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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 21 Recap

The students were all complimenting Han Shumin for the delicious food, and Zifeng said that Miss Han was also very beautiful. Han Shengzhi said that this was unnecessary. He was the strongest in the cloud. Han Shumin said that he should not disappoint his father. Even if his personal strength is very strong, if he does not treat others sincerely, no one can respect him. Han Shumin said that she was so inexperienced and could only help. Han Shengzhi said that the matter was finished, and asked Han Shumin not to stay in the school to avoid gossip. In the evening, Lin Bingshen was drinking boring wine alone, and the person in charge of the council came over.

Bingshen asked whether Wen Xi had taken the miracle medicine and made such a great improvement. The person in charge of the council said that he should practice more instead of drinking here. Lin Bingshen said that he would not lose, and the person in charge of the council pulled him into the water to make him sober. Here Wen Xi was waiting for Lei Zexin outside the dormitory, saying that he would not be back so late, and Feng Chengjun said that he might be drinking alone. Lei Zexin came to Lincun’s sticker and was surrounded by a group of people. The men in black attacked Lei Zexin together. Master Gu stabbed Lei Zexin and was about to take off his mask. A man in black held Gu. Your lord, let Lei Zexin escape quickly.

In the dorm, Wen Xi and Lei Zexin fell asleep, and Feng Chengjun covered him with a quilt. Lei Zexin was walking on the eaves and was chased by Xu Commander. At this time, the left supervisor appeared and told them to retreat, and Yunshang Academy could not trespass. Xu Tong led people to prepare to retreat, and Master Gu brought people over again. Zuo Duwei said that Yunshang School could not trespass, which was a felony, and as a result, Mr. Gu and Mr. Xu walked in. Master Gu saw a faint figure in the woods, and when he was about to check it out, Mr. Liu brought people over, saying that this was Yunshang School and could not disturb the students to rest.

Master Gu said that he made mistakes for the purpose of apprehension, and he will tell Master Han tomorrow. Please sin, and let the sword swing far away, but the result was just a black cloak, and the two left silently. . Lei Zexin fell off the eaves and met Mr. Ding and the dean on patrol. He lied that he was drunk. The dean warned him that he would not deduct 1,000 character points for the championship tomorrow. Lei Zexin went to the courtyard weakly and wanted to heal his injuries, but the injuries were too serious and said that he was going to break his promise to the junior. Mr. Ding rushed to the miscellaneous hospital with medicine to treat Lei Zexin’s injuries, saying that he was injured so badly that Lei Zexin would definitely be affected by his big shot tomorrow.

Master Gu went back and told Han Zhengliang that there were two men in black last night. Xu Commander said that the 4D writing should be one person without a helper, and the two men in black are not related. Master Gu said that the man in black had entered the Yunshang School, and he could not continue the investigation. Han Shengzhi said that today’s big shooting ceremony is a good opportunity to find out who the man in black is. When the time comes, all the cousins draw the bow, and flaws will definitely be leaked. Xue Wenxi and his teammates saw Lei Zexin for a long time and blamed themselves for causing everyone to lose their qualifications. Feng Chengjun comforted Xue Wenxi to win or lose.

Here, Lin Bingshen rushed over excitedly to tell Han Shengzhi that Lei Zexin was missing. Han Shengzhi said that this was the last result he wanted to see, and warned Lin Bingshen that no mistakes were allowed today. Yu Lexuan ran in to find Mr. Liu if he saw Lei Zexin on the night patrol last night. He said he was missing. After overhearing, the dean said that he saw Lei Zexin drinking in the courtyard yesterday. Yu Lexuan said he would immediately Go find someone.

Han Zhengliang took a group of people to go to the Yunshang School to secretly search for the people in black, and even solve them on the spot if necessary. They greeted Master Wang at the door and said they wanted to go to watch the big shooting ceremony together, Master Wang agreed. Here, Wen Xi and the four are still waiting for Lei Zexin to appear. They decided to go directly to the stadium and wait. Yu Lexuan said that Lei Zexin still did not appear. If Wang Shi has not been there, Mu Xiaoman’s performance is probably no way. While Xiao Man was writing some letter, the sisters came in and said that he was ready to set off. Master Wang heard that Dean Feng praised Xue Wenxi and Feng Chengjun, thinking that they were both talents and looking forward to their performance today. Master Gu called his son Ziming and asked him to find all those who did not return to bed last night. After checking everyone, they found that there was no problem. Only one missing Lei Zexin was left. Master Han said that he must be found. Sending people to search the courtyard, Lei Zexin woke up at this time, and Han Shengzhi started the game with three points and performed well. Master Han sent people to the courtyard. They opened the door where Lei Zexin was hiding. Lei Zexin went out the window and was caught by the crowd. Master Han said he wanted to check in person for any wounds. Mr. Liu and Mr. Ding came over. , Do not let them check, let him not delay others to decrypt. Afterwards, Lei Zexin knelt down and told Mr. Ding that there was something more important than his own life, hoping that Ding would become him first.

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