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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 24 Recap

Just after taking off his coat, Wen Xi heard something in the courtyard. Mr. Ding brought the medicine box and wanted to come over to heal Lei Zexin . At this time, the patrolling teacher found Xue Wenxi and told him not to bathe in the courtyard. Mr. Ding handed Wenxi Xi Key asked him to take a bath in Mingluntang. Lei Zexin asked if it was a note that Mr. Ding gave him, with the names of Ke Shijun and Qin Beichuan written on it. Mr. Ding said that he did not give it, which means that other people in the school knew the identity of Lei Zexin. Lei Zexin said that he was the teacher of the school, because he saw Mr. You’s sign at the beginning. Mr. Ding said that only Mr. Liu would be the master of martial arts in the school. Lei Zexin said that he could not be his own master. Mr. Ding asked him to study with peace of mind, and investigate the matter of the masked person himself.

Xue Wenxi was jealous when she saw Feng Chengjun and Han Shumin holding umbrellas together. When she went back, she met Feng Ge and kept talking about his relationship with Han Shumin. Feng Chengjun said that he would not consider the matter of men and women before he became an official. Xue Wenxi said that he would lay a foundation for his relationship first. Feng Chengjun has always been very happy, and Xue Wenxi said that he was so happy to meet good people. After returning, Feng Chengjun said that he had performed a show for everyone today. Everyone was very happy and wanted to come back to show Brother Bin and then sang the nursery rhyme. Wen Xi was very moved. It turned out that Feng Chengjun was so happy because he wanted to share the happiness with him.

Mr. Ding found Xue Wenxi again and said that after thinking about it for a long time, he decided to drive him away. Wen Xi asked her why he had turned against him. It turned out that Master Wang highly regarded Wenxi and wanted to investigate his life experience. This time he went home to visit relatives. Don’t come back if you tell Xue Wenxi to go back, Wen Xi left sadly. When I met Yu Lexuan and Feng Chengjun on the road , Feng Ge said that Yu Lexuan wanted to ask him for a few words. Wen Xi said that he was fooled, and Yu Lexuan must be selling it for money. When I went back and found Lei Zexin reading a book, everyone was surprised. Lei Zexin said why he can’t read a book.

He challenged Feng Chengjun, Wen Xi asked what he challenged, and Yu Lexuan said what else could he drink, Lei Zexin said that he won the game and he should celebrate letting Yu Lexuan arrange. On the way, Feng Chengjun’s people saw the officers and soldiers taking a group of people and driving them away fiercely. Feng Chengjun asked why, and the officers and soldiers said they owed money and did not pay them back. When they arrived at the tavern, the atmosphere was wrong, and Feng Chengjun said that they must change the status quo in the future. Yu Lexuan was sullen and said that none of her goods were sold this year, because the harvest was not good this year and the people didn’t have the money to buy the goods for the New Year. In the middle of the night, Xue Wenxi sneaked into Fuze Hall.

When the day came to go home to visit relatives, Feng Chengjun got up and found that Xue Wenxi was not there. When he came out, he saw Wen Xi coming out of Fuzetang holding a lot of medicinal materials. Wen Xi said that she had registered the medicinal materials for fear that there would be too many people after dawn. Feng Chengjun, Lei Zexin, and Yu Lexuan all gave the medicinal materials to Wen Xi, and Lei Zexin said that if he couldn’t get it all, he would take his own. Han Shengzhi brought the people in charge of the council to apologize to Wen Xi, and also brought a bunch of things, saying it was a gift for Shang Fangsheng, but they looked down on it and gave it to Xue Wenxi. Lei Zexin told Han Shengzhi not to deceive people too much. Xue Wenxi stopped the senior and said thank you for learning the palm. Xue Wenxi asked Yu Lexuan to help them move the things back to the room and asked them if they felt humble. In fact, these things can help many poor people, and the extra medicinal materials can also treat people in Western District.

The four of them brought medicinal materials to the West District to present medicinal materials. Everyone called them the Four Masters of Yunshang. This incident spread to Master Wang. Master Wang praised Dean Feng for his well-informed teaching and allowed him to stick to his faith and carry forward the spirit of Yunshang. After dividing the medicinal materials for the West, the four of them are about to be separated. Feng Chengjun said to send Xue Wenxi back, and Wen Xi said that they should hurry back to accompany the family, and urged each of them to mature a little bit, turn around and leave. Can’t go back to school. After returning home, Wenbin said that her sister worked hard to pretend to be boys every day, and Wen Xi said that she was used to it, and that eating well was the portion of boys.

