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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 20 Recap

Following the last episode, Mr. Ding heard Xue Wenxi say that he did not want to leave, and asked him why. Wenxi said that he was Wenbin. Wenbin everyone knew was him. He wanted his husband to give him a chance, and his husband asked him to take a big shot. To the championship, otherwise he will still be expelled from the school.

Yule Xuan let Lei Zexin teach school shooting Wen Xi, a new Fraser said that he would go home. Han Shengzhi and the people in charge of the council came back to mock Wen Xi and their training, saying they would come and see them for themselves. Zhao Rong’s results after archery were not very good, but he said he was better than Lin’s disease, and Han Shengzhi asked Wen Xi to try too. Wen Xi tried very hard to draw the bow and shoot the arrow, but still did not reach the target. Feng Chengjun comforted Xue Wenxi to let him practice more. Han Shengzhi said that they will win or lose when they come to the competition. Those who lose have to bow their heads to the winner and admit their mistakes. Wenxi and the others agreed, and Han Shengzhi said that he would definitely destroy their arrogance.

Here Mr. Qin asked Han Shumin what he wanted to learn, and Shumin said that he wanted to have an independent character. Mr. Qin began to explain to her what independent character is, and the most important thing is to persevere if you know something. Xue Wenxi and Feng Chengjun practice archery hard every day. Lei Zexin didn’t tell his father when he returned home, and he still followed his father secretly. On this day, he sneaked into his father’s room, looking for something, when he suddenly heard someone coming in and turned the window to hide outside. It turned out that it was Mr. Ding who came to his father and wanted to ask him about the whereabouts of Xue Dingkun’s family back then. Lei Qiying said that he was destroyed by Master Feng’s instructions, but Master Feng himself later refused to admit it. Mr. Ding asked him that Master Feng did not give the order directly. Lei Qiying guessed that Han Zhengliang asked Yu Linwei to do it.

Mr. Ding asked Lei Qiying hadn’t investigated this matter. After all, his own son also This thing is dead. Lei Qiying said that this must have been done by the nobles. Mr. Ding asked if he had spared the Xue Dingkun family back then, and asked if it was the letter he had reported to Qin Beichuan that year. Lei Qiying said that Mu Jiang did it. Ding The husband said that he and Xue Dingkun were also teachers and friends, thanked him for letting go, and left. Hearing this, Lei Zexin wrote a grievance statement overnight and sent it to various places in the city. He also shot a few arrows to Mu Xiaoman and Qin Beichuan. When Mu Xiaoman saw the note, he cried and said that someone has finally redressed your grievances. Here Han Zhengliang anxiously ordered his subordinates to quickly find out who did it.

Wen Xi was already able to shoot arrows on the target, and was very happy to invite Lei Zexin to join their team. Lei Zexin said that he would never be with Feng Chengjun. Feng Chengjun stopped him and asked what he was sorry for him. This was a good opportunity to be an official. Lei Zexin said that not everyone wanted to be an official like him. Yu Lexuan said that he had deducted a lot of character points. This time it was a good chance to get 100 character points. Lei Zexin pushed him away, but Yu Lexuan fell to the ground. Lei Zexin went to see his brother alone and said that he had misunderstood Feng Chengjun, but he was really not good.

Feeling sad, he returned to the dormitory, looked at the wound on Wen Xi’s hand, and gently bandaged the wound for him. In the cafeteria the next day, Han Shengzhi came to find fault and asked them if they had formed a good team. Don’t even get into the preliminary round. At this time, Lei Zexin came to join them. Yu Lexuan was very happy to say that he was finally resuscitated. Lei Zexin asked how Yu Lexuan was injured. Yu Lexuan said that there was no problem. Lei Zexin asked everyone to eat and practice quickly.

Li Hu told the teachers that Lei Zexin had joined Xue Wenxi’s team. Dean Feng said that Han Shengzhi and Feng Chengjun were evenly matched, and the champion really didn’t know who it was. Mr. Ding asked Liu Qianyi and Lei Zexin how to shoot an arrow. Mr. Liu said that no one in the school can match it. Dean Feng was worried that Lei Zexin would really help Feng Chengjun, and he would still make trouble. Xue Wenxi was practicing archery, but still couldn’t score 10 points. Lei Zexin said that he had too many distracted thoughts and always wanted to win, so that he could only feel the thrill of archery. Lei Zexin told Zhaorong to let him go back and rest, and that he can play normally tomorrow. But Zhaohui’s psychological quality was not good, and he was afraid that he would be too nervous in front of the master tomorrow. Lei Zexin thought about it and wanted him to worship the sage Kong, and pulled everyone to kneel together.

Han Zhengliang was worried about whether Master Wang went for Feng Chengjun this time. He was afraid that his son’s position as the head of school would be taken away. At this time, Han Shumin walked over with a book and said not to worry. Feng Chengjun was concerned about these things. Not interested, but his brother doesn’t understand the world at all. Lin Bingshen’s archery skills are very poor, Han Shengzhi asked him to quickly improve his score, and he must win the championship. Han Shumin brought food to treat everyone, Lei Zexin took Wen Xi away and said that Han Shengzhi’s things must not be eaten. Just as Feng Chengjun wanted to follow, Han Shumin handed him a piece of food alone. .

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