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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 25 Recap

Four investigating the theft of Ganoderma lucidum powder, Wen Xi accidentally fell into the water on the way

The four returned to the dormitory, saying that Master Wang had given them the opportunity to prove their innocence, but if two days were too short, if they could not find evidence to prove Wen Xi’s innocence, Wen Xi would be expelled from the school. Lei Zexin determined that they were in charge of the council and they made the trick, but he rushed out to make trouble for them, and Yu Lexuan followed to watch the good show. And Han Shengzhi did not deceive this time, he thought it was Wen Xi’s Ganoderma lucidum powder, and he would definitely be expelled this time. Lei Zexin rushed over and grabbed Han Shengzhi by the collar and wanted to fight him. Shengxiong blocked him and said that he really wanted to be fired. Yu Lexuan rushed over to tell Lei Zexin not to make matters worse. The appearance of a man is really dying. Yu Lexuan took Lei Zexin away.

The next day, Wen Xi and Feng Chengjun put on the clothes of monitoring Yushi, ready to go to Yuleju to join them. On the way, Wen Xi said that Brother Feng looks so good in this dress, and Feng Chengjun couldn’t say that Brother Bin’s appearance. When he arrived at Yuleju, Lei Zexin said that he and Yulexuan checked all the pharmacies in South Street early in the morning, and there was no Ganoderma lucidum powder. At this time, Yu Lexuan returned with a bottle of Ganoderma lucidum powder, saying that he had bought it from the black market.

But everyone didn’t know how much Ganoderma lucidum powder was lost in the school, and the people in charge of the council also told Han Shengzhi that no one on the street was selling Ganoderma lucidum powder. Han Shengzhi was happy that Wen Xi and they could not find a clue. At this time, Lin Bingshen muttered that it was missing. The six bottles of Ganoderma lucidum powder would definitely be removed. Han Shengzhi asked him to know how many bottles he had lost. Only then did Lin Bingshen tell the truth. It turned out that Lin Bingshen’s parents were ill at the time, and Han Shengzhi stopped helping him again.

He wanted to go to Fuzetang to steal some medicines to sell when he had no money. When he went there that day, he found that the cabinet had been opened, leaving only a pack of Ganoderma lucidum powder. He took it back. Han Shengzhi asked him about the learning card. Lin Bingshen said that he suspected Wen Xi had stolen it. He went to Puershe and saw the learning card. He took it and threw it at the scene. But he knew the preciousness of Ganoderma lucidum powder and did not take it. To sell. Han Shengxiong listened to his anger and wanted to beat Lin Bingshen, but at this time he could only make the mistake. Han Shengzhi decided to let Wen Xi carry the black pot.

Yu Lexuan circled some vendors on the map, trying to catch them all at one go and avoid telling each other. But there are only four of them, and Feng Chengjun suggested to ask the magistrate for help. Feng Chengjun and Xue Wenxi arrived at the county office, but the county magistrate did not want to lend them troops, and said that he knew better than them in investigating the case. Feng Chengjun took out the Yunguo regulations and told him the responsibility of supervising Yushi.

The county magistrate heard this. A little hesitant, at this time, someone came to report, and the county magistrate said that a visitor had asked them to wait a while. It turned out that it was Han Shengzhi who came here and wanted to ask the county magistrate what clues about the theft of Yunshang School. The county magistrate said that his merits depended on Master Han. After returning, the county magistrate enthusiastically said that he would take the soldiers to arrest the vendors, and when they arrived at South Street, the officers and soldiers had taken all the vendors away. Feng Chengjun and Xue Wenxi were shocked, saying that they were oppressing the people, and the county magistrate said he was acting in accordance with the law.

After returning, several people were very disappointed, saying that they had seen the wrong person. At this time Lei Zexin said that he had found a suspicious person in the dark before, and he seemed to know what he had run away as soon as the officers and soldiers arrived. Lei Zexin drew the person’s appearance, and the four of them looked for whereabouts with the portrait. Finally, Wen Xi and the others found this person, named Amu, who was taking her younger siblings to worship her mother at the time, and was arrested by Lei Zexin when she tried to escape.

He admitted that he stole the medicinal materials because his mother was sick because the medicinal materials were too expensive and he could not afford the medicine. Now that he has passed away, he has no money to bury, so he can only steal things and buy a coffin. The four of them were all very sad. When they returned, Wen Xi decided to surrender to Master Wang and said that she had stolen it. She could not send Amu to jail to prove her innocence. His younger siblings were still waiting for him. But Feng Chengjun believed that the law should be enforced impartially, and the two broke up unhappy.

The three-day investigation was over. In the interrogation hall, Wen Xi said that the thief caught him. Han Shengzhi quickly said that he would be expelled from the school, and the other three were heavily punished. At this time, Feng Chengjun brought Amu over and said that the real thief was here. Amu also confessed his crime. Wang Shi asked him why he was willing to lead himself.

Amu said that because they regarded him as a living person, they were even willing to pay for his official career to protect him. He should be an example and let his younger brothers and sisters be upright. . Han Shengzhi also said that Wen Xi should be punished for deceiving the teacher. Master Wang said that he would fine the four of them to find the whereabouts of the Ganoderma lucidum powder. As for Han Shengzhi wronged Wen Xi, twenty character points were deducted. Han Shengzhi was very angry, but he was helpless.

The four continued to investigate, and learned through Amu that there was a cargo merchant named Miao Xiangdong who was hoarding a large amount of supplies to drive up prices. Lei Zexin and Wen Xi went to his warehouse to investigate, while Feng Chengjun and Yu Lexuan contacted the officers and soldiers. At this time, Lei Zexin and the others exposed their traces. Wen Xi ran into Gu Dachao on the way. When he was chased by a thug, he fell into the water accidentally. Lei Zexin beat other people and rushed to rescue him in time. Xue Wenxi was unconscious at this time, Lei Zexin began to press his chest, preparing to blow up for him to treat.

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