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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 28 Recap

Han Shengzhi said he had to bear the danger and hand over the books to him. Those people didn’t dare to trouble him. Wen Xi was about to give her the account book after listening, but Yu Lexuan arrived in time to stop him. At this time Lei Zexin also rushed over, but suddenly a man in black appeared from the side to snatch the ledger. Lei Zexin chased up and fought her against her. He kicked the person’s chest hard, and the ledger fell to the ground and was picked up by Yu Lexian. When he came back, Lei Zexin chased him a long way and suddenly found that he was hit, and hurried back to the Three Temples to find that everyone was gone. Had to rush back to school.

In the school, Wen Xi and Yu Lexuan were both injured. It turned out that a group of people came out to beat them just now. Han Shengzhi was also injured and the ledger was taken away. Lei Zexin found Mr. Ding and said that he had fought the mysterious man today, but his eyes seemed to be sharp. In the evening Lei Zexin went to the bathhouse to take a bath. Mr. Li Hu was also nearby. Lei Zexin saw that Mr. Li Hu’s chest was not injured, and went back to tell Mr. Ding. But after Mr. Li Hu went back, he tore off the chest hair that was stuck on his chest, revealing scars. In fact, he was the mysterious man who knew martial arts.

The students are all telling that Han Shengzhi hurt Yu Lexuan and Wen Xi by treating others. Han Shengzhi also asked if he did it. Han Shengzhi said he was injured and not himself. Zhao Rong said that as long as more than half of the people in charge of the assembly are convened, there will be a chance to dismiss Han Shengzhi from the school. Everyone said that Yu Lexuan should lead the debate. On the day of the debate, the two sides were in a dispute. Han Shengzhi suddenly threw a bomb, saying that Yu Lexuan was not worthy of standing here to debate. He faked his status as a nobleman and did business in private to collect dirty money. This is acceptable to everyone.

Immediately after Han Shengzhi told a big secret, Yu Lexuan was actually an illegitimate child, and he could not enter the school when he was an illegitimate child in Yunguo. Everyone was shocked when they heard the news. The scene was a bit uncontrollable for a while. The students began to talk about driving Yu Lexuan out of the school. Dean Feng stopped them and said that the debate will be suspended. Next time, everyone will prepare the materials. Next, give priority to solving the problem of Yu Lexuan. Han Shengzhi also let people distribute leaflets in the school, wishing to let everyone know about it, everyone was enthusiastic about Yulexuan. And Lei Zexin, Wen Xi and Feng Chengjun have been by Yu Lexuan’s side, as his solid backing.

The Yu Lexuan’s incident has caused Master Wang. Dean Feng is entangled in whether to expel him from the school. Master Wang said to give Yunshang Sijie a test, and wait to see how they solve the matter. If it can’t be solved, It can only be done according to the law. Here, Feng Chengjun and Wen Xi discovered that Yu Lexuan was missing. Feng Chengjun hurried to find the shopkeeper to find out. Wen Xi stayed in the school and wanted to ask other students to sign, so that everyone left Yu Lexuan. But except for a few cousins ​​who have been friends with Yu Lexuan, everyone else is complaining about Yu Lexuan’s behavior. Wen Xi was very disappointed with them when he saw such a scene. Yu Lexuan is usually very good, but when the wall is down, everyone is silent.

Lei Zexin found Yu Lexuan on the street, because he was uneasy and followed him all the time. Yu Lexuan still looked careless and said he was fine. Lei Zexin still decided to accompany her, and when he walked to Yuleju, he found Feng Chengjun with wine at the door. The three of them all laughed and said that Feng Chengjun would also find someone to drink. Feng Chengjun said that at this time he wanted to find someone to drink for the first time. The three of them were drinking and talking in Yuleju. Wen Xi still prayed for everyone’s help in the school. At this time, her cousin said that it was because Han Shengzhi allowed no one to sign, otherwise it would be against the Han family. Wen Xiqi only said a few words from the students, but he didn’t expect to resonate with the students, and signed a few one after another.

The next day, the school debated the question of Yu Lexuan’s stay or absence, but few people supported him, and there were only a few names on the signature. Yu Lexuan didn’t want to bother her friends anymore, and offered to leave the school. Feng Chengjun stopped him and said that he would wait and see the result before talking. He wanted to talk about what kind of person Yu Lexuan was in his heart.

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