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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 8 Recap

Chu Zhimo looked at the painting for a whole night. In the painting, he and Xiao Songlan’s past lives appeared in front of him scene by scene. He felt that this was a warning to him from this painting. If he and Xiao Songlan continue to be together, they must be Will hurt him.

Jing Yiran came in and saw that his face was so bad. He handed him the medicine, saying that he was about to get married, and he didn’t care about his body so much. These few days are when he has a poisonous hair. Let him hurry up. After drinking the medicine, Chu Zhimo coldly asked him to put the medicine down, and then let him go out. Jing Yiran joked that he was like this to his brothers after he had a wife?

Komatsu Lan woke up in a conscious dream, wondering why he fell asleep. Qing Yun told her that yesterday she fell asleep in the matter between herself and Master Yao Wang. Komatsulan hurried to that, he wouldn’t faint again, Qing Yun nodded, and Komatsulan was fine there. Chu Zhimo already knew his identity and would not bury her, so he hurriedly Back to the flesh. Qing Yun knew that Chu Zhimo actually knew that he was not in love with him, but Xiao Songlan used her body and identity to seduce Chu Zhimo and decided to separate the two of them and punish them. So before Xiao Song Lan returned to the body, he deliberately said what the high priest had taught him in his sleep, making Chu Zhimo more sure that being with Xiao Song Lan would harm him.

Komatsulan woke up and was eating and drinking. At this time, Jing Yiran came in and smelled the incense that seemed to be problematic. Lululu found that this is Komatsulan’s commonly used agarwood incense. Jing Yiran said that it was different from what he smelled at the shopkeeper. Komatsu Lan said in passing, it was the young and beautiful woman. Master Jiang hurriedly glared at Jing Yiran with a cold remark, and then asked Luluo to withdraw it. Go down.

Yu Wenling returned to the Scarlet Fire Clan. Seeing that he had been so badly wounded, the chief of the Scarlet Huo tribe added fuel and jealousy with Shang Helian’s envoy and decided to order 50,000 elite soldiers to attack Daxing City.

Xiao Songlan has been awake for several days, but Chu Zhimo has not looked for him. Komatsu Lan was worried about whether Chu Zhimo would change his mind, and decided to embroider a purse for Chu Zhimo. Chu Zhimo ran to Medicine King Valley and wanted to see the old tree spirit grandfather. The little ginseng told him that the old tree spirit grandfather had been in retreat and would not see anyone for a few months. Chu Zhimo asked him if he knew where Wang Qing Dan was. Ginseng shook his head, and Saffron listened to their conversation.

In Daxing City, the city lord summoned Chu Zhimo. Master Jiang and Master Xiao discussed that the Chihuo tribe would point their troops to attack Daxing City. Master Xiao advocated seeking peace. Daxing City was a medicine city. There were no good warriors. Doesn’t the Huo Clan Young Master like Jiang Qingyun? Just let her go and kiss. What thought did Master Jiang come to him? Chu Zhimo said that he could lead the troops there, but the city lord said that his wedding was in a few days. For the safety of Daxing City, Chu Zhimo was willing to go, and Master Jiang came to himself. Willing to go with Chu Zhimo.

Luluo heard the news and quickly told Komatsu Lan about the news. Xiao Songlan ran to the gate of Chu Zhimo’s mansion and waited for him, and asked him why he wanted to lead the war. Chu Zhimo told him that it was for the safety of Daxing City. Komatsu Lan said that she could wait for him, but Chu Zhimo said that it was unnecessary. Xiao Songlan asked him why, Chu Zhimo said that misfortune is unpredictable, let him find another lover. Komatsu Lan asked if he didn’t like him anymore, Chu Zhimo said yes. Komatsu Lan said that he had known that he had gone to the Medicine King Valley to find Wangqing Pill. It turned out that it was for this, so in this case, let Wangqing Pill let him stay. Saying that he put Wangqing Dan on Chu Zhimo’s hand and left sadly.

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