thoughts. Seeing Xiao Songlan tears streaming down his face, he couldn’t bear it and accepted it. Xiao Songlan parted with them in tears.

Jing Yiran took Xiao Songlan back to the house, Luluo comforted her, Chu Zhimo and the adults would be safe, let her eat something, Xiao Songlan said that she was tired and wanted to rest, Luluo retired.

After waking up again, Qing Yun returned to her body, sneaked out and found Xiao Ziming . Xiao Ziming took her to the riverside and happily played, and the two had a sweet time. Qing Yun tiptoed back to the room, Luluo suddenly woke up and asked her if she went to Jing Yiran to get the medicine? Why didn’t he see him come back with the medicine, Qing Yun hurriedly took out a bottle and gave it to her, saying that she would take one before going to bed every day, let her remind herself, Lu Luo said she knew.

At the border, Chu Zhimo looked at Komatsu Lan, his purse, and her purse alone. Qing Yun’s father came in with the medicine bag and saw a smile. If it is true, his daughter likes him so much. By the way, embroidering, talking about leaving the medicine in his hands, there is still a tough battle to be fought the next day.

The two armies fought on the second day, and the Red Fire tribe were really brave and good at fighting. Qing Yun’s father was seriously injured, and at the critical moment, it was Komatsulan’s purse that saved him.

The news came back to Daxing City, but Ahe told everyone that Qing Yun’s father had died in the battle. Komatsu Lan couldn’t believe it. She did not feel the fluctuation of Qing Yun’s wallet. Master Xiao knew that his chance was coming, and deliberately framed Qing Yun’s father as treason with the enemy, and the city lord had the heart to protect each other, but he couldn’t help it.

Master Xiao took the men and horses to the Jiang family to search for home, and also took out the spell specially given by the high priest to severely injure Komatsu Lan. Komatsu Lan was affected by the spell, unable to use spiritual power, and was seriously injured. Luluo desperately protects each other, and since their master and servant are so affectionate, it’s better to stay together and go to Huangquan Road together.

Jiang’s servant really couldn’t bear Komatsu Lan’s humiliation and rose up to resist. Komatsu Lan also decided to do this again. But the power of the spell was too strong. At the critical moment, Jing Yiran stepped up to save him, but his martial arts were not high. Did not save the defeat. Jing Yiran and Luluo let Komatsulan go quickly, and everyone struggled to delay time. Komatsulan endured the pain and was about to leave, but was concentrated by a force. Just as Komatsulan was about to be killed, Long Bai appeared and rescued Komatsulan.

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