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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 3 Recap

In the third episode, Komatsulan washes away his grievances, and the Xiao family’s strength is greatly reduced

Komatsu’s mother blue covered the veil and introduced the notice in front of the notice board. The onlookers all said how she could unreasonably take the notice. Next, Xiao Songlan lifted the veil and asked everyone that there are people on the notice. Doesn’t look like yourself? When the onlookers saw him, the monsters hurriedly called to escape, Komatsu Lan looked for a mask drum, beat the gongs and drums, and everyone came together to let everyone see that he was not a monster.

Komatsu Blue Dao monster is most afraid of those Taoist charms. As he said, he drew a large stack of charms from his body and stuck it on his face. There was no reaction at all. At this time, a member of the public said, perhaps it is because he has a high level of practice. Fear of spells and the like, the most afraid of things that are most yang, such as black dog blood and chicken blood. Komatsulan slapped his palm and said that the arrangement was in place. Then two people bought chicken blood and dog blood. Komatsulan scattered them around him without any reaction. Everyone began to believe that Komatsulan was not a monster.

Master Xiao received the news that Xiao Song Lan had appeared on the notice board, and hurriedly sent officers and soldiers to chase Xiao Song Lan, who took Lu Luo to escape. While running, she spilled the poison powder given to her by sister saffron, and then the little ginseng also helped to stop the officers and soldiers.

It turned out that all this was to buy time for Chu Zhimo. Chu Zhimo came to Master Xiao’s house in a mask, trying to find out the evidence that he sent someone to plant the Southern Star. A hidden compartment was found in Master Xiao’s room, and Chu Zhimo hurriedly opened it. Unexpectedly, Xiao Ziming appeared to fight Chu Zhimo at this time . , Tore off his veil. At this time, the next person came to report that Master Xiao had caught Xiao Song Lan, Xiao Ziming stopped and told him that he would lead the person away and let him go out through the back door, and everything he did was to do Xiao Song Lan and he didn’t. relationship.

Master Xiao grabbed Xiao Songlan and went to Lord City Lord, saying that Xiao Songlan was afraid of crime and absconded. He deliberately left her whereabouts unaccounted for after hurting lives. He has now arrested him and let Lord City Lord sentence him to death immediately. Chu Zhimo asked the family members of those who died because of planting Su Nan Xing. Those family members told them that it was Master Xiao who asked their family to plant Su Nan Xing. They originally just wanted to make a little money. As a result, I didn’t expect that after half a year or so, his family members would die one by one, and Master Xiao, in order to prevent them from speaking out, even let him burn these corpses. He really couldn’t bear them to die without a place to bury them, so he buried them. In the hole.

Master Xiao denied it verbally, and Chu Zhimo took out the agreement he found in his study to hire these villagers to plant Su Nanxing. Master Xiao could not argue at this time, but still shirk these charges on his subordinates. Xiao Ziming stepped forward to intercede at this time. It is certain that his father was in a trance and let the subordinates miss these things. Lord City Lord took advantage of the situation. In this case, let Lord Xiao hand over the authority to transport the medicine king grain and give it to someone else. Right. Xiao Ziming agreed to this in order to save his father’s life.

Dad Qing Yun thought that his daughter’s spirit had a problem in Jiang Mansion. At this time, Xiao Songlan finally returned to the mansion and told Qing Yun’s father that he was back. Qing Yun held her and cried with joy.

Master Xiao went back to the mansion and scolded Xiao Ziming. The transportation authority of the Medicine King Valley was just let out. Xiao Ziming said that the Lord of the City is already afraid of them, and it should be time to dormant.

At the Lantern Festival, Komatsu Lan, who was disguised as a man, went to see the lanterns. Xiao Ziming showed up and bought all kinds of lanterns for him. Xiao Ya also found the high priest and asked him if Komatsu Lan was a monster, high priest. Now there is a strategy that allows everyone to see Komatsu Lan’s true face.

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