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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 25 Recap

Yu Feng Mu Fei Su You Lian does not marry, the queen is worried about Su You Lian’s identity and doesn’t know her enough, but seeing Yu Feng Mu’s pity for Su You, she can only bless them. Yu Fengmu’s successful marriage proposal cannot hide his joy, but Su Youlian has no choice but to marry, frowning. Li Xuan watched that Su Youlian was about to marry another woman and couldn’t be indifferent. The two thought of the fake marriage in the secret realm at the same time. Although they were only acting, they both gave true feelings at the time. Now Su Youlian puts on the wedding gown again, but has become someone else’s bride.

This wedding looks like a talented girl and a match made in heaven, but only Su Youlian knows its purpose. She has a touch of melancholy on her face. Under Yu Fengmu’s prompt, the wedding was completed, and the queen personally gave the saint stone as a gift. give her. Su Youlian finally got what she wanted, but she was not happy at all. If you want to drive the Saintess Stone, you must have a husband and wife relationship with Yu Fengmu. Su You has a pity for Li Xuan and cannot face Yu Fengmu calmly.

Li Xuan could not watch Su Youlian marrying someone else. He took the bride away on the wedding night. All this was in Long Wei’er’s expectation.

Yu Fengmu guessed that Li Xuan kidnapped Su Youlian, and Scarhead worried that Li Xuan would cruel Su Youlian. Yufeng Mu immediately ordered additional staff to find Su Youlian.

Su Youlian was taken to the suburbs by Li Xuan, and she was struggling to get down. Su Youlian is not Li Xuan’s opponent at all. Li Xuan snatched the saint stone and teased her to go to the bridal chamber of Yufengmu. The two were angry and ignored each other. Su Youlian wanted to steal the Saintess Stone while Li Xuan was asleep, but Li Xuan was prepared. Li Xuan was very dissatisfied with Su Youlian’s unscrupulous attitude in order to achieve the goal. Su Youlian insisted on taking back the Saintess Stone.

She showed her true shape to deal with Li Xuan, but helplessly was not his opponent, Su Youlian fell into the water and fainted. Li Xuan regretted it, so he rescued Su Youlian and returned the saint stone to her. Su Youlian suffered a high fever after falling into the water, so Li Xuan went to the doctor behind her back. Su Youlian showed love to Li Xuan in confusion.

Li Xuan met Dandan, a girl picking medicine with Su Youlian on his back. Dandan took them back to the village and begged her master, the holy doctor, to save Su Youlian. The saint doctor has a rule that he never saves people from other villages. Li Xuan begged hard, but fainted because of lack of physical strength. The saint doctor remained unmoved until he saw the saint stone that Su Youlian was holding.

After Li Xuan woke up, he realized that the village he came to was the residence of Kunwu people. He brought a weak body to Su Youlian. I found that this is a place where Humans and Kunwu people live together. They get along very happily together.

Under the treatment of the holy doctor, Su Youlian was out of danger, but because of the serious injury, it would take some time to wake up.

The villagers already knew Su Youlian’s identity as a saint, and everyone liked her very much. Only here did Su Youlian really feel happiness. The children liked Su Youlian very much, but they were a little scared to see Li Xuan. Although Su Youlian’s body is still very weak, she sees that the Kunwu people lead a peaceful life, and her body is much better immediately. They Kunwu people just want to live a good life.

Li Xuan always thought that the classmates and innocent people in the academy were killed by Su Youlian. Su Youlian couldn’t make him believe in himself. He could only tell him that she was seriously injured at the time. He just wanted to escape with Yufengmu, and there was no Ability to kill. Li Xuan saw with his own eyes that the injuries on those people were caused by Kunwu. Su Youlian told him that these people were all killed by “Xiao Fengming.”

Although the Dragon Emperor hadn’t awakened, the Dragon Emperor’s heart demon hidden in Xiao Fengming’s body had already woken up. Although Li Xuan did not fully believe Su Youlian’s words, he was already suspicious. The Kunwu people here are not as cruel as Li Xuan usually knows. They are kind and hospitable, and they take care of Li Xuan, a foreigner.

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