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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 7 Recap

Chu Zhimo and Yu Wenling began to compete in the arena. Yuwenling really took out the Longbai cane. Fortunately, Chu Zhimo got Shouguangteng ahead of time. With Xiaoyan playing music on the side, Longbai temporarily recovered his mind. He broke out from his cane, Yu Wenling was lost, and he was about to be knocked off the stage. Immediately, Yu Wenling was using a spell to drive Longbai’s cane for it. Before taking the stage, Komatsu Lanfei gave Long Bai the medicine to restore his mind temporarily, and then helped Chu Zhimo put Yu Wenling out of the ring.

The envoy of Helian scolded them for deceiving people too much. Chu Zhimo said that they first used the demon method to cultivate. The entire Daxing city had seen it. At this time, Lord Lord also said that since the Scarlet Fire Clan cultivated the evil method, he Daxingcheng and They didn’t have to cooperate anymore, and immediately ordered all the Red Fire tribes in Daxing City to retreat, otherwise they would bear the consequences. The two emperors in the sky are discussing the origin of Long Bai. Long Bai was originally a sacred tree with only cultivation talents, but also willingly descended for love.

Chu Zhimo won the arena competition, Komatsu Lan made a fortune, and brought Chu Zhimo to the restaurant and ordered a variety of dishes. Chu Zhimo joked that he was really rich. The treats have become so proud. Komatsu Lan said that he won the competition, and he must have a big announcement. Of course, the best way to show off is to let Chu Zhimo give her a grand wedding.

Seeing Chu Zhimo lowered his head and said nothing, Xiao Songlan knew that he had said something wrong, and hurriedly asked to make up for it. He knew that in the city mansion that day, his marriage with himself was only a temporary plan, so that he didn’t need to worry about it anymore. After leaving, Chu Zhimo stopped him, saying that he had spent his life in exchange for it, and of course he was willing to marry her.

On the second day, Chu Zhimo came to Jiang’s Mansion with a generous betrothal gift and the team to propose marriage, and saw that Qing Yun’s father was about to propose to him. Chu Zhimo asked him if these offer gifts were enough, and if it was not enough, he would prepare it himself. Dad Qing Yun said that the bride price is enough. Komatsu Lan and Luluo eavesdropped outside the door. Luluo said that the master was definitely going to test Chu Zhimo, Xiao Songlan hurried in and said that even if there was no betrothal gift, she would marry him.

Xiao Ya knew about Chu Zhimo’s proposal to Komatsu Lan, and cried with anger. The son of Master Xiao comforted him. Hey, since he didn’t grasp Chu Zhimo’s heart, he would cry with her. Xiao’s mother scolded them two for uselessness. At this moment, Xiao Ziming came in, and he already had a solution.

Xiao Ziming ran to Chu’s Mo Mansion and asked him if he really wanted to marry Xiao Song Lan as his wife. Chu’s Mo said, Xiao Ziming said that it was so, so he was willing to bet and let go, so that he must take good care of Xiao Song. blue. Speaking of giving him a painting, it was originally intended for Komatsu Lan. In that case, give it to him as a gift to them. Chu Zhimo opened the painting and saw that it turned out to be something that happened to him and Komatsu Lan in their previous lives.

In the evening, Xiao Ziming and the high priest came to Xiao Songlan’s room and awakened Qing Yun. Qing Yun woke up and saw that Xiao Ziming was a little puzzled. He told Xiao Ziming that he knew Komatsu Lan, and the high priest asked him if he felt getting sleepy these days. He also told him that Komatsu Lan was lying to her. Her consciousness would gradually disappear, and finally this body would be completely owned by Komatsu Lan. As long as he listens to his own words, he has a way to resurrect him.

Qing Yun believed it, and called Komatsu Lan back into her consciousness, and asked him if he wanted to marry Chu Chu Zhimo, could he replace him? Komatsu Lan rejected him, Qing Yun doubted Xiao Su Nan’s purpose even more.

Father Qing Yun found that Xiao Songlan was in a coma, and Lord Chu Zhimo came to check, but he didn’t see any problem.

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