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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 26 Recap

Lei Zexin saw through Wen Xi’s identity, and the four successfully retrieved Ganoderma lucidum powder

Lei Zexin was pressing Wen Xi’s chest. Wen Xi still did not respond. Lei Zexin was about to give her artificial respiration. At this time, Wen Xi gradually recovered. Lei Zexin remembered all kinds of abnormal things, and realized that Wen Xi was a woman. Lei Zexin was a little at a loss, thinking that he touched his chest just now, his face was a little hot, and he quickly called Wen Xi to go back and join Feng Chengjun and the others. After meeting Leiqi Ying found a few pieces of old clothes to them, and the wind Xi Wen Cheng Jun want to follow to change clothes, Lei Zexin is stopped, the side of the Yule Xuan guess probably, also found Leize Xin Wen Xi’s true identity .

After the four of them returned to the school, everyone gathered around and greeted Wen Xi with concern. Lei Zexin watched everyone intimately holding Wen Xi’s hand, and quickly inserted them in the middle to separate them. The students talked about the matter this time. Everyone is usually bullied by Han Shengzhi and the head of the council. This time Han Shengzhi’s injustice to Wen Xi has already lost popular support, and everyone still wants to choose Wen Xi as a student, Wen Xi Quickly explained that it was just that she and Han Shengzhi had personal grievances, and Xuezhang was still very good at handling affairs. Who knew that Lin Bingshen, who was in the dark, heard this and told Han Shengzhi when he went back. After Han Shengzhi heard this, he was very angry. Ziming asked him to finish listening. Lin Bingshen said that Wen Xi felt that this was their personal grievance and could not be generalized. Both Han Shengxiong and Gu Ziming think Wen Xi is generous, but Han Shengzhi says Wen Xi is hypocritical. And they warned Han Shengxiong and Gu Ziming separately and told them to stand on the team. The future leader of the nobles must be him, Han Shengzhi.

In the evening, Mr. Ding came to Lei Zexin and said that he had investigated the whereabouts of all the gentlemen that day. Only Mr. Li Hu did not prove that he was in the school. Lei Zexin said that he had also suspected, but after testing, he found that Mr. Li Hu did not have martial arts, Mr. Ding. Said that he would continue to investigate. Here, Wen Xi escaped from death with emotion. She asked Feng Chengjun what he would do if he died today. Feng Chengjun didn’t want to answer. Wen Xi forced him to say that Feng Chengjun said he would take care of her mother and Sister’s life, Wen Xi was very happy to say that you will marry my sister. Feng Chengjun said he was thinking about it, and taking care of it is not marrying a wife. Feng Chengjun fell asleep at night, and Lei Zexin found out that Wen Xi was a girl, so there was no way to treat her like before. Wen Xi didn’t know it, and chatted with Lei Zexin, saying that he hoped he could cherish his relatives around him, and treat his father well in the future, and don’t regret it when he lost it.

The next day Feng Chengjun woke up and found that Lei Zexin was beside him, and Wen Xi was sleeping on the other side. Wen Xi was also surprised when she woke up, Lei Zexin said that she would sleep like this in the future. After that, Lei Zexin always guarded Wen Xi whenever he was, to isolate the space where he and Feng Chengjun were together, and said that he wanted to protect his junior at all times. Yu Lexuan told everyone that he had found out Gu Dachao’s identity. He was Miao Xiangdong’s uncle and Gu Ziming’s father, Gu Zheyuan’s uncle, and they suspected that the Ganoderma lucidum powder was in Gu Dachao’s house, which would be his birthday soon. People can find ways to get in and find clues. Having said this, Yu Lexuan left Lei Zexin alone to talk, asking him not to overprotect Wen Xi. Wen Xi has been disguised very well for so long. If Lei Zexin is deliberate, it will arouse others’ suspicion.

On Gu Dachao’s birthday night, Lei Zexin and Feng Chengjun went over the wall, Yu Lexuan entered from the main entrance as Yu’s shopkeeper, and Wen Xi met them at the door. Who knew that Gu Dachao and the others had prepared a Hongmen banquet. The reporter said that there was a small gangster in the backyard. Wen Xi hurried to report when he saw it. Yu Lexuan was unable to get out of his body by the people drinking. The officers and soldiers began to search the backyard, Lei Zexin greeted the enemy head-on, and Wen Xi changed into a female singer who had a birthday banquet, and pulled Feng Chengjun into a warehouse and hid in a cabinet.

This is when the officers and soldiers rushed in. Wen Xi said that she was changing clothes, and that she hadn’t seen anyone, so she was noisy to drag them to see the master. The officers and soldiers felt that the woman was crazy and met Gu Zheyuan on the way to retreat. Gu Zheyuan went back to investigate when he became suspicious. Here, Feng Chengjun and Wen Xi found the Ganoderma lucidum powder hidden in the box, and Wen Xi also found a ledger underneath. Feng Chengjun told Wen Xi to hide and went out with Lingzhi powder. At this time, Lei Zexin also came to help cover Feng Chengjun’s departure. Wen Xi, dressed as a singer, was about to escape, and just happened to hit Gu Dachao on the road. Yu Lexuan appeared, took his cloak, and drew away the people.

Wen Xi and Feng Chengjun both managed to escape, but Lei Zexin and Yu Lexuan were caught. Gu Dachao was ready to deal with them. At this time, Gu Zheyuan said that someone had run away with Ganoderma lucidum powder. Gu Dachao didn’t dare to act rashly and had to let them go.

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