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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 19 Recap

Wen Xi’s identity is known and Feng Chengjun injured his right hand

Dean Feng said that Feng Chengjun was inside and he couldn’t be punished, but Li Hu still executed the decision. Wen Xi endured smack here, there Leize Xin silent, wind Cheng Jun with him endure punishment, Yule Xuan Aoao call out to the side of it, after the end of the third ten boards, Lei Zexin also need to accept the hand , He asked Wen Xi if it was painful, and started howling after getting affirmation. After being punished, everyone helped each other back to the dormitory. All three of them were lying on the bed. Wen Xi took the medicine.

As a result, she couldn’t take medicine for them because of her status as a woman. Let him come. After recovering from the injury, Wen Xi prepared washing for the two people in the same dormitory, served meals for the three, and took good care of them. After a certain Tianwenxi washed her clothes and dried them, it suddenly rained and Wenxi took the clothes from the rain. As a result, she contracted the wind and cold. In Mr. Ding’s class, Wen Xi fell asleep, and everyone helped him to Fuze Hall. Mr. Ding said he was treating him personally.

Xue Wenxi woke up from her sleep and said to thank Mr. Ding for his help. Mr. Ding asked him why he was disguised as a man and mixed into the school. Wen Xi refused to admit it at first, but Mr. Ding said that he knew it. Wen Xi knelt down and asked Mr. Ding not to report, saying that he was actually Wen Xi and had a younger brother named Wen Bin. , Told Mr. Ding the reason for coming to the school. Mr. Ding said to let Wen Xi be careful and find an opportunity to expel him from the school. Wen Xi returned to the dormitory in despair, Lei Zexin and Feng Chengjun were concerned about his illness. Yu Lexuan found Mr. Ding and tested whether he knew something.

Mr. Ding asked him not to know what he shouldn’t ask, and handed him the wind-cold medicine for Wen Xi. Here Wenbin saw that his mother was still working, and asked him to rest early. His mother said that she wanted Wen Xi to wear beautiful clothes when she returned. That night, Feng Chengjun worried about Wen Xi, Wen Xi thought about his identity, Lei Zexin thought about his father, why did Mr. Ding, who Yu Le think about, didn’t expose it. All four were insomnia overnight.

The next day, Dean Feng excitedly told everyone that Master Wang was presiding over this big shooting ceremony. Dean Feng was stunned when he saw Mr. Ding and asked him what’s wrong. Mr. Ding said that he was thinking about letting the students perform well this time. Mr. Ding called Wen Xi, handed him a medical diagnosis, and persuaded Wen Xi to go to the dean for suspension of school. The Supreme Council posted a big shot ceremony notice, and the champion can get one hundred character points each, plus one thousand dollars as a reward.

Feng Chengjun invited Wen Xi to join, but Xue Wenxi refused because she didn’t understand. Zhaohui and Zhaorong also came to team up. Xuezhang told Han Shengzhi that Zhaohui had joined Feng Chengjun’s team, and Han Shengzhi said that it didn’t matter that the outcome was undecided. Wen Xi didn’t practice well, and told Feng Chengjun that he wanted to give up. Feng Chengjun still persuaded him to continue practicing. Lei Zexin said that Feng Chengjun should not force him. Feng Chengjun asked Wen Xi that he really wanted to give up. Yeah, Wen Xi still turned and left. Feng Chengjun chased after him. At this time, he pushed a hand to the shelf in the dark, wounding Feng Chengjun. The injury of Feng Chengjun’s right hand had an impact on the shooting ceremony. Lin Bingshen told Han Shengzhi that Feng Chengjun was injured, and Han Shengzhi said they had won.

Feng Chengjun said to Wen Xi that he had to practice with his left hand now, and he had no strength in his left hand just like him. Wen Xi said that some things must be miracles to be possible. Feng Chengjun kept contacting the strength of his left hand every day, and finally he was able to draw the bow, hitting a very bullseye. Zhaorong pulled Wen Xi to witness this scene and told him that Feng Chengjun had succeeded. Feng Chengjun said that his efforts could get what he wanted. Lei Zexin made Wen Xi’s efforts to look down upon people with admiration. Xue Wenxi found Mr. Ding and said that he would not quit school, and that he would be stronger and better than a man. Mr. Ding said that unless he could win the championship this time, he would still be expelled from the school after the ceremony.

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