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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 27 Recap

After learning his true identity, Li Xuan couldn’t accept it for a while. Long Wei’er had expected this result a long time ago and behaved the most calm.

The identity changed overnight, and the mentor became an enemy. During Li Xuan’s growing up, Zi Ji has always been a strict teacher, and tried his best to urge him to make progress. Li Xuan was stubborn, and Zi Ji was a master, the old and the young have been fighting wits and courage. No matter how stubborn Li Xuan was, Zi Ji never gave up on training him.

Every time he made a mistake, Zi Ji never punished him softly, but he cared a lot afterwards. Li Xuan once asked Ziji if he was chosen as the protector of the country among all living beings and if he had done anything that owes him to him. Unexpectedly, Ziji killed his biological mother and trained him to be his successor. It is a great irony.

Su Youlian went to bid farewell to Yu Fengmu, Yu Fengmu was extremely weak, and she didn’t want Su Youlian to see it, and let Scarhead stop her. Yu Fengmu was relieved when Su Youlian and others left the city and returned to the Kingdom of Heaven. Although Su Youlian never liked him from the beginning to the end, his feelings for her are sincere. Now Su Youlian can finally complete his mission to awaken the Dragon Emperor, Yu Fengmu has no worries, and leaves with peace of mind. go with.

Li Xuan suffered one after another, and his whole person became mature. Only now did he know that Ziji had been deceiving him, and that he was the most sinister person.

At a place thirty miles away from Qingtian City, Long Weier wanted to part with them. Bian Lingcheng and Cui Pianran came to the barracks to find Li Xuan, and Cui Pianran wanted to kill her as soon as he saw Su Youlian. Li Xuan and Long Wei’er explained the whole story. The sky has changed in Qingtian City, “Xiao Fengming” controls the prince and the Apocalypse. Zi Ji asked Bian Lingcheng and the others to escape from the city, and he stayed to deal with “Xiao Fengming”.

Most of Zi Ji’s spiritual power was lost when the Dragon Emperor was sealed, and now he is no match for “Xiao Fengming”. “Xiao Fengming” imprisoned Ziji in Moyun Academy, Bian Lingcheng and others escaped for help, and asked Li Xuan and others to go back to rescue Ziji, but Li Xuan said nothing. Only Su You pity understands him without asking why. Li Xuan hoped that Zi Ji was still alive so that he could personally ask him the purpose of killing Qing Sheng.

When Li Xuan and Su Youlian returned to Moyun Academy, Ziji saw Su Youlian appearing and asked Li Xuan as a human race that he should not be in a relationship with Kunwu. Li Xuan asked Zi Ji angrily why he wanted to kill Qing Sheng. Ziji told Li Xuan that he was only trying to kill the Dragon Emperor, but he didn’t know that Qing Sheng was killed by mistake when he blocked the Dragon Emperor. Ziji felt that everything he did was for the human race.

Li Xuan used reality to tell him how wrong what he did back then. He sealed the Dragon Emperor, causing the Human Race and Kunwu Clan to be incompatible. Now the Dragon King’s heart demon is killing innocent people in Sky City. All this is Because of the war that year. Ziji and Li Xuan had different ideas. He didn’t want to explain too much, and was willing to die in Li Xuan’s hands. Although Li Xuan hated him a lot, Zi Ji was his mentor after all, and after teaching him for so many years, he still couldn’t do it.

Su Youlian found the token in Ziji’s room and entered the secret realm with the token, but didn’t want “Xiao Fengming” to come and stop her. “Xiao Fengming” forced Su Youlian to hand over the token, Su Youlian refused, and the two fought. “Xiao Fengming” grabbed the saint stone from Su Youlian. Fortunately, Li Xuan came in time to retake the saint stone.

Li Xuan and “Xiao Fengming” started a life-and-death struggle. Su Youlian and others helped Li Xuan, but the magic of “Xiao Fengming” was so powerful that everyone was not his opponent. Li Xuanbu went down to deal with him, but still couldn’t subdue him, and several people were injured.

At the same time, Long Wei’er’s army crushed the territory and rushed into Sky City in the name of eliminating rebellion. At present, the prince was shocked and wanted to give up the throne. Long Wei’er didn’t bother with this kind of charity at all. She cut off the crown prince’s crown with a sword, and the prince collapsed to the ground in fright. Long Wei’er ordered the prince to be imprisoned.

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