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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 5 Recap

Xiao Songlan thanked Chu Zhimo for the cakes she gave her, and then returned to the house. Jing Yiran teased him that Komatsulan started thinking about spring as soon as he left. Chu Zhimo was a little sad. Jing Yiran saw his look and asked him what’s wrong. Chu Zhimo said that Komatsu Lan asked himself to marry her today, but Jing Yiran couldn’t tell that it was just right, so he could embrace the beauty. Chu Zhimo said that he is now sick and sick, and has little life. He is united and spends the remaining time with him, but he is unwilling to trap her with a marriage letter.

Komatsulan ate while walking, Luludao said that if she came to Master Yaowang for pastries, there was no need to do it at their house. Komatsu Lan listened to her, patted her head, patronized and ate, forgetting the business, Chu Zhimo would go back and ask if he wanted to marry him, but was stopped by Lu Luo.

On the second day, Yu Wenling of the Scarlet Fire Clan brought Helian’s envoy into the city, and the city lord personally greeted him at the door. Yu Wenling looked at Komatsulan meaningfully, and Chu Zhimo hurriedly protected her behind him. Xiao Ya ridiculed that Komatsu Lan really wanted to seduce everyone. Xiao’s mother quickly stopped Xiao Ya and let her take care of her mouth. Xiao Ya was not happy to ask where Dad was. If he were here, he would definitely speak to herself. Xiao’s mother said that Master Xiao was not here since he was not there, it was time for Xiao Ziming to take up the Xiao family.

The Lord of the City was ready to sing and dance. Chu Zhimo toasted Yu Wenling. Yu Wenling said that he was drunk and didn’t want to drink. It seemed that he had something to do with Komatsu Lan. Then he drank the wine happily. After the wine was over, Yu Wenling presented the Scarlet Fire Pearl, the treasure of the Scarlet Fire tribe, and Tao should be dedicated to Lord City Lord, so that the two tribes could maintain friendly exchanges. Mother Xiao said on the side that the legend of the Scarlet Fire Pearl can recognize a person as the master, but after acknowledging the Lord, it will be owned by that person. Doesn’t the Scarlet Fire Race feel sorry for this kind of treasure?

Yu Wenling said, this treasure was originally dedicated to Daxing City. If he could recognize a person as the master, he would definitely do something. Speaking of letting go of the Red Fire Orb, the Red Fire Orb flew around in front of everyone, and finally stopped in front of Komatsu Lan, entered her body, and Komatsu Lan fainted immediately. Father Qing Yun hurriedly took the pulse, the pulse was beating quickly, and his whole body was hot. Chu Zhimo hurriedly picked up the person, ordered his servants to prepare ice cubes, and quickly put Komatsu Lan in the ice bucket.

But Xiao Songlan’s symptoms still did not alleviate. Chu Zhimo remembered that Xiao Songlan had told him that every time she felt unwell, he would get better by giving her medicine. Chu Zhimo immediately kissed him. Within consciousness, Komatsu Lan and Jiang Qingyun were chased by the Red Fire Ball, and they were about to be burned to ashes. Chu Zhimo arrived in time and subdued the Red Fire Ball. Komatsu Lan asked him to subdue him. Be merciful, saying that this is a great tonic, then swallowed it in one bite, and his spiritual power instantly rose.

Komatsu Lan woke up and asked Chu Zhimo how he saved him, but Chu Zhimo couldn’t answer. Komatsu Landao himself ate the Scarlet Fire Clan’s baby, would they blame themselves, Chu Zhimo told her not to be afraid, to have herself.

Seeing that they had returned safely, everyone felt relieved. Since Helian’s messenger came to Komatsulan for nothing, please return the Red Fire Orb. Komatsu Lan said that he had swallowed it, so he can’t let himself pull it out. Chu Zhimo said that Xiao’s mother had asked them just now, didn’t she make a difference? Such a backlash would be a loss of grace. The Scarlet Fire Clan twisted, and the man who could say Scarlet Fire Bead became a brother, and the woman became a husband and wife. Chu Zhimo naturally refused, and the two decided to kill each other, and whoever wins belongs to whom.

The people of Daxingcheng also put aside their gambling, and Xiao Ziming and Komatsulan also placed their bets. Komatsu Lan found Chu Zhimo to tell him not to care about winning or losing, and Chu Zhimo also said why he couldn’t marry her. Xiao Ziming went to Xiao Song Lan’s jade bracelet while shopping, found the high priest, and believed that Xiao Song Lan was a monster.

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