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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 11 Recap

Jing Yiran swaggered into the Xiao Mansion with the soldiers, Master Xiao said that he was still wearing a sinful body, how could he be so swaggering. Jing Yiran sneered and said that he didn’t know now, the Lord City Lord ordered him to be arrested and brought to justice. Master Xiao asked him why, Jing Yiran replied that Lord City Lord knew that he communicated with the Scarlet Fire Clan, sent them precious medicinal materials and made huge profits. Now that the City Lord knew about this, he would arrest him.

Jing Yiran took Master Xiao to the city lord’s mansion. Master Xiao saw Chu Zhimo’s resurrection and was shocked. Chu Zhimo sneered and said that he didn’t expect to come back alive. Lord City Lord asked Master Xiao whether he could confess what he had committed. Master Xiao shouted that he was wronged. These were the things his men had done without him, and he had no idea. Chu Zhimo ridiculed that Master Xiao still said this, the evidence and confession above are all correct. If Master Xiao had to deny it, the patriarch of the Chihuo clan personally wrote them in his own place. Trade.

Master Xiao just pleaded not guilty, and insisted that it had nothing to do with him. Lord City Lord arrived. When he was enthroned, Master Xiao held his hand to encourage her. He was always grateful to him and regarded him as his master. But Lord Xiao, all these years were all about using himself, Lord City Lord ordered the Lord Xiao’s family to be imprisoned. At the court meeting, it was announced that Chu Zhimo and Qingyun were both national merits and rewards. Let Jiang Qingyun succeed as the head of the Jiang family, and then remove the Xiao family from the three major families, and prevent them from returning to Xingcheng forever.

The dust settled on this matter, and Xu Huai suddenly reported to Lord City Lord that half of the army had been infected with the plague somehow. Chu Zhimo must not spread this news until they had just fought, otherwise it would shake the army’s mind. He is willing to go to fight the epidemic personally. The Lord of the City refused, saying that he had just come down from the war and needed to rest. Jing Yiran watched them realize that as the Jiang family, he was responsible for doing these things for the Jiang family, and he was willing to go to treat the illness. Chu Zhimo also said that he could protect them well, and Xiao Songlan wanted to go, but was stopped by Chu Zhimo, the place was very dangerous, and if he wanted Xiao Songlan, stay in front and wait for him.

Xiao Song Lan was very upset when they didn’t take him there. The Lord of the City said that Chu Zhimo wouldn’t let him go, so he would not go? Komatsu suddenly understood. When Chu Zhimo and Jing Yiran prepared their things, they were going to the barracks carriage. When Chu Zhimo walked halfway, he found that Xiao Songlan was hidden in the carriage. He had no choice but to take him there, but he had to let him listen to him and put on a veil, otherwise she would have to go back. Chu Zhimo rushed to the barracks and announced three rules to soldiers in the army. First, sick soldiers and unaffected soldiers must live separately, and second, they must drink the medicine he prepared. Third, the veil must be worn. Chu Zhimo encouraged the soldiers to defeat even the Scarlet Fire Clan, and they would surely defeat the plague.

Master Xiao’s family is being taken out of the city and is rescued by the high priest, but the high priest needs Xiao Ziming to do things for him. Xiao Song Lan and the others were treating a disease. Suddenly, they reported that someone had fainted outside. Xiao Song Lan went to check and found that it was Xiao Ziming. Xiao Ziming tempted Xiao Song Lan to use the incense, and Xiao Song Lan fainted. Chu Zhimo took the pulse and couldn’t find out the reason. On the second day, Xiao Ziming ran away with Xiao Songlan.

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