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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 4 Recap

Xiao Ziming bought many lanterns of various styles for Xiao Songlan, and took her to eat sweet water. Xiao Songlan asked for two bowls of sugar water. Xiao Ziming apologized to Xiao Songlan because of his father’s affairs, saying that his father was not good and she suffered. Komatsu Lan said that he had forgotten this matter a long time ago, so he should not take it to heart. Xiao Ziming asked him about the marriage contract between them, and Komatsu Lan said that he didn’t know he liked Master Yao Wang.

Xiao Ziming asked her, would she be happy to marry Lord Wang? Will you regret it? Komatsu Lan said that he could not. Xiao Ziming saw that he really liked Master Yao Wang and told him that he was willing to let go and fulfill him and Master Yao Wang. Komatsu Lan asked him if he would be very sad and angry. Xiao Ziming was handsome and charming, suave, and there were too many people in Daxing City who wanted to marry him. I will not be sad or angry, but I will just be a little bit disappointed. Then he asked Xiao Songlan if they were still friends? Komatsu Lan seriously said that they can’t be a couple, but they can be best friends.

At this moment, Chu Zhimo also found Xiao Song Lan with his emptiness, and Xiao Ziming left when he saw him coming. Then he told Master Yaowang that he would give him Komatsulan and let him take care of it. Chu Zhimo saw the close behavior between Xiao Songlan and Xiao Ziming, and became jealous again. He took Xiao Song Lan to set the lanterns, burned all the lanterns Xiao Ziming gave her, and then took Xiao Song Lan to buy a variety of new lanterns and let him put them away.

Then the four of them wandered in front of the brothel again, Xiao Songlan heard that there was a place to drink wine. After a while, isn’t it a wine made from flowers, want to go in and try it? Lu Luo hurriedly stopped him and said that this place was not something they could go to. Chu Zhimo saw that she was very interested in this place, and asked Lu Luo to go back and tell Master Jiang that after the Lantern Festival, he would send Xiao Song Lan back to the house. Then brought Xiao Songlan into the brothel.

The two entered the brothel, asked for a private room, and pushed away the fat and thin beauties with Yanhuan sent by the old bustard. A woman named Xiaoyan in the room played a sincere ballad, and Komatsu Lan found it very nice. Xiao Yan told them that he was also living an ordinary life with her husband happily. Who knew that Young Master Yu Wenling of the Scarlet Fire Clan practiced sorcery and needed people to sacrifice. There was no way for him to fall to this place. Xiao Songlan drank it. The unique ginger wine tea in the brothel suddenly became hot. Chu Zhimo took him out and threw him into the river to calm him down, Xiao Song Lan He woke up and asked Chu Zhimo how he was in the water. Chu Zhimo told him that he accidentally fell.

Xiao Ya found her drunk brother drinking on the street. Ask him to take the underwear from Xiao Songlan and give it to the high priest, so that he can know if he is the monster Xiao Ziming who refuses.

When Xiao Ya returned to the mansion, she happened to meet the high priest’s unspoken messenger who came, and Master Xiao asked him to refuse, without saying that the adults came directly into their room and told Master Xiao that although their current transportation authority was taken away. But the Scarlet Fire Clan is about to enter the city, and Master Xiao also needs to greet him. When that time, as long as the Chihuo Race is used to remove Chu Zhimo, the transportation authority will naturally return to Master Xiao’s hands.

The city lord summoned them to discuss the Chihuo Clan entering the city once, and Xiao Ziming refused the job because his father was unwell. Could it be that Lord Xiao is still blaming himself? Xiao Ziming said he didn’t dare.

Xiao Song Lan found that Jiang Qingyun’s consciousness was getting weaker and weaker, and determined that he must fulfill his wish before his spiritual consciousness dissipated and marry Chu Zhimo. Chu Zhimo was forced by Jing Yiran to drink the medicine, and his body was getting worse and worse recently, so when Xiao Songlan asked him to marry him quickly, Chu Zhimo refused.

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