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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 27 Recap

Feng Chengjun took the Ganoderma lucidum powder and met Wen Xi, who had already changed back to men’s clothing, but recognized Wen Xi as women’s clothing, and was amazed. Xue Wenxi didn’t know, Feng Chengjun faltered and said that he had rouge on his lips, but he did not dare to come forward to wipe him. At this time, Yu Lexuan and Lei Zexin rushed over to assemble. Feng Chengjun said that Wen Xi had rouge on her lips, and Lei Zexin wiped it off with his hands, and even teased about the fuss. When Yu Lexuan saw Feng Chengjun’s impression, he also guessed seven or eight points in his heart.

After returning home, Wen Xi secretly took out the ledger he saw in the warehouse. The reason he didn’t dare to take it out was because the name of Feng Jichangde was clearly written on the ledger. Wen Xi knew that this person was Feng Chengjun’s father, and sighed in her heart. An upright man like Feng has a corrupt official father. In the evening Lei Zexin decided to return to the original state and let Wen Xi sleep in the middle, but Feng Chengjun refused. He always regarded Brother Bin as a woman. Wen Xi said that they both disliked herself, and Feng Chengjun could not behave too much, so she could only reluctantly agree. After lying down, Feng Chengjun recognized Bindi as a woman’s dress again, feeling uncomfortable.

The next day, Gu Dachao went to plead guilty to Han Zhengliang and confessed that he had left a ledger that recorded all his transactions, but he paid close attention and replaced all Han Zhengliang’s transactions with Feng Jichang’s name, but Han Zheng The names of Liang’s subordinates are on the ledger. Han Zheng wished to kill him in good spirits, slammed Gu Dachao, and then ordered Han Shengzhi to get the ledger back. Feng Chengjun himself found the difference. He dared not look at Wen Xi in the school. Lei Zexin was worried whether he had discovered Wen Xi’s true identity. As a result, Yu Lexuan had an expression that understood everything and said Feng Chengjun was Wen Xi’s daughter pretended to be astonished, and he couldn’t help himself. He told Lei Zexin to talk to Wen Xi if he was really worried. After the three met, they felt that Feng Chengjun was a little weird recently, and Wen Xi decided to ask Feng Chengjun directly.

Back in the dormitory, Wen Xi stopped Feng Chengjun who was about to leave, and asked him if he was hiding from him recently. Feng Chengjun said it was all his own problems. Because I saw the appearance of Bindi’s women’s dress that day, it was so beautiful, so if I only saw Bindi recently, I couldn’t stand it. Wen Xi was very happy when she heard it, but on the face she said she was a man, so she could describe her as beautiful. Feng Chengjun also talked about his fault and promised that he would never like Wen Xi. Wen Xi was not happy again. At this time, Feng Chengjun asked Wen Xi’s twin sister if she looked the same. Wen Xi said yes, Feng Chengjun said that Wen Xi could match herself with her sister, Wen Xi listened. Very happy, but fiercely scolded Feng Chengjun as an apprentice and ran out. After going out, they ran into Yu Lexuan and Lei Zexin. They asked Feng Chengjun what was wrong. Wen Xi said that he was sick and was paranoid.

At night, Mr. Li Hu patrolled and found Lin Bingshen sneaking at Feng Chengjun at the entrance of the bathhouse, grabbing him and taking him back to the trial hall. Lin Bingshen couldn’t help but torture all the tricks all at once, saying that Xuezhang Han Shengzhi asked him to follow Feng Chengjun, as if to investigate some books. On Han Shengzhi’s side, someone whispered that Wen Xi was watching the Grand Ceremony of the Kingdom of Cloud, and it seemed that the account book was with him. Han Shengzhi rushed over with people and asked Wen Xi to hand over things in the name of investigating the banned books. When Wen Xi was in a dilemma, Mr. Li Hu rushed over and said that he would solve it and let them go back.

At this time Lei Zexin also rushed over and took away Wen Xi’s question about the account book. Wen Xi handed it to Lei Zexin. Lei Zexin hurriedly took him to the chaifang, but Feng Chengjun followed them to the door. Wen Xi said that she had to investigate clearly before handing it over to Master Wang. Lei Zexin said that it was Feng Jichang who killed his brother and forced his father to sever the relationship with his brother, so now his brother is still a lonely soul. Wen Xi and Feng Chengjun were both surprised. It turned out that Lei Zexin targeted Feng Chengjun because of this.

Feng Chengjun skipped class the next day and went home to look for his father to play chess. During the chess game, he asked his father if he had taken bribes. His father said that he was indeed shameless in his officialdom for so long, but he did not bother to accept bribes. Feng Chengjun said that he believed in his father, but he could not persuade others, so his father said he would look for evidence to prove his innocence. Here Mr. Qin came to visit Mu Xiaoman several times, but was rejected by his sister. It happened that Mr. Qin came over again, and Mu Xiaoman met him. Mr. Qin handed in a grievance certificate, saying that he had a close friend with the surname Mu, but the family had been killed. He heard that the daughter of his close friend escaped by chance and wanted to get rid of Mu Xiaoman and help investigate. Mu Xiaoman is actually Mu Jiang’s daughter, but she cannot reveal her identity.

Mr. Ding found that Mr. Li Hu had no record before joining the official position, so he asked Dean Feng. Dean Feng said that Mr. Li Hu was an exceptionally talented person admitted by Master Wang, but he felt that he had no talent. Feng Chengjun approached Wen Xi and Lei Zexin and said that his father had not accepted bribes, but both were skeptical. Both believed that the other party was not objective enough and they separated. This Tianxi received a paper treaty from Mr. Ding. She was discussing the account book in the Three Temples. Lei Zexin wanted to follow it, but someone came to inform that Mr. Ding was looking for him. After Lei Zexin passed, Mr. Ding said that he did not call him. He realized that something was wrong and hurried out to find Wen Xi. Wen Xi went to the Three Gods Temple for an appointment, but found Shi Han Shengzhi walking out.

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