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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 12 End Recap

Xiao Ziming took Xiao Songlan straight to the high priest’s place, Chu Zhimo and the others searched for a long time, but they didn’t find it. Chu Zhimo suspected it was Xiao Ziming, who they knew was Xiao Songlan. Just let Jing Yiran stay, and go to find someone in person.

Xiao Ziming took Xiao Songlan to the High Priest’s Mansion. Jiang Qingyun had recovered her mind and thanked the high priest for saving his life. The high priest arrived. If the Banlangen is to be truly removed, it will take some things to complete. Xiao Ziming said that as long as he can save Jiang Qingyun, he can do anything. The high priest controlled Xiao Ziming with soul concentration. This scene was seen by Xiao Ya . Xiao Ya realized that the high priest was unfavorable to them, rushed out and found Chu Zhimo and told him that the high priest had used dementia on Xiao Ziming. Chu Zhimo was annoyed that he had not thought of the high priest. Behind the scenes.

Without saying a word, he told the high priest that they oversight made Xiao Ya ran out. The high priest said that he would definitely go to Chu Zhimo and let people bring Jiang Qingyun and Xiao Ziming. Chu Zhimo came to Xingshui Temple and saw the high priest, Xiao Ziming was really controlled by the high priest’s contemplation. Jiang Qingyun pretended to be Xiao Song Lan, and hurried into his arms, he was about to do something, and Chu Zhimo discovered that he was no longer Xiao Song Lan. Since Jiang Qingyun knew that he was not asking him, why would he fall in love with him?

Chu Zhimo fought with the high priest. The high priest said that although he had some cultivation skills, he was a mortal after all, and Chu Zhimo was really defeated. The high priest let Jiang Qingyun seize the opportunity and quickly kill Chu Zhimo. At the critical moment, Komatsu Lan emerged from his consciousness and had a dispute with Jiang Qingyun.

At the critical moment, Qing Yun’s father rushed over. , He hugged Jiang Qingyun and said that he knew that he was not in the body, but at that time he could not accept the fact that his daughter was not there, so he regarded Xiao Songlan as his daughter. Qing Yun asked him if he didn’t want to live by herself? Dad Qing Yun replied, there is no one who does not want his daughter to live, but he does not want him to be used by the high priest. Qing Yun thought clearly, returned to her conscious dream, and found Komatsu Lan and asked him to take care of her dad and disappeared.

The high priest saw that Xiao Songlan regained control of his body, and was afraid that this isatis root would ruin his good deeds and would step forward to kill him. At the critical moment, Xiao Ziming hugged her feet and asked him to let Xiao Songlan go. The high priest was enough, but Chu Zhimo must be killed. Xiao Ziming raised his sword to kill Chu Zhimo. Unexpectedly, he turned around and stabbed the high priest. The high priest had already guessed that he would be like this, and then he used Xiao Zilin’s pioneer battlefield and ignored him to kill Chu. The end.

At this moment, saffron and small ginseng arrived with the other fairy grasses, temporarily holding back the high priest. Komatsu Lan returned to Qing Yun’s body and wanted to burn her own soul to save them. The scene that Chu Zhimo feared most still appeared, when Komatsu Lan burned her own soul and completely eliminated the high priest.

Since the two gods in the sky have already experienced the disaster, Chu Zhimo can let him return by eliminating the god of plague. At this time, a god pleads with Tianjun, and Xu Chuzhimo and Komatsu Lan are in love.

Half a year later, Xiao Ziming and Xiao Ya appeared in Medicine King Valley. Take care of the isatis root that Qingyun is supporting. Immediately, Chu Zhimo and Komatsu Lan were about to get married. It turned out that after Komatsu could hardly burn his soul, he turned into a mortal, and the two were happily together.

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