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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 22 Recap

Wen Xi got full marks in the preliminary contest and competed with Han Shengzhi for the championship

Here, it was Lin Bingshen’s turn for the first group of the game. Xiaoqin said that Han Shumin should not wait. There is no hope. Han Shumin said that he would wait until the last minute. Lin Bingshen’s results were not very good. Master Wang told Han Zhengliang that his team can accept this kind of talent, which is also very large, and Han Zhengliang laughed and said nothing. Master Wang asked if Wen Xi was the next group. Dean Feng said yes, Master Wang said that he was looking forward to them. At this time, Gu Zheyuan told Han Zhengliang that Mr. Xuetang was suspicious of him and could no longer investigate, but secretly arranged for someone to block the exit. Han Shengzhi and the others left the arena, mocking Wen Xi for not looking for such teammates next time.

At this time, Lei Zexin rushed over and said that he could only make up the number today. Wen Xi said that he had to win the championship and make up for him. Wen Xi’s team officially entered the arena, and several people accepted the instruction of Master Wang and started the game. Gu Zheyuan said that Lei Zexin was that person, as long as he draws the bow, flaws will be leaked. Feng Chengjun got full marks. When it was Lei Zexin’s turn, he got zero points for the first time. Master Wang said that maybe it was a mistake. Han Zhengliang said that although there were no points, he still had strength. Gu Zheyuan said, adults, let’s take a look. Back.

For the second arrow, Lei Zexin resisted the pain and scored 9 points. Master Wang praised Lei Qiying that Ling Lang was very good, and Han Zhengliang said that his body was seriously injured by 9 points. Gu Zheyuan said to look at the third arrow. At the third arrow, Lei Zexin directly broke the bowstring, Han Zhengliang asked Gu Zheyuan to check the wound quickly, Lei Zexin fell to the ground. Gu Zheyuan was about to touch his waist, was blocked by him and stood up, saying that the quality of the bow was not good, so Wen Xi took another bow, and the last arrow hit 10 points. Everyone was very pleased. Gu Zheyuan said that he might have made a mistake.

At this time, Mu Xiaoman arrived at the Yunshang Academy, but was stopped at the door, saying that today the Master Wang is here and no one else can enter. Xiaoman’s two younger sisters were very angry, and Xiaoman said that the guard should inform Yu Lexuan . The boss of Chao said that Lu Zhaorong performed well and scored 28 points. Shu Min said they still have hope. Xiaoqin calculated the scores. Even if Wen Xi and Wei Chaohui are both full marks, they are one point behind Han Shengzhi’s team.

At this time, the boss of Chao said that this is only the preliminary round, and there will be two teams competing for the championship, so everyone can rest assured. Here Lin Bingshen said that Wei Chaohui could not get full marks, so he heard the news that Wei Chaohui had full marks. Han Shengzhi said that as long as Wen Xi is also full score, they can justifiably compete for full score. Master Wang said Wen Xi seemed to be a novice, and Dean Feng said Wen Xi would satisfy him. Xue Wenxi finally got full marks, and everyone was very happy. Wen Xi’s mother heard the news in the tavern, feeling how much her child suffered.

After the preliminary round, Xue Wenxi found that Lei Zexin had a fever, no wonder he did not play well, Lei Zexin said he could persist. Feng Chengjun asked Lei Zexin to visit Fuzetang, and Lei Zexin said he didn’t need his care. The teachers also came to encourage everyone. Mr. Liu said that Wen Xi had played well and should continue to be maintained, and Li Hu said that they had a great chance of entering the finals based on their previous scores. Mr. Liu asked Lei Zexin what happened today. Wen Xi said he had a fever, and Mr. Ding called him aside. Everyone went back to rest. At this time, Mu Xiaoman came over, and everyone was making fun of the two. Han Shengzhi also came over to greet Xiao Man, and specifically said that they would definitely win the championship.

The people in charge of the council also said that they would definitely win Wen Xi, Xiao Man said that Xi Wu is firstly hardworking and secondly talented, so let them not take it lightly. At this time, the teacher came to ask how Mu Xiaoman came in, Han Shengzhi quickly said that at this time, the head of the council invited Ms. Mu to perform on a voluntary basis. He had already talked to Dean Feng. I hope that the teacher will let her stay and watch the big shooting ceremony. There is no problem with the long agreement. Yu Lexuan said that Han Shengzhi had prepared excellent food and tea for Mu Xiaoman, and invited him to come and watch it, and Xiaoman invited Wen Xi to go for a walk. Mu Xiaoman talked about writing to Wen Xi after being drunk last time, but Wen Xi said that he had not received it. The husband told Lei Zexin that he should not be like this, and that he must be ambitious for Yun to go to school.

Han Zhengliang said that it seems that the man in black is not a student of the school this time, so he won’t be in conflict with Master Wang. After the preliminary round, Han Shengzhi and Xue Wenxi’s team advanced to the final. The final is a random draw to match opponents, and the person with more winning groups wins. The first group is Feng Chengjun against Han Shengxiong, the second group is Yu Lexuan against Wei Chaohui, the third group is Gu Ziming against Lei Zexin, the fourth group is Lin Bingshen against Lu Zhaorong, and finally Han Shengzhi against Xue Wenxi. Lei Zexin persuaded Feng Chengjun to switch to a right-handed match, but Feng Chengjun refused and promised Wen Xi that he could win. In the first set of matches, Han Shengxiong scored 9 points, and Feng Chengjun hit the bullseye with 10 points to win by one point. In the second group, Wei Zhaohui scored 8 points, and it was Yu Lexuan’s turn, and the arrow was ready to go.

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