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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 6 Recap

Komatsu Lan and Chu Zhimo were sweet, when Xu Huai suddenly sent in a letter. After reading it, Chu Zhimo looked hurriedly about to leave. Komatsu Lan also saw the content of the letter, it was the girl in the brothel about Chuzhimo. Komatsu Lan asked Chu Zhimo what was going on, but Chu Zhimo didn’t tell him, and went there alone. The more Komatsu Lan thought about it, the more unhappy she became. She was very upset. She suspected that Chu Zhimo was going to the brothel to find another girl, so she dressed up and followed.

At the gate of the brothel, the old bustard stopped her from letting her in. Komatsulan had enough money before the old bustard let her in. Chu Zhimo stopped him, Xiao Songlan jumped down, and Chu Zhimo asked her what she was doing here, smiling and asked if she was jealous. Immediately led her into the room, which was the little smoke that was sung to them last time. Xiao Yan asked Chu Zhimo if he was going to compete with Yu Wenling in three days. Chu Zhimo said that Xiao Yan knelt down and begged Chu Zhimo to accept his mercy. The two are puzzled. Is it possible that Yu Wenling is her husband, Xiaoyan Dao, Yu Wenling arrested her husband Long Bai to practice sorcery, and when fighting against Chu Zhimo, she would use her husband’s body, if she wanted to defeat Yu Wenling , Then my husband will definitely be hurt.

Komatsu Lan is a little anxious, what can we do? If Xiaoyan can find Shou Guangteng and grind this Chinese medicine into powder, it can make people recover their sanity for a short time, then Yu Wenling will undoubtedly lose. Komatsu Landao had heard of this medicine by then, but had never seen it before, but there are many magical medicines in the Medicine King Valley, and this medicine may be found.

Chu Zhimo took Xiao Songlan back to Jiang’s Mansion and found Daddy Qing Yun and said about it. Daddy Qing Yun decided to find Shou Guangteng with Chu Zhimo. Xiao Songlan didn’t want him to be so tired, Chu Zhimo also said that it was enough to find it by himself. Dad Qing Yun said that these were all for his daughter, and he didn’t want Xiao Songlan to marry Chihuozhu. Jing Yiran also wanted to follow along. Chu Zhimo and Qing Yun’s father asked him to stay and take care of Xiao Songlan to prevent Mr. Xiao from making any tricks. Then the two of them carefully ordered and got into the carriage.

Without Jing Yiran, he was upset, Komatsu Lan pulled him to the street to relax. Unexpectedly, Jing Yiran went to strike up a conversation when he saw a beautiful woman. Xiao Songlan walked halfway and found that his senior was missing. This was Xiao Ziming driving the carriage to Xiao Songlan, saying that he had something to ask her and asked her to get on the carriage.

On the carriage, Komatsulan smelled a peculiar thought, and then fainted, and when he woke up, it was Jiang Qingyun. Qing Yun wondered why she was in this place, Xiao Ziming asked her if it was Jiang Qingyun? Jiang Qingyun nodded, and Xiao Ziming asked her if she could remember their agreement. Jiang Qingyun said that she remembered that if she could beat him, she would buy all the bracelets in Daxing City and give it to her. Then Jiang Qingyun said she was sleepy and panicked. She fell asleep again and woke up again. It was Xiao Songlan.

Xiao Ziming saw that it was Komatsulan, his face changed, and asked her to get off. Then he rushed to find the high priest, and he completely believed her, as long as he could let Komatsulan come back, he would go through the fire and water by himself.

On the day of the competition, Chu Zhimo hadn’t appeared for a long time, and the humanity of the Scarlet Fire tribe could not have been that Chu Zhimo was afraid of fleeing. Speaking of Chu Zhimo, he appeared. Seeing his tired face, Komatsu Lan was very worried about him. Chu Zhimo said that she was fine and that she would definitely win this competition for herself. Komatsu Lan wanted to give him anger, and the two couldn’t help kissing.

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