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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 23 Recap

In the end, Yu Lexuan scored 9 points and won a round, and now it is a draw. Master Wang said that Han Shengxiong and Yu Lexuan can be included in the team. Han Zhengliang said that if Feng Chengjun can be included in the team, it would be better. Master Wang said that the game should be evenly matched. In the third group, Gu Ziming lost his hand and only scored 6 points. Dean Feng could not say that Feng Chengjun’s team won. However, although Lei Zexin was very accurate, he was not strong enough. He hit the bullseye but did not stay on the target. , Now the score is two to one.

Lin Bingshen said that they must have won, but only scored 5 points in the fourth round. Han Zhengliang said how can such a person be admitted into the team. Lu Zhaorong finally scored 6 points and is now two to two. In the crucial final game, everyone thought that Han Shengzhi would win, and the students felt that Wen Xi could not win, but Mo Xiaohuan said that no one was allowed to say that Wen Xi was bad, and he would fight whoever said he was. Han Shengzhi said that just let Wen Xi fight to clear the target. Here, Mu Xiaoman sneaked into the game and was discovered by Han Zhengliang. He told Mu Xiaoman to leave quickly, but Mu Xiaoman refused to leave.

Han Zhengliang asked Gu Zheyuan to take her. Driven away, this scene happened to be seen by Han Shengzhi. When he was distracted, the arrow had already shot out, and the final score was only 6 points. When Wen Xi was about to shoot, his palm was scratched by the bow and arrow. Feng Chengjun noticed that he was holding the problematic bow. She was about to go to Master Wang to report, but was stopped by Mr. Ding and told him about the danger of this move. The whole school, Master Wang also found out and asked what was going on. Wen Xi said that there was no problem, and finally got an excellent score of 10. Feng Chengjun’s team won three to two. Xue Wenxi told Mr. Ding she did it, and Mr. Ding told him to be cautious in the future.

After the game, Feng Chengjun’s team accepted Master Wang’s praise. Master Wang asked about Wen Xi’s injury. Wen Xi said that he had an old injury. Now he is all right. Dean Feng said he would give them a reward of 1,000 yuan each. Wen Xi was very happy. On Han Zhengliang’s side, he was teaching Han Shengzhi severely, so that next time if something like this happened, he would never be an official and be a king of children for the rest of his life.

Lei Zexin returned to the courtyard and fell weakly to the ground to treat the wound. Master Wang asked Mr. Ding why Lei Zexin did this, and Mr. Ding said it was probably for his brother Lei Zexun. Master Wang said that he should now learn from Feng Chengjun Xue Wenxi and prepare to go to an official position in peace of mind, and asked about Xue Wenxi’s life experience. Mr. Ding said he had not found out yet. Feng Chengjun was helping Xue Wenxi treat the wound, but Wen Xi was immersed in the joy of winning and did not feel pain. After Feng Chengjun interrupted him, he suddenly felt the wound hurt.

Lin Bingshen went to the head of the council and apologized to Han Shengzhi, saying that he had done tricks on the bow. Han Shengzhi said that he had disappointed them because of his abnormal performance, and let Lin Bingshen leave the head of the council. Yu Lexuan wanted to invite Xue Wenxi’s team to drink to celebrate their championship. Xue Wenxi asked if Mu Xiaoman was performing today, and Yu Lexuan said that Mu Xiaoman was driven away by Han Zhengliang. Xue Wenxi said that she could not drink with a hand injury. Feng Chengjun said that he had to take care of her, but Zhaorong said that one of them should not go, and the other one must go. Wen Xi also persuaded Feng Chengjun to go.

In the evening, Wen Xi came to Mu Xiaoman to apologize to Mu Xiaoman, saying that she was humiliated by Han Zhengliang because she invited him over. Mu Xiaoman said that her identity was inherently humble. Xue Wenxi told her that all people are created equal, and there is no distinction between high and low. Xiao Man said that it would be nice if everyone in the school could have this idea. In the tavern, Feng Chengjun just took a sip of wine. Yu Lexuan said that this would not work, and the shopkeeper suggested that Feng Chengjun would give everyone a show if he didn’t drink. Feng Chengjun said that he didn’t know what to do, and the shopkeeper of Chao took out the prepared nursery rhymes and handed it to him, asking him to sing a nursery rhyme for everyone.

After everyone sang the nursery rhymes together, Han Shumin suddenly appeared and said that he wanted to play the piano for everyone. Xue Wenxi suddenly started to rain heavily on the way back. While hiding under the eaves, she saw Feng Chengjun holding an umbrella and Han Shumin standing beside her. Xue Wenxi returned to the school angrily, and met Lin Bingshen drunk to make trouble, saying that he could do miracles by hurting his hand. Then Wen Xi knew that it was his hands and feet. Wen Xi said he was really mean. Lin Bingshen overthrew Wen Xi angrily and said that he wanted to teach him. At this time, Ziming and Shengxiong stopped him. Wen Xi told Lin Bingshen that in order to gain the respect of others, he must first learn to respect others, and then left.

At night Lei Zexin lay in the courtyard to rest, and suddenly heard someone coming in. It turned out that Wen Xi hid in the courtyard to take a bath.

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