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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 2 Recap

hu Zhimo and Xiao Songlan were rescued by the old tree spirit grandfather and the others. When Chu Zhimo was in a coma, she dreamed of her and Xiao Songlan’s past life. She was a fairy grass that she raised, and she was looking forward to transforming it into a human form. After successfully practicing, he promised to teach him the magic.

The old tree wise grandpa told him that the mana she left to Xiao Songlan back then became their life-saving straw, and Chu Zhimo thanked the old tree wise grandfather. Thank him for taking good care of Komatsu Lan for himself for so many years. The old tree spirit grandfather said that he should be entrusted and loyal to others. Then he told him that the poison in his body was the trick of Lord Plague God, and it was no longer a problem. Chu Zhimo then asked how Xiao Song Lan was in Jiang Qingyun’s body. Grandpa Old Tree Jing told him that he accidentally picked off the isatis root of Xiao Song Lan’s real body and sent it to Jiang Qingyun’s mansion to save Jiang Qingyun. Komatsu Lan will become Jiang Qingyun.

Then he asked Chu Zhimo what his plans were, and told him that Komatsu Lan should have belonged to the Valley of the King of Medicine, and that he was not the Immortal Yunshuang a thousand years ago. After Chu Zhimo said that he would be where Komatsulan was, but he would not tell them about the past life. Since Komatsulan no longer remembers, even telling him would be a fetter. Moreover, he has old illnesses and he cannot live to be 30 years old. It is useless to tell him. When he is 30 years old, he will give himself to him so that he can practice well with the medicine energy in his body. But before that, he wanted to spend time with him. The old tree spirit grandfather asked him if he felt wronged. Chu Zhimo didn’t think he could do anything as long as Xiao Songlan was happy.

Komatsu Lan woke up amidst the noise of the tree fairies. Everyone was very excited when they saw her waking up. They went up and asked her if she had any physical discomfort. Komatsu Lan just woke up a little dazed, not sure where he was. Calm down and hurriedly asked how about saffron Chu Zhimo? Little Ginseng told him that Chu Zhimo is very healthy now, so much so that he was hurting himself and wanted her to rest well.

Xiao Songlan was taken aback. Grandpa Lao Shuxian disliked these medicinal collectors the most. They also sent Chu Zhimo to that place, and they had to go there in a hurry. When he arrived at this place of Chu Zhimo, he saw the old tree spirit grandpa and Chu. Zhimo talked very happily. Seeing that the atmosphere between them had changed, Saffron hurriedly found a reason to take the old tree spirit grandfather away. After everyone left, only Xiao Songlan and Chu Zhimo were left. Komatsu Lan explained to him that she didn’t intend to take his blood, Chu Zhimo covered her mouth until she understood everything.

Komatsu Lan nodded, and then asked Chu Zhimo about the battle between Chu Zhimo. Chu Zhimo told him that the high priest had mistaken him for his old enemy to be a superior immortal. Maybe he had some similarities, so he would target himself everywhere. . As for that group of spiritual power, maybe it is for this reason that I can use it, and like Komatsulan apologizes, he used her spiritual power, Xiaomatsulan hurriedly shook his head and said that he does not need this now, Chu Zhimo asked him why, Komatsulan Said that he only wanted to be with him now, and didn’t want to cultivate immortality anymore.

The God of Plague was very upset that Chu Zhimo could not be resolved, and he asked why his zodiac sign was so useless and failed to kill Chu Zhimo. How can the two of them be killed by the Dao Plague God? God of Plague asked them to inform Master Xiao that the whole city apprehended Chu Zhimo and Xiao Song Lan?

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