At this time, her mother took the prepared clothes and handed them to Wen Xi. Wen Xi felt sorry for her mother’s hard work and it must be very expensive. She asked her to sell it. Her mother said that he would wear it without wearing it. Wen Xi laughed at her mother’s obsession. He had to lose money, so his younger brother asked Wen Xi to change clothes quickly. Wen Xi returned to the room and changed into her daughter’s costume, which amazed her mother and younger brother. After the meal, Wen Xi told Wen Bin the story of the school.

As soon as the picture turned, the people persuaded Yu Lexuan to go back. Yu Lexuan said that he was busy with business, so he would take out a gift from the cabinet and let the next person take it back. When Lei Zexin returned home, Lei Qiying asked him to eat. She said that she would go back to the room after eating. Wen Bin said that Feng Chengjun should be the one who has the best relationship with her in the school. Wen Xi didn’t respond and just smiled intently. Here, Feng Chengjun couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and saw Wen Xi’s shadow and couldn’t get up to read a book.

The next day Dean Feng approached Han Shengzhi and asked him where the Ganoderma lucidum powder that was tribute to the court was placed. Han Shengzhi said that it was in the cabinet, but the lock was lifted and the Ganoderma powder disappeared. The husband found Xue Wenxi’s learning card on the ground. Mr. Ding rushed over to find Xue Wenxi and asked him to change back to the men’s clothing and return to the school. On the road, I told Wen Xi that he saw his school card in Fuzetang, and the Ganoderma lucidum powder parts are available, and the school staff may have a big deal if they find it.

When he arrived at the school, Han Shengzhi said that he had evidence. Some people saw that Xue Wenxi entered the Fuzetang in the middle of the night and his school card appeared in front of the cabinet where the Lingzhi powder was placed. Xue Wenxi said that he was framed, and Dean Feng said that he could go to Wenxi’s house to check it out. Wen Xi said no, saying that he had sold the medicinal materials and left it alone. At this time, Master Wang came over and asked him how much money he had exchanged. Wen Xi said that she didn’t even know what the Ganoderma lucidum powder looked like because she was afraid that her mother would be worried if they would search.

Wen Bin said that Feng Chengjun had the best relationship with her sister . Dean Feng asked Han Shengzhi where the Ganoderma lucidum powder was prepared. Han Shengzhi opened the medicine cabinet and found that it was gone. Ding Ruoyang came to Xue Wenxi and asked Xue Wenxi to change into men’s clothing and return to school. Xue Wenxi asked what had happened, Ding Ruoyang said that he would talk about it on the road, telling Xue Wenxi that someone had stolen the Ganoderma lucidum powder and found Xue Wenxi’s learning card. He might suspect her.

Dean Feng asked why Xue Wenxi’s learning card appeared in the place where the Lingzhi powder was lost. Lei Zexin said Xue Wenxi must have been framed. Xue Wenxi said that she did not take Ganoderma lucidum powder. Han Shengzhi said that they had evidence. Ziming said that Xue Wenxi had been to Fuzetang in the middle of the night, and Feng Chengjun was at the door. Feng Chengjun said that he believed in Xue Wenxi, and that all the medicinal materials in Xue Wenxi’s hand had been registered. Dean Feng asked Xue Wenxi where the medicinal materials were, and Xue Wenxi said she took it home. Dean Feng said he could go to Xue Wenxi’s house to check. Xue Wenxi was afraid that his family members would say that he had sold the medicinal materials, so he let it go. Master Wang appeared and asked Xue Wenxi how much money he had exchanged for the tribute. Xue Wenxi said that she didn’t know what Ganoderma lucidum looked like, because she was afraid that searching the family would hurt her mother. The Master Wang asked Han Shengzhi what he was going to do, and Han Shengzhi said it was left to the government office. Master Wang said that Zhang Yun’s attendance to the school would be tainted, and then asked Zhang Yuan and Wen Xi to search separately to find out the truth.

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