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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 26 Recap

The village is like a paradise. Humans and Kunwu people live in harmony, but they live very poorly. They leave the best food to Li Xuan and Su Youlian, but Li Xuan is used to it and finds it difficult to eat. Villager Xiaobao’s father fell from the mountain to entertain Li Xuan and the others in order to dig wild vegetables.

Although his life was saved, his legs were difficult to keep. The sage doctor told everyone that only the dragon teeth on Longya Mountain could renew the bones. In order to repay everyone’s hospitality, Li Xuan took the initiative to pick the dragon teeth from the cliff.

Li Xuan originally thought that this cliff was not difficult for him, but he did not expect that he was only halfway down, the rope would have been broken, and Li Xuan fell off the cliff. Regardless of the fact that his body has not recovered, Su Youlian insisted on going to the cliff to find Li Xuan.

Long Wei’er couldn’t wait for Li Xuan to return, so she sent an invitation to Yu Fengmu. The two guarded each other. Long Wei’er didn’t tell Yu Fengmu of his true situation, but Yu Fengmu had so many eyes and ears that he had long been expected to be chased by Emperor Tianqi. Yu Fengmu exposed Long Weier on the spot, and Long Weier simply showed up. He borrowed troops from Yu Fengmu to kill the apocalypse and regain the throne. The two shared common interests and soon reached an agreement.

Long Wei’er’s spies came to report, and the prince usurped the throne. Yu Fengmu told Long Wei’er that Xiao Fengming was controlled by the Dragon Emperor’s Inner Demon, and only by helping Su Youlian to wake up the Dragon Emperor, the Inner Demon could disappear, otherwise he would kill the Apocalypse and would not be the opponent of the Inner Demon. Long Wei’er worried that awakening the Dragon Queen would bring endless disasters, hesitated, Yu Fengmu mentioned Li Xuan’s life experience, and they now work together to awaken the Dragon King, there is a ray of life.

Li Xuan fell off the cliff, but it didn’t matter, he managed to enter the bottom of the valley and found it strange. He saw Dragon Tooth and was about to pick it. Suddenly he had hallucinations. Qing Sheng came back to look for him. Li Xuan was immersed in the hallucinations and was entangled by Tengman, but he didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Su Youlian and the holy doctor yelled Li Xuan’s name on the cliff. Li Xuan woke up from the illusion when they heard their call. He broke free of Tengman’s entanglement and picked up the dragon tooth. Seeing that Li Xuan didn’t respond, Su Youlian was about to go down the cliff to find him. At this time, Li Xuan climbed the cliff with Long Fang.

Li Xuan and Su Youlian bid farewell to the villagers and came back to look for Long Wei’er. Su Youlian was a little surprised to see Yu Fengmu. The atmosphere when Yu Fengmu and Li Xuan met their rivals was a bit nervous. Su Youlian quickly called Yu Fengmu aside. Long Wei’er advised Li Xuan not to offend Yu Fengmu. Now only he can drive the saint stone and help him. Retrieve the memory.

Yu Fengmu told Su Youlian that he had found a new way to change the master of the saintess stone. He gave up on hearing that Su Youlian said that he liked Li Xuan.

Yu Fengmu was weak since he was a child and almost died several times. It was the saint stone who was forced to rescue him. The holy doctor repeatedly reminded him that he must not change the saint stone to his master, otherwise he would have life worry. Yu Fengmu decided to sacrifice himself for Su Youlian and for the outside of the kingdom of Sha, and replaced the owner of the Saintess Stone with Su Youlian. Scarhead knew the details of this and couldn’t persuade him.

Xuanming Changfu and Xie Guifei received a secret letter from Long Wei’er that he had successfully borrowed 30,000 soldiers and was about to return to the process to quell the chaos.

Yu Fengmu replaced the owner of the Saintess Stone with Su Youlian, scared to stop him, but was shut outside by Yu Fengmu. Su Youlian became the new owner of the Saintess Stone, but Yufengmu was weak because of losing the protection of the Saintess Stone. Yu Fengmu paid too much for Su Youlian, but refused to tell her the truth. The first few times Scar tried to say something, they were all stopped by Yu Fengmu.

Su Youlian drives the Saintess Stone to help Li Xuan find his memory. Li Xuan returned to his childhood. At that time, his family of three lived happily. They accompanied him like ordinary parents. This was probably the happiest time for Li Xuan. But a happy life is always fleeting, Qing Sheng’s identity is discovered, and Zi Ji uses his blood to seal the Dragon King. Li Xuan woke up and found that the earth was turned upside down and he became a member of the Kunwu tribe, and his beloved master Ziji turned out to be the enemy who killed his mother. Li Xuan couldn’t accept it for a while.

